How to See the Matrix

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The Code; All is Self:

The code is not written in a language, it’s written in signs. Once you focus your eye, the signs you start having are true. God, which is you, uses reality as a glove to talk to you, so all plants, animals, electronics, anything, and everything can be a conduit of communication to you from your Higher Self. Your lens needs to be focused.

* The eye, dualism, and illusion:
In the cornea, as you zoom in, is in perfect hexagrams. There’s already a field built over the eye. In occultism, they say there’s a world of illusion, this is how it takes place. You’re not looking from the front of the eye, but from the back of the eye. So in certain tenses, you’re not in yourself, you’re in the projection of yourself. Only 2-3% of people in the world are at the level of getting this knowledge. If you comprehend this it does bring the answer to the question. It’s an energy that gets answered.

We try out these probable futures in our consciousness based on our experience which is our knowledge. We are God’s eye projecting our own realities. Don’t become entangled in the dualism of powerful knowledge. To be a Master, you must be able to transcend the dualistic view that fire is greater than ice when both are actually extremes.

* The film of reality:
The fabric in the film of reality, the skin, is a shiny illusion, a projection made of light. It first starts off as our energy. We are doing this in our minds, we are projecting our energy into a convex spear (our eye), and focusing most of our power into being able to project/see what’s around us. The noise, the distractions around us in daily life are interruptions keeping our “blind” eye from seeing. When you close your eyes there’s even more to think about.

* The Beast/Human Body:
The Beast is a reference to the human body being created from different parts of animals and lifeforms. When we use that body we are living in the form of the beast. We are in a reality where we are acting out our animal side. We are in our animal form. This is how you know, take the body in sections, break it down into smaller parts, match it up to the animal parts and they are identical.

* Be the Joker; Be the Light:
Vibrate above the speed of Light. Get into the top half of the hour glass. The top half is the real half, the bottom half is the by-product. There is no sunset for the sun. The top half is projecting, the bottom half is remembering. They say people that turn back, turn into stone. What this means is keep moving forward, keep raising your vibration, don’t look back into the past for that is the beast. You pay with the pain, take on the parenting role of yourself, know thyself and learn how to take the light. The joker is more powerful than all the gods. Beyond the laughter, in the transitional phase, you reach something so much more beyond. The joker can always crack a joke in any serious situation and change everything. Be free and flexible with joking and serious energies. We build a raft, a safety net when we come together in a balanced way.

* Reincarnation; Let go to get out:
If you want to work with the higher consciousness of your being, work with the lights of your consciousness, those lights are the same lights that are projecting your dreams. When you close your eyes, you see another world. If you are asking “Why am I here?”, it is because you believe in this world so much, this is the one you keep thinking about, so you keep coming back to. When you become wise, you put childish things away. Step back, relax, and stay balanced.

You have to be willing to let it go. If you can always be willing to let it go, you can have it all. But at any point you try to hold it, it builds up on you. Encourage everything around you to be responsible for its energy, keep a high vibration. Don’t deal with time loops. Arguments are division, it pulls you into the past. In this lack of awareness, you’d be arguing with all the projections that you’re creating. And that’s when you know you’re creating if you decide to walk away. If you had the balls to walk away, it’d all be over.

We still remain in ultimate power, with our hand over the killswitch. If you so choose you could leave the body if you wanted to. See the world from the throne of your consciousness. Ultimate power is in the hands of yours truly, which is YOU. You are the jewel, so love and respect yourself.


Vector Travel and the Cosmic Clock


It’s all symbolic. Those who travel to the “vectors” or crossing points on the Torus field called “stargates” are the “time travelers”. 

Where these points converge “life i.e. planets” can be found. It’s not complex unless you have been dumbed down.

This means the Torus field is simultaneously a map as I keep saying. The ancient technology that still exists and is in use allows one to travel through these planes and dimensions with something as simple as a watch that phases the body in and out of the fields.

This is why some of them are called “Watchers”. This is also why you see a lot of time travel motifs around this type of knowledge because to be able to control your vibration allows you to phase in and out of various points in time. Time is Frequency! Facts!

