Fake Brahmins and the Power Vacuum

What do the Brahmins have to do with this power vacuum?

The real Brahmins… nothingThe fake Brahmins… everything.  This is what we want to disclose…

What is Brahm?

I want everyone to realize that, as you’re seeing these seven IMAM’S (which became known as Angels later on) you can see that they’re actually predominantly feminine.  It is the act of the inspired entities outside of this space, meaning they didn’t have physical bodies.  If they wanted to come back into the space to influence things, to teach their children… they used the process of inseminating a woman, and then that woman would become a Deva.

The Deva would exhibit godlike traits – able to prophesy and know about great things etc.  This was normal.

But there’s another pairing to the Devas, and they’re male.

If we look at the white IMAM’S, it is Saraswathi.  Her male equivalent is Brahma. 

The easiest way to innerstand is that each of these stages pairs up with a male and a female aspect. 

The male aspect of the highest stage that you can receive in physicality, is the white stage.  The pairing to that is the female Saraswathi and the male Brahma – which later becomes Abraham and Sarah.

It’s important to understand that a Brahm is a title.  It is not a specific person – it just means a male that has achieved the highest level of spiritual attainment that the people recognize, and they are willing to put them into a position of power and a position of judgment.

Even before, there were troubles and dispositions, warring tribes and all those kind of things – people still had common disagreements.

You know, “His cow ate up all of my grass…” or “His children are playing in my field…”

All of these things needed to be sussed out by somebody… that was the Brahmins or those who are put in a position of power and judgment.

You can also see why that becomes the position within the power vacuum when the real Brahmins are removed.

Now, there are some characteristics of the Brahmins as we see in modern times that are pretty replete – and it’s generally the white beard.  I always say the modern Brahmin is basically Santa Clause… because the entire tradition has been taken, and then some aspects of the aesthetics of the tradition itself, have been put into another place.

So who is this Brahma? 

Where does that originally come from? 

Who can we trace it back to?

We have to start looking at symbolism.  Once you know the symbolism of Brahm, you know when Brahm is present.

Here we have the symbolism of Brahm under the King Murugan (Brahm is also synonymous with King).  Murugan has a six-pointed star representing his six faces, and this started way before anything like Judaism began.

This is why I say King David had nothing to do with this star – because this culture is no older than three thousand years.  Tops.

While this Tamil culture is at least seven to ten thousand years farther back.  You know which one preceded the other.  Now, you have people in the modern cultures or entire religions using this symbolism, and not actually giving any credit to the originators of the system.

So, what are the Brahmins doing specifically with the ancient system of spiritual ascendance in the chakras and the colors of the chakras?

Again, I guess we’re going to have to say the “Fake Brahmins” versus “Real Brahmins.”  It helps.

The fake brahmins – they’ve rewritten all the religions, including your Bibles and your Qur’āns.  They implemented caste systems, basing rank on the color of skin, rather than on spiritual ascendance… The list goes on and on about how they changed the spiritual system in any way they could for it not to reflect the truth.

They externalized the knowledge that was originally internalized.

That’s one of the big keys to this – the externalization.  Now there needs to be an external show or appeal of the power.  To say you have power means to rule over a lot of people.  To say you are wealthy is to have a bunch of gold… versus power back in the day, meant that you had control of your Kundalini, you could go into other expanses, and that you could activate the Siddhis.

Back in the day, to say you have wealth and abundance would mean that you had the ability to create children – you had lots of fruit.

Now, abundance is money in the bank that has no value in the ancient setting.  We can see how these fake Brahmins came in and set up the banking system – they set up all of these external systems that try to measure us based on external things, like the skin color.

Basically, everything became external…  everything began to have a dependency on technology.

Wars, Symbols and Kings

Before the deluge, the Kings were appointed based on their activities and attainments.

In every culture (especially the ancient cultures) the position of King was achieved by one who could continue to deliver the knowledge and direction needed for large tribal communities.

Such directive required trust from their tribe.

