Activation of Consciousness, Siddhis or Powers

The Siddhas are human beings who have taken themselves through the process of activating their consciousness.

What is this activation of consciousness?

The word Siddhis as a word means power; the powers when you make it plural.

Using a little etymology (especially in the English culture) this word actually gives us the word city.  As we know everybody is in cities right now, so you find an immediate connection – because the Siddhis were where people went, en masse at times, to get healing; to find change; to find growth.

The replication of cities is somewhat the same thing, but grossly misconstrued. The cities attract people who come to the city to find jobs and protection, etc.… but it’s all external.

They’re not looking for their own power.  They’re looking for the powers of the city in order to be taken care of and their problems fixed.

When we look at the New Age movement today and all of what we aspire to be in the conscious community, meditations etcetera… it all narrows down to the Siddhis – and what was capable of being achieved once you were able to unlock these abilities.

We have some notations here of what these Siddhis and powers actually are – What is the power connected to and how does it work?

The Parkaya Pravesh is placing one soul into the body of another person – this can be the route to Immaculate Conception and raising the dead.  This is an ability that can be achieved by unlocking certain chakras, and it gives you the ability to literally transfer your energetic field into something else.

You can do that being an infinitesimally small creation and then living through something essentially by inseminating it – so infinitely small… even placing your body inside of something that may be inanimate or dead, and bringing it back to life.

We have another one called Haadi Vidya which is no hunger, no thirst, a nullification of oxygen (no need for oxygen), extensive fasting, and no bowel movement – the main point with these powers is to go beyond what would be the standard drawback of the human body.

You have Kaadi Vidya which is the change of the seasons have no effect.  This is big because the environment often controls a lot about how we function, and how we think.  With this power, the environment doesn’t actually have power over you – even full moons, Suns and certain cycles etcetera… it all has no power over you.

As we move on, we get the Madalasa Vidya – becoming as small as a particle, which also connects to that first Siddhis power.  It also gives you the ability to increase your size exponentially.  So, if something needs to be lifted, if you need to go into another space…  you can make yourself really small to get in there, or really large to get up there.

We have the Vayu Gaman Siddhi – this is flight or teleportation.  Some are even familiar with now and experiencing it through the height of astral travel and hyper-dimensional travel.  Teleportation, gain physical flight, and levitation etc this is where all that comes from.

Next, we have the Kanakdhara which is unlimited wealth and even beyond.  This is increasing food and increasing abundance, like the five loaves and two fish parables of Krishna (also known as the Christ) which is being able to feed a lot people with a small amount of food.

Then we have Prakya Sadhana which is making a barren womb fertile, or anything barren fertile again, even if it’s a desert or a dead tree.  Bringing fertility back into that womb – the ability to see into those metaphysical planes to see what the blockage or the issue is.

Finally, the last one we are going to cover is Surya Vigyan – using the solar rays to transmute one thing into another thing.  Since this projection that we’re in is generally sprayed from the Sun, if you have access to that Ray before it touches whatever it is supposed to, to become dense and form into, you can change what it’s forming into- and that gives you this power.

The way to attain those powers is what they call Aushadhis- which is basically awakening through herbs.  This gives us the shamanistic traditions of using the Ayahuasca, the DMT, the peyote, etc. to bring about different spiritual powers.

That was not the only way, however.  Generally, there was the strictest asceticism (severe self-discipline and avoidance of all forms of indulgence) often practiced in place of that.  Meaning no drinking water and fasting to bring about enlightenment.

Lastly for now but not least, there was Shakti – where your master, teacher, or guru could actually transfer energetic potential that would give you some insight into what those powers would be.  Then as you ran out of Shakti, which is like fuel, you would still be inspired to continue your process of building Kundalini, so you can achieve those points.


The Meaning of Honoring Our Ancestors

Presence is being aware and giving credit to the magic of life for what it truly is… PURE MAGIC!