I’m building one right now since the directions to this stuff has already been revealed inside of us and in the Planet we stand on.

That’s why I was saying let us not get too distracted and lose our ability to be Creators and re-Inventors.

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We like to say, “If you don’t see the portal, be the portal!”


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The Cosmic Clock Reveals Our Deep Past and Near Future

The Synopsis

We are on a 168,000-year journey into our own existence, our time capsule, our home, our Consciousness. This video reveals the Cosmic Cycles of Space, Time, and Matter — of the past, present, and future — in a synthesis of the syncretic research of scriptures, technologies, holy books, science, cosmology, our observable reality, and inner-standing.

Martin Kenny delivers an overview of the electromagnetic “Cosmic Egg” Universe — its ages, realms, and civilizations. He shares a culmination of knowledge of ancient sources and civilizations from across the world, who All knew that time operates in cycles.

Martin tells the cosmic story of a semi-ethereal master root race, the Polarians, and the creation of the Universe from the Center of Earth, Mt. Meru, where earth and heaven meet. From this electromagnetic cosmic-egg creation are birthed 4 concentric rings, 4 Physical Earthly Realms, and 4 Root Races: Hyperboreans ~ Lemurians ~ Atlantians ~ Aryans 

Think about it: all of creation is the spokes on The Cosmic Wheel, turning the 6,000-year timeline of this realm that we currently exist in.

To Sovereignty 2020 and beyond…

How does this information resonate with you? Is it difficult to believe that the majority of what we have been taught has been a deliberate obscuring of the truth? Do you believe the Cosmic Clock, known by ancient civilizations and ancestors, is the true design of the Universe?

In this video, researcher Martin Kenny gives a detailed description of the design of the Comic Clock, such as Epochs (24,000 years for a full cycle), the 12 months of the year, the 12 zodiac signs. the 4 seasons — 4 ages, 4 eras, 4 civilizations, 4 root races, etc.


Why Is This Important?

Do you ever wonder Who or What are we? Where are we? When and how did we get here… and have we been here before? What are we doing, and why are we here? How did all this life begin… and where are we going? If these questions and answers are important in your experience, then these videos will take you deeper into that Connection.


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Don’t believe any of this is true and have an alternative explanation? We love to keep our eyes open and lights on, so let us know in the comments if this is just another false flag operation or imagination gone wild!

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How to Connect to Your Higher Self

We have to be ready to look at ourselves and say, hey what’s motivating you right now?

If it’s nothing there, that means that there is no fuel in the tank and we need to do something about that; and that is healing.

With nature we have a connection already, we’re in a marriage and it’s just about whether we want to go back and reestablish that connection.  If you go into nature and you’re one of those people that are cool with nature but you still feel anxious when you’re there, if you have the urge to get out and go downtown, you maybe have the city bug.

What you want to do is get into areas that have a stronger dose of nature, like blue zones, because nature is not the same in every place that you go.  If you go into a blue zone for a day or two, DejaVu starts to increase at least two to three times. 

It is this recollection that you have about self.  I always call it the smell that reminds you of Grandma’s house; like you just get triggered by the different environment and it increases the rate.  What’s happening is that atmosphere that’s around you (look at the term at-most-fear) needs to be regenerated and needs to be patched.

As above so below… these are tools that are directly around you; maybe one plane flight away to change your entire life.

If you’re trying to do it in the fake matrix, you’re always holding back like… “the moment I get this amount of money, the moment I get this job, the moment that she grows up, the moment that he leaves school, or the moment that”… it never stops.  The truth is that you have to be back on the wheel and say to yourself, you know what this is common sense…  if I put myself somewhere where I can charge and regenerate, then I will have more power, not less.  So, go get grounded or go ahead and get a flight, if it’s worth it to you.

Is it worth it?… that’s why motivation is important. 

Some people are motivated by the fire… some by fear, but the fear is fire.  This is the type of person that literally always needs the fire under them.  In order to do the next thing, they need to feel like there’s an impending disaster.  This is immature; when you get to a certain level of maturity you don’t need that fire anymore to make changes.  