The word ‘King’ is a Germanic word, but in going back to the Tamil we see the king was based on spiritual attainment.

Real Kings were Siddhas who had attained their Siddhis (powers).

Before the Deluge, everybody was on the Spiritual System – so the people they have as their leaders were the ones who had achieved at least the stage of being White (see picture); as in Brahm, meaning pure and without ignorance.

The above image shows a stepped system of spiritual attainment and whoever reaches the top (not a competition) must practice extreme aesthetics to be there.  Attempting to become the “highest” Siddha to become King, will not happen.

Anybody who has knowledge of these powers and astral travels knows that they shut off when attempting to do things of this nature.

This title was not a divine birthright one earned because their father was king.  It was something one needed to obtain spiritually.

Now, the modern time doesn’t reflect this because we have surrogate kings and surrogate queens.  Innerstand from any type of geopolitical or historical perspective, after an event like The Deluge (or any type of chaos and destruction) it leaves a power vacuum

In talking about power, it can be an internalized process involving one’s chakras, or it could be the externalized version of it.

After any deluge or war-like chaos ensues, one must remember that certain things happen…

The Victors write history.

There were no telephones, computers, or similar devices to communicate at great length – an entire nation could be disposed of and surrounding nations not even be aware of it… They may actually think they’re still communicating with the leaders and kings of that nation through the Signet Rings – the actual seals and symbols that represent the culture.

This symbol that you’re seeing is actually a symbol belonging to the king Murugan.

We’re going to have more on this in upcoming Keymakers, disclosing all of what’s happened, the individuals involved, and how the knowledge in dealing with symbolism got tarnished.

So, who are these leaders and kings post deluge?

After the Deluge, anyone could really become a king because everybody was trying to regroup.

There were some Kings that survived (and that’s another conversation) but we also have some Kings that became King because they could fight wars well or had knowledge about things like regenerative forestry.  Maybe it was just a simple cow herder, but he survived and is now able to use this knowledge that he already had.

Presently at this point, we have a lot of self-appointed kings after the Deluge… for reasons other than their Spiritual Attainment.



Activation of Consciousness, Siddhis or Powers

The Siddhas are human beings who have taken themselves through the process of activating their consciousness.

What is this activation of consciousness?

The word Siddhis as a word means power; the powers when you make it plural.

Using a little etymology (especially in the English culture) this word actually gives us the word city.  As we know everybody is in cities right now, so you find an immediate connection – because the Siddhis were where people went, en masse at times, to get healing; to find change; to find growth.

The replication of cities is somewhat the same thing, but grossly misconstrued. The cities attract people who come to the city to find jobs and protection, etc.… but it’s all external.

They’re not looking for their own power.  They’re looking for the powers of the city in order to be taken care of and their problems fixed.

When we look at the New Age movement today and all of what we aspire to be in the conscious community, meditations etcetera… it all narrows down to the Siddhis – and what was capable of being achieved once you were able to unlock these abilities.

We have some notations here of what these Siddhis and powers actually are – What is the power connected to and how does it work?

The Parkaya Pravesh is placing one soul into the body of another person – this can be the route to Immaculate Conception and raising the dead.  This is an ability that can be achieved by unlocking certain chakras, and it gives you the ability to literally transfer your energetic field into something else.

You can do that being an infinitesimally small creation and then living through something essentially by inseminating it – so infinitely small… even placing your body inside of something that may be inanimate or dead, and bringing it back to life.

We have another one called Haadi Vidya which is no hunger, no thirst, a nullification of oxygen (no need for oxygen), extensive fasting, and no bowel movement – the main point with these powers is to go beyond what would be the standard drawback of the human body.

You have Kaadi Vidya which is the change of the seasons have no effect.  This is big because the environment often controls a lot about how we function, and how we think.  With this power, the environment doesn’t actually have power over you – even full moons, Suns and certain cycles etcetera… it all has no power over you.