The essence of honoring:

Being conscious about the Sentience of our body even in its seed form.
For example, our physical hands function like dream implosion; we use our hands to manifest the idea from the invisible to come into this plane.

We can see that this process of creation is slowed down magic because when we take a timelapse of a before and after picture, it shows an invisible idea coming to life through us.

Our mind has to practice this way of perceiving reality in order to get into a meditative state of being.

This simple insight has a deep meaning.

Creating an inner spiral instead of a circle, so that our energy is able to circulate and breathe, building our way towards efficiency and effectiveness.

Honoring is allowing our ancestors to come alive through us from the depths of our inner waters when we match our/their wavelength by tuning ourselves like a musical instrument playing the ancestral song.

As to when it comes down to the building blocks of all… the elements are photonic sound connecting with oneself; coming into the knowledge that we are the ancestor by creating a gathering of ancestor’s spirit in our external (as well as the internal environment) we come in full force and our influence in ether becomes more lucid.

Honoring our soul, our ancestors, our essence of life, and existence itself, by being mindful of the lesson which is the experience of life itself.

Seeing life as a big initiation where all events are like classes at the innerversity of soul seed expansion where our elemental crystal gets transmuted into more pure states of elements.

Tuning ourselves to the vibe of purity where the more perfected versions of our ancestors exist, because we can honor distorted ancestors too… and then we give that power.

When we perfect our water crystal, by applying advanced self-healing techniques, (such as thermodynamics-superconducting-piezoelectric current) imploding our torus and amplifying our light…

so our spirit ancestors embody us more through being the purest example of vibration that we can be to our children and parents…

so that their inner light can start to absorb our light and we are able to heal and remember on multiple spectrums (depending on where oneself is at on the path towards self-mastery).

We can then re-align with our ancestors who are trapped in illusionary dream realms (which are in a way very real – a paradox),  implode the dream realm and gain more soul current placing intentions on fertile ground, on a grid or at least an altar, where our advanced elders then have an easier time to do their thing.

They hold ground as they are mountains.

When we imagine and meditate on the element while looking at the double-mirror image, to really sit with the essence of what is behind the physical appearance, creating a real bond with the core spirit totem pole. 

This is what it is to honor our ancestors, celebrate life, and embody our magic.

Written by Ambassador Sven N.



Why I’m Skipping Halloween and You Should Too

As long as any of us can remember there’s been a Fall Harvest celebration.  Once a year we encourage our children to immerse themselves in blood, fear, (mock) injury and encourage an almost gluttonous amount of sugar consumption.  On a time of year guided in celebration of our inherit abundance, how did a celebration of life become an indoctrination of our children in the acceptance of death?  In this article, I will concisely disclose what I have found in my search for answers regarding Halloween.


What I found communicated in its entirety may not be suitable for young readers.  As Adepts, we should consider the ramifications of sharing information in and out of context, and be aware of how these truths are communicated accordingly.

Every year more than 175 Million people celebrate Halloween.  Legend implies the Halloween holiday echoes our lost history filled with actual monsters and real ghost stories.  Others say it is a time of year when the veil between realms temporarily dissipates and spirits are free to roam the earth once again.  I have explored the occult origins of Halloween in detail, and below will reveal what Halloween is, where it came from, and what can be done about it now.


According to the National Retail Federation, in 2018, it was projected that 9 Billion dollars will be spent on candy, decorations, and costumes.  It wasn’t until I learned the connection between money and spiritual energy that I could see the correlation between, what our money represents and the real costs paid in not paying attention, and the lasting consequences of our participation.  

In the wake of these discoveries I had to look at the larger picture; Why am I allowing my children to consume sugary treats when all year I encourage them to care about their health?  Why am I spending money I don’t have, dressing my children up as though they were dead?  The more I reflected on this the clearer my conclusion came, Halloween is a ritual!