Generally, most people make big changes in their life when some disaster happens.  I always say prevent the disaster or get out of the disaster now, immediately.  They say they move in mysterious ways. 

Let’s say all of a sudden you start packing, friends and family will be like, hey what are you doing?  Where are you going to?  You’re just going to leave me?  In fact, you see just how flabbergasted the environment and the frequency that you’re in is about you trying to make it out.  

That’s when you realize that if there is a dark part of the reality, it’s those vibrations that want to keep you in that same hold pattern.  Once you start realizing what’s going on, there are other notions like when your energy gets drained.  You know you’re about to go do something big and a person calls you and argues with you and now you’re all in the dumps, now you have to pretend that you’re happy.

You should watch out for that kind of thing and you have to remember ~ this is about YOU.

Before you start talking about everybody else remember other people are on different levels of time.  So, that person that called you might be on 506 D and you’re on 532 9B.  Just because you guys are in the same space doesn’t actually mean that you’re on that same wavelength.

We have to remember that actually when we go into another wavelength, we warp the reality around us.  Then suddenly, you’re in another country, now you’ve changed into another planet because countries are the as below planets… so you’ve gone to another planet and now there’s a new language and new customs.  That’s the adventure, that’s the mindset… the Explorer society.

When we get closer to the bottom of the vortex when it’s about to turn around you only see everything as a distortion; in its greatest distortion.  Judging isn’t going to help you, you could be a critic and judge all day and let it drag you down but when you know where you’re at you know where you’re going and that’s exactly how plants grow.

With this knowledge you can say, I know where I’m at.  I’m in the vortex but I’m choosing to be here because I’m in a craft or a rocket that can easily jettison out of this with quite a few brothers and sisters.  

We have to really innerstand that you created this, this is like your PlayStation.  All the bugs and the animals and the insects, it was up to your recent ancestors to put those together.  They weren’t thinking about Oculus Rift and PlayStation, actually, they weren’t thinking… they were knowing.

The only thing that’s happening for us right now is we’re just one click away and the moment that thing clicks in place – which can happen for anyone anytime they want; we’re not waiting on 2012, 2020, or anybody else’s dates – you’re ready to line up and BOOM!

Just like today: you’re going to hear what you need to hear but you hear it in a different way, in a way that clicks.

Somebody could come with the same thing you’ve read before from powerful people like Jordan Maxwell and Daniel Winters but it’s also what space are you in when this is coming to you.  If it’s coming to you at that key point where it’s pivotal to making the choice to choose yourself, that’s where the expansion happens.

For me it is not just data, data, data; I have the information but what is it worth.  It’s like gold and diamonds, when we leave, we don’t take that stuff with us.  Even knowledge, the brain gem stuff, that doesn’t go with us. 

What goes with us is the truth and the essence and it’s always us, so we should live in that NOW!

Everything is the incubation, everything’s a stage… we can’t believe for one moment that what’s happening here isn’t a grand design in our favor.  Don’t be surprised if when you’re leaving here all these Draconian and all these Illuminati’s or whatever enemy are waving like they’re in costumes because they’re all programs.

Even a person themselves can just be living as a program or a script acting as a character in a mainframe doing only yes and no’s like a binary code.  A person can literally be that way, or they can jump into that next side of self; that wholeness as we call it.

My mom used to tell me, James you need to learn how to learn from other people’s mistakes.  I can say now is the greatest time because it’s not a mistake.  You have to realize some people went down certain paths to draw maps for us.  Now we take that path and look at it from the bird’s eye view, which is the highest state of our consciousness, and can see where we’re going.

If we come at this at all from that old paradigm dualistic… I’m judging you phase… You can’t judge me phase… How are you going to judge me when I don’t even know myself, you don’t even know you?… How can you judge me?  It doesn’t make any sense.

This is where the empowerment comes in because obviously the systems are designed to disempower, to push you down to make you feel like you’re just a citizen and some guy is over you.  That doesn’t make sense anymore and this is where the segue comes in truly because there’s an alternative; this is not just another glorious speech on another sanctimonious Sunday.

