Wholeness and Balanced Vibrations. ❤️ The time has come! As you may know, this was the final day for “Mindfulfunding” the App. We are proud to see that we raised $36,275 of $400,000 as of this notice! The big question; what do we do now?

Of course, “being prepared” is my specialty. The Tribe and I continue to place strong intentions with focus on sovereignty through unity. It is indeed an eye opener to know that while there is keen interest in the use of Mindful App once complete, there is still a need for more financial support to complete construction.

I know the Mindful App will be built, and I know our global Tribe has what it takes to go beyond, however, we must spread the awareness even further. I have invested my entire existence into expanding humanity, and this is not something I’m thinking about doing, it’s something that continues to get done through everything we have co-created thus far. Each of us has propelled each other’s lives over existence without end.

We are going forward with Mindfulfunding for 90 more days! We are going to take what we learned so far, and we are going to get as many humans in the world as possible to support what we are doing on all levels. We will summon the world Tribe on the cusp of cosmic greatness and do our best to prevent division across our horizon. I instructed our developers a month ago to go full steam ahead, and I would figure it out financially as I go. So we have built key parts of Mindful App already, and we are confident that we can make our Beta launch dates!

We are asking all of our supporters, those who have been thinking about supporting, and of course those who forgot to help to push with us now. Mindful App is not one person’s idea; its a synthesis of everything manifested thus far. This springboard is designed to ignite and catalyze anyone that has aligned intentions. Let our resonance continue to spread, and lets beat the drum!

Support Mindful App https://fund.secretenergy.com/product/mindful-app/
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We have 90 more days! Please consider supporting mindful technologies. https://fund.secretenergy.com

Secret Energy Heads to the Envision Festival

What is the Envision Festival?

Envision is a four-day festival, held from Feb. 28th to Mar. 4th this year, located between the Pacific Ocean and the beautiful jungle of Costa Rica. Its mission is to celebrate and foster the collective awakening of human potential and unity consciousness. As such, Envision is a venue for the harmonious interplay of diverse cultures and the rejuvenation of a sense of humanity’s fundamental community.

The goal of Envision is to galvanize the conscious community by engaging in visual art, performing arts such as music and dance, spirituality, yoga, and education. Participants will also brainstorm and enact therapeutic strategies based on humanity’s fundamental connection with nature.

These goals are enacted through Envision’s 8 pillars: movement, spirituality, music, radical acceptance, community, permaculture, health, and art.

Movement cultivates freedom through physical expression and exploration of the body as the foundation for humanity’s highest potential.

Spirituality deepens the individual’s connection to others, to Source, and to Nature.

Music invigorates the senses through vibration.

Radical acceptance asks that all participants come as they are and leave as they want to be and that all life paths and experiences be respected as they make up the present now moment.

The community at Envision, participants are brought together by their similarities and transformed by their differences.

The entire design of Envision is executed with the principles of permaculture in mind and as eco-consciously as possible.

The pillar of health encourages self-care through mindful practices around food, activity, medicine, and other areas of everyday living.

Lastly, the arts are explored as an immersive experience that blurs the boundaries between the artwork and live experience.

The Secret Energy Tribe will be connecting and surfing the vibes at Envision, and sharing live footage via social media! See the entire Envision lineup by clicking here.

Sevan Bomar, the founder, and lead developer, of Secret Energy, will be making a guest speech at the festival as well.

We are planning on shining bright by showing our presence in numbers. The more the merrier, as we can’t wait to hug and love and share this “modern-day Woodstock,” one of a kind experience with our peeps. The Secret Energy Tribe will also be gathering at Envision in an honoring for the whole world.


Here is a video about Envision 2018, featuring Tribe members G-Sun, Vintij, Sage, and