Yes, Halloween is indeed a ritual complete with ceremony, that although unknowingly, we willingly participate in.  This is evident in the masks we wear in order to remain concealed in a crowd of spirits, to the Jack O’Lantern (an Irish tradition of making talismans from vegetables) placed outside to ward off evil spirits. 

The seasonal cycles are a constant reflection of our lives and a reminder to us, that we reap what we sow.  Once a year we celebrate the fall harvest with festivities that reflect an appreciation for the fruits of life and hint at the traces from spirits left behind.  There is a synonymous correlation with what is celebrated during Harvest and how we reflect on our memories during the later years of life.

There is a strong connotation that the appreciation of Mother Nature giving of herself to support us resembles that in our reflection towards our parents for their roles and support gave after they’ve passed on.  When the child becomes the parent and takes their place as the adult (adept) we become the providers to our own heirs. 

Man’s life mimics the life cycle in sagacity with nature because Man is of Nature & Nature is of Man… a mirror reflected.  From the birth of Spring through our long Summers we recognize the blueprint of the child matured to teen, the new parent in Fall, and lastly as the elderly resting momentarily in Winter until the cycle starts again (reincarnation).  When it’s Fall, all of nature’s fruits and vegetables are ripe, we celebrate the abundance of life with food, as our medium of expression.


This is represented in the cornucopia of abundance and symbolic of our limitless infinite potentials in this life.  Astrologically, this is a time of year known as a Cross-Quarter Day.  These are especially unique days that happen between a Solstice and an Equinox when the sun appears to hold it’s place in the sky.

This is what has been interpreted as an open portal or doorway through the veil of life and death, a time traditionally associated with and on Mans mortality.  As our Sun sets sooner our days naturally become shorter and our nights noticeably longer.  As a result, we go through an increase in our exposure to our surroundings in the dark, with our vision impacted because of a lack of artificial light.

This caused our other senses to heighten, revealing more of the astral realms’ frequencies vibrating on this plane.  This is when our ancestors saw spirits walking the earth, and why across all versions of culture we see the masking of our identities to mix anonymously amongst our visitors from the other side.   

Since then we have forgotten how to have dreams and so we wear masks no more, except to dress up our children as monsters.  It is this introduction of fear into the child’s consciousness that introduces the Monsters to them literally and figuratively, a ritual form of mock possession.

Our original ceremonial practice of fall harvest was an expression in our acknowledgement of the sacrifice of Earth in giving of her life in order to provide for our life to continue, represented in the celebration and appreciation of the harvest and our ancestors; which at some point was hijacked and became darkly inverted into the sacrifice of our women and children.


In all indigenous culture, it was a common practice to speak with the ancestors.  This happened with Mans call to spirit, in conjunction with the uses of the 5 elements for the spirit to work withInitiated with the subconscious call of manifestation by the initial sincerity and having a genuine need to connect with an ancestor (Intent and Purpose). 

Then, by having a space set aside for them (the ancestor) to physically (vessel) occupy the alter or talisman physically representative of Earth.  Fire and an Incense (Air) act as the portal of creation and the brokering of energy by the spirits scents.  Then by having a source of life for the spirit to exist and communicate off of (Food and Water), the ancestors can sit and communicate with us. 

Attention should be brought to the importance of food (as opposed to candy) in the energies drawn.  Food being the conduit on the physical grounding element into this plane, and the water the element of movement. Candy, as we know it today, comes from the gemstones found in Khanda of India, it was not until the colonization and exportation of sugarcane (and gemstones) that we saw a correlation of bright colors and sweetness, and the giving of gifts (now tricks) and treats to strangers.  

The purpose for the addition of food provides the spirit the life essence it needs from the fruit and other treats, which are left at the altars with the intent and purpose in rooting in the manifestation of our loved ones; there is a correlation to quantity and clarity of transmission with the quality of the substance offered. 