We’re talking about if you’re trying to get out of the vortex.  If you start letting baggage out of the cargo, like all that grief because you’re trying to go through the mind.  Just clean your colon and the body, that is going to get the vibration up and as sure as the planet exists if you don’t get to another level the whole thing will just disappear.  It does work on specific mechanics, they wanted us to believe that it’s soul, so you can’t control it and we don’t know where to go. 

No, we know everything about this and more.  All the knowledge that’s here: phi, how plants grow, how you can take Radiolaria, seeds from the earth, patterns in your mind, how you can manifest and create things, bring them from the external world and into the internal, the male womb, the female womb, parthenogenesis, men becoming women, women becoming men, men and women living in the same body, hermaphrodites… all these different things are all that we’re looking at… that’s all our history… that’s all our legacy.

So instead of that disempowering us, that’s our fuel.  That’s why we should be giving thanks to our ancestors who are the DNA who are the memories.  When a person gets really old, they are left with just their memories and they can sit in those memories smiling and happy because they can tap back into the essence of energy that’s in those memories.


The Lost Key Found

When you are missing the Lost Key you will remain one click away from the truth.

Open your third eye Brothers and Sistas, Venus is the falsely acclaimed Nibiru ship, it is headed this way and its getting larger which can be seen on certain days like December 30th, 2018. 

The Mayan and so many other cultures were tracking this same event coming.  Some calling themselves Venusians have designed your religions by attempting to usurp the Most High Vibration who is liken unto your Torus; Free Energy. 

Love is and always will be the ultimate vibration.  5th column, however, still prevails.  They have been selling fossil power to you but using free energy to produce it placing the planet in great debt to Self.  The planet is us collectively. 

The next shift is we figure out the power of love and unity. 

All that is designed here that you are watching that is scaring you is the fear porn that will make even the elect fall short if they do not know about the Truth within.

Know yourself only and you know all things!

Many will wander after the false stars outside of themselves and give their power away.  This is how one’s power and sovereignty is removed by giving it away and projecting it externally without reciprocation.  Any god that does not answer vividly is false when you call upon your Brothas and Sistas, they answer.

This is clear proofs of who is the Supreme, YOU.

The truth is this perpetual, omniscient design is inside of all of us and forms us.  If we desecrate our bodies with impure foods then we cannot vibrate high, if this was possible one would know all of this already and more. 

Slightly out of your view you will see Soul force being harvested by “Fake Merkaba’s” right now.  This looks like flying saucers beaming up something.  The mothership in its original sense was an organic ancestral form that transfers our Souls from one place to another.  What remains is a glazed over human husk set to repeat, and is controlled by the electromagnetic devices that interface with the fields around them, aka Zombie, which is a Voodun term of reprobation.

If you want to know what you can really do about this seek Us out.

YHVH is Free Energy, it can give and take away; it is Us, not an external god/dog on high.  Look at the British Coat of Arms, that is a Dog in the center.  Your world has been inverted because people keep judging so they lack compassion, and for that, they remain in the Prism/Prison below the speed of light. 

Break free with the free energy of compassion. 

This is the “compass to Zion”.

Those with ears let them hear the great Ones are forming collectively and the adversary is already accusing people in their monkey minds lowering the collective vibration.

Hold the foundation!

This is the point we came back in time for, Bodhisattvas, Devas, Time Lords, Hoteps, whatever you want to call yourself, get ready to balance this massive energy because the Cosmos is about to awake.

Everything has a correspondence here, let’s bring the Earth through this Birth.



Mindful Funding Launched

a mindful Co.

Rebirth Together  Sovereignty  20/20

Welcome to a mindful company. 

We are a global collective of mindful creators, artists, entrepreneurs and conscious individuals honoring creation within and without.  

Our sole/soul mission is to bring people together.  Developing content to solve our issues through a robust, conscious ecosystem.

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Balanced Solutions for a New Generation


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Let us invest in our self.


Join Secret Energy Founder, Sevan Bomar, as he unveils the Mindful Ecosystem.

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