As we move on, we get the Madalasa Vidya – becoming as small as a particle, which also connects to that first Siddhis power.  It also gives you the ability to increase your size exponentially.  So, if something needs to be lifted, if you need to go into another space…  you can make yourself really small to get in there, or really large to get up there.

We have the Vayu Gaman Siddhi – this is flight or teleportation.  Some are even familiar with now and experiencing it through the height of astral travel and hyper-dimensional travel.  Teleportation, gain physical flight, and levitation etc this is where all that comes from.

Next, we have the Kanakdhara which is unlimited wealth and even beyond.  This is increasing food and increasing abundance, like the five loaves and two fish parables of Krishna (also known as the Christ) which is being able to feed a lot people with a small amount of food.

Then we have Prakya Sadhana which is making a barren womb fertile, or anything barren fertile again, even if it’s a desert or a dead tree.  Bringing fertility back into that womb – the ability to see into those metaphysical planes to see what the blockage or the issue is.

Finally, the last one we are going to cover is Surya Vigyan – using the solar rays to transmute one thing into another thing.  Since this projection that we’re in is generally sprayed from the Sun, if you have access to that Ray before it touches whatever it is supposed to, to become dense and form into, you can change what it’s forming into- and that gives you this power.

The way to attain those powers is what they call Aushadhis- which is basically awakening through herbs.  This gives us the shamanistic traditions of using the Ayahuasca, the DMT, the peyote, etc. to bring about different spiritual powers.

That was not the only way, however.  Generally, there was the strictest asceticism (severe self-discipline and avoidance of all forms of indulgence) often practiced in place of that.  Meaning no drinking water and fasting to bring about enlightenment.

Lastly for now but not least, there was Shakti – where your master, teacher, or guru could actually transfer energetic potential that would give you some insight into what those powers would be.  Then as you ran out of Shakti, which is like fuel, you would still be inspired to continue your process of building Kundalini, so you can achieve those points.


Higher Consciousness of the Siddhas

We should probably jump into this by getting into the Siddhas, who are the central characters in the theme for today (beyond Kali). 

Siddha’s have a tendency to be more specific to men, while Devas have a tendency to be more specific to women. 

Remember, we are talking about an entirely different kind of linguistic system… but it is just the notion of the ability to attain a higher state that has actually been highlighted more in the past than it is now. 

In fact, for many of our direct ancestors, it was about increasing your spiritual power and spiritual consciousness.  

It was very specific… meaning there was a layout to how one would go through this process of activation or awakening consciousness

The Siddhas were men and women who had started walking up the ladder of lights, climbing their own spine, and were beginning to activate this vibrational energy that the community needed. 

If you were sick, you could come to Siddhas and they would have a solution for you… because that’s all they worked on. 

Many of these people excluded themselves to caves since they didn’t really want to interact with the overall populace… because they were practicing extreme asceticism, to see how far they could actually go. 

One of the most important things to realize about this stage, which we always need to realize about the spiritual context, is that not everyone was a Siddha.  In fact, it’s just like you see today, but based on the ratio. There are nine billion people – there weren’t that many people in the past.

Within that same ratio, how many people were working on spiritual growth?

To the ancient cultures, there were just small groups of people who branched out to see if they could begin to unlock some of these powers and abilities… and if they did, then you could go and find them.

They wouldn’t come back like, “Hey! Look what I got! Look what I’m capable of doing!”… 

It was not that.

It was… if you need some healing, there’s a Siddhas that lives in a cave over there. Since those areas were known by the people, they went to the cave to get some healing… and you could get that healing for free

Generally, anybody who got that healing, if they could, gave something to the Siddhas – and this actually started the process of Devotion; a process that ultimately ended in Sacrifice, when it was taken the wrong way.

It was the notion if someone is able to do extraordinary things in your life, and to move some things that were hindering you out of the way… then it’s just a simple act of kindness to give them something, so they can keep doing it – because these are not the guys that are going to “work.”

So, Who or What are the Siddhas?

The Siddhas are human beings who have taken themselves through the process of activating their consciousness.


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