DNA and Genetic Degradation

What happens with the DNA when you get involved in Shakuni-ism?

What everyone needs to innerstand, is that we’re using all this Shakuni as archetypes now – we’re not trying to find the specific person, and spit on their grave.  We want to recognize the Shakuni within ourselves – we want to see how it exists in me.

The Shakuni is often the selfish person.  It is the jealousy, greed, and hatred.  Things that we know by common sense are not going to propel us… and a lot of people think they get away with these things – which segues us into the DNA.

People need to know what’s happening when they behave with Shakuni type behavior – it’s not something they’re getting away with, even though their ignorant minds think they are.  It’s destroying their DNA, and it has destroyed their DNA.

This brings us to the condition of the DNA haplogroup G-M377.  You can look up this haplogroup, but to know more about the finer details of what happened to the DNA, check out Dan Winter – he’s exhausted the topic about the correlation between losing empathy and losing the ability to implode your DNA.

The Siddhas that we talked about earlier… that process can’t happen for all because when you come out of these supreme ideals and off the system, you in effect break your own chain or connection.

This haplogroup exhibits a high amount of disease and a high number of ailments that don’t occur normally with anybody else.  You can have a person that is the only person in the entire world with that specific disease or condition.

When you teach a child to hate, it doesn’t seem to them like they’re doing anything wrong… they’re trained to do that.  For instance, if you let your child cuss and use all the bad words they want, they don’t think they’re bad words anymore – even if other people may say their language is horrible, they don’t feel it’s horrible because they weren’t trained that way.

They weren’t given the proper ideals or the template (which is the temple) to grow properly.

When you are missing stages in the DNA chain, there’s a gap – and that is a sickness, an illness or a disconnection.  Those disconnections come from concepts like the “chosen people” – meaning everybody else is nothing, as it’s written in the Talmud.

You can steal from them, you can rape them, and it won’t be like you did that to a real human being… This is an atrocity for that to be written and still accepted.  It gives you the idea that this system is still in place, and not just something we’re making up.  

In addition, you get disconnections from the “only god concept”.  Gods are humans.  Siddhas were only humans who sojourned with themselves to unlock their powers.  The idea that there’s only one of them then ensues a concept of racism.

We have a racist situation going on in our metaphysical systems, where people believe that there’s one being on top – and this being rules all the spiritual systems under this Illuminati that they’ve created.  You cannot kill your family and expect to live. 

The Shakuni types were embraced by ancient cultures because they were always jovial people with abundance.  You cannot kill them, because we’re all a part of the same thing.

This is the reality of what’s happening.

Even if they think that they’re separate or they’re chosen, they are not.  Those who still practice these ideals on their own brothers and sisters, subconsciously send these signals of “hating” to their DNA.  They hate their own DNA, and all things different, tarnish the appearance of their DNA to themselves.

The results of hatred of the DNA are genetic degradation, mental imbalances – the curse, a loss of the ability to implode the blood, passed down multiple generations.

We love to bring solutions.  To reverse this process, the children need to start repairing that DNA. 

One of many solutions we are bringing is Mindful Kids.  To teach them about their unlimited potential and start activating the DNA.

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