This method of communicating was a commonly accepted practice, and only became retro-ly associated with the elders of villages (versus collectively celebrated) due to generational growth and social changes.  As time passed, it became the sole responsibility of the wounded healers and shamans, whom by now live on the outskirts of the village. 

Fulfilling a family tradition of holding space in this knowledge until its value is ready to be re-recognized again.  An example of this tradition surviving today is Dia De Los Muertos and is explained in the animation adaptation movie Coco.

Contacting our loved ones, was initially a practice for continued mentorship from our elders, and to know general life instructions such as; if the family (tribe) should rotate regions or plant in other areas.  It was the worry of the future, a result of Man becoming disconnected from our Roots (Ancestors) and our Seeds (Children) that manifested this fear of scarcity. 

This delusion is common today, many have lost connection with the abundance of life with some selling their souls for the illusion of momentary balance and monetary gain.  Such as in the Celtic mythology of the Samhain, a celebrational legend during Halloween that introduces the Nemedians who sacrificed two-thirds (⅔) of their children, corn, and milk to the Fomorians.  For context, this “Fall” offering precedes the winter worship (and additional pedophilic child sacrifice) to Crom-Cruach (who has survived as Krampus aka Santa Claus). 


The energy of the Nemedians continues today, and in Sevan Bomar’s Why You Should Skip Halloween he names the entity that is harvesting the energy of our children’s mock death ritual appropriately labeled “fright night” during The Via Combusta, even still to this day! 

In 1926, one of the oldest still functioning magical groups around today; The Fraternitas Saturni was created after a Masonic fallout at The Weida Conference in Germany.  Sometime later this small group of defecting occultist created an egregore, a collectively manifested entity. 

The egregore named is Gothos or “GOTOS”, an abbreviation for Gradus Ordo Templi Orientis Saturni, who uses the collective passions of the group to charge its spirit in place of having a soul.  This egregore molded into\from this group’s persona, and acts as an arbitrator for the will of the group, also functioning as a “cloud” of pooled consciousness available to the group.

GOTOS, Egregors of the Fraternitas Saturni; Orgin Lodge Temple in Berlin, Artist Sorella Gabriele

This egregore was created with two of the densest energies available on this realm.  Orgasmic energy captured in sex magic, and the blood from the sacrifice of children, the same rites done in the past.  Is this what’s figuratively happening when we willingly give our children candy that is poison (for lack of a better term) and wrapping? 

Part of the romanticization of the occult is revealed in the dress up & objectives of juvenile games like bobbing for apples and roasting nuts on an open fire.  These mystic tools were used to divinate future partners among young teens

This introduction into Sexual Energy eXchange, by adults mixed with the pedophilic (or what the mainstream identifies as Vampiric) energy practices of scaring a child purposely, opens the child up energetically to be host to energetic parasites.  It is this energy, and that coupled with the rest of Hollyweirds energy that GOTOS survives off.

Professor Jon Kabat-Zinn, famously said, “He who dies before he dies, does not die when he dies”.  This quote is reflective of the truths lived by our indigenous ancestors, in fact, death was welcomed with bravery and courage.  What we know as death was recognized by our ancestors is the astral realm.  It is the astral plane that was seen during the Cross-Quarter Day.  It is in this ritual we participate in, and its variations from our pasts that we learn and form our relationship with, and the celebration of Death; our holiday of Halloween.

I like you, have come into the awareness of actuality and struggle to swim against the current.  As I find myself growing older and passing on to my children the blueprints given to me, I see an opportunity for correction.  An improvement that will bring additional balance and stability to my life and the life of my grandchildren. 

Why wait until grandchildren to repair a bridge we can mend today? 

It is imperative and vitally important our children see us step up and take accountability for the state of our communities’ collective conscience.  Our willingness to participate in the ritual, while knowing the purpose of our acts is what sells our soul, and that tribe is our bloody signature on the dotted/bottom line.  



Written by Ambassador Eddie Endriss 


The Theory Of Involution – Soul Migration and DMT

I have put this article together at the request of my peers to speak in detail about Lucid Dreaming, DMT, and other subjects that could be categorized in the fields of Astral Travel, Soul Tracking, Soul Recall, and Ayahuasca.  It is a part of our continuing research to not only discover the hidden faculties of power within the Human Body but to also develop clear instructions on maximizing the output of this wonderful Vehicle, so all can come to know the great power within in order to properly reflect it throughout this World.

We do this in great hopes that our Species will embark on a different Quest of Life that does not end in a perceived halt of death and then unconscious rebirth, but that we mentally and spiritually join the continuum.  It is clear the body has no choice in this matter, from the dust it came and back to the dust it will go, re-sprouting itself into another instinctual Mass and in this, it has fulfilled its perpetual design.

old blog article pics

I do not believe that everyone who has experienced Lucid Dreaming or has taken substances such as DMT are in a natural position to speak on the subject.  It becomes obvious that when embarking on parts of the Inner Quest by using these methods, techniques, and substances that you are entering a field that is far vaster than even the most Adept spiritual mind.

It is this expansiveness that makes it very difficult to narrow down such fields.  Tools, mapping systems, ancient and modern accounts are all needed in conjunction with a continuous trial to begin to innerstand the experience, benefits, and shortcomings of these states fully.

My interest in these fields has always been my belief that these states allow a man or woman to stand on the threshold of their very existence and look within and it is only from that position we can truly see what we are.  To do such things, however, takes high levels of maturity.  My qualifications come from my method of pairing what is known to what is unknown.  As I have often remarked, there is a redundant fractal nature to reality.

The body is a Map itself of the entire local Universe with our Organs being featured as the Primary Planets

This system replicates with Earth with the main Chakra centers of the world, such as Uluru, also starring as the main organs of the Planet, in which all things of a major matter are being handled.



There has been a great deal of research and exploration into the Astral Planes (also called the Abyss) located within the ancient books and primarily in the ancient languages, whose tones serve as nautical tools for the Psyche.  It should be clear that it is called Abyss, or darkness because there has been very little light shed in these regions as far as us fully knowing what they consist of.



Rather than this being a negative thing, I think it is very positive. 

In light of all the pangs humanity is experiencing in their growth process, it is great to assure oneself that the reason we have difficulties going through this process smoothly is that the solution to how to do that must be rediscovered and placed in a format that it can be propagated and then integrated.

That brings us to the next question… Is this for everyone?  Of course, the answer is NO!

Yet, this question will render a great deal of insight on how one day it can become possible that all may enjoy the treasures that are already here – readily available for those who sync up with it properly.

Society has placed itself in quite a fix as many of its “applicable for the time-sensitive situation” solutions lay promptly on the other side of the DMZ of what appears to me to be the remnants of a major Holy War.  This war concluded with the final victor obliterating, outlawing, secularizing and deprogramming all microscopic and macroscopic esoteric data, especially that of a universal level from the minds of the inheritors of this new age.

Foolish deeds, such as burning the maps back to ourselves, have their own ripple effect on those who caused it.  It is also to my innerstanding, at this very moment they are fully reaping what they have sowed.  Beyond that it was very silly for us, the affected, to not realize the Creators put a fail safe in the entire Creation by allowing the Map to be embedded within us.

The Controllers, (those who can’t seem to figure out how to make humanity truly progress while still selfishly demanding and maintaining control), know this so their only weapon is to make humanity look outside for something that is in fact inside.



Now it is true, you can find a correspondence to everything in the Universe externally.  However, the time it would take you to do that would exceed the current 72-year on the average timeline we are given for physical life on this Earth unless you have been thoroughly equipped with benevolent Spirit Guides and Oversouls who still communicate mostly through internal means.

Those who are primarily external have a great tendency to be lost; while those who are primarily internal are full of knowledge and exclamations of things they have discovered.  This is due to the fact that it is much easier to astrally or internally travel to the frequency of let’s say, Venus than it is to embark on a physical trip to the same location.

This shows profoundly that matter is truly slowed down energy and light. 

It is that density that reduces the speed of our progress. 



To make it simple, if you truly want to travel and explore through great regions of existence, learn to use the Innerversal Highway.  Further, so no Soul questions come up in this dissertation you should innerstand the progress of Soul transmutation and transfer. 

The Soul itself CAN and DOES grow. 

Many assume the Soul always stays the same.  I have discovered fully that it matures over time just as the body matures.  The body, however, terminates on a Physical level after death eventually being absorbed into the Flora and Fauna functioning itself as a fertilizer full of DNA and essence of the Soul that used to reside within it.

The Soul itself then finds another “Vehicle” fitting for its next experience after calculation of previous growth.  Because the Soul, as I spoke of above, moves so fast it does not experience a long drawn out death.  It experiences a flash and then it has been renewed.  This answers the question of what happens to the Soul within animals as it makes its progress through Sentience.  This is not rocket science.  We can look at how Animals have evolved to get a slow motion of the process at hand.

The Soul could live life first as a lizard or reptile, then eventually move its way up or down (depending upon who you ask) to a warm-blooded mammal.  After reaching “domesticated animal status”, the next life may be in fact a low-level human or a human that lacks a great deal of reason – one still possessing more of the animalistic essence learned by the Soul through transference through those fields.

It is very important to see the domesticated animal status as different than the wild animal.  The domesticated animal begins to learn a level of Sentience that allows them to blend or merge somewhat with the Species of higher reason.  This I see happening on many levels especially with Humans and “Aliens”.  Also keep in mind, throughout the ages the primary domesticated animal has differed by cultures and ethnic groups.

In order to fully comprehend this, we will use the dog as an example.  You cannot confuse the Soul inside of the dog as exclusively a dog Soul only; but rather a Soul that has been through various existences and is now living as a dog due to the laws of Karma, Dharma, Evolution, Involution, etc.  So when that Soul leaves the dog it is highly unlikely it will reincarnate as a dog again but will move on to its next stage.  To be clear, the dog when born is populated by a Soul moving into the frequency of incarnation as a dog.

Once that soul completes that experience it will move on. 



In addition, since the Soul is always making progress (even if it is going through a “bad” incarnation) there is truly no up and down after the point of Sentience or what is called in the Ancient texts, The Age of Knowing.  The Soul whether living as a Hero or Villain, Good dog or Bad dog, is still gaining experience that will determine what they gravitate to next.  It is imperative that we think about this also when determining whether or not we are continuously incarnating into human form/format.  We should also ask ourselves if we have actually meshed well and truly communicated or received instruction or guidance with the Species adjacent to us be the Angels, Demons, or correctly put Intelligent Ether. 

As a quick side note, I will say what we think is Ethereal is just out of our visual spectrum.

When we have the ability to change our normal visual insight into that of the Third Eye, these Ethereal Entities become very solid in the way we consider what is solid and what is not.  We should also begin to look at the various clarifications of the human species and what causes such separations.  What is the difference that makes us so different?

To continue…


Wires Disguised as Trees 


I’m absolutely sure, with vivid confirmation, that there are other Entities that do not directly reside in this frequency spectrum that are assisting.

We should also begin to look at the various clarifications of the human species and what causes such  I think we should have always considered that the Trees cannot live without us since we are their main source of life through Carbon Dioxide.  Of course, the Trees have been around even before the Dinosaurs and Humanity has an extreme connection with them that has been nothing short of overlooked and even outlawed.  What I am saying is, certain trees know about all of this, including the solution, as they are familiar with the cyclic behavior of our species.  They have seen many come and go, some with great success and others with horrific failure.  We, of course, are not talking about the common garden fern, we are referring to the…

Anyway, enough of that for now… 7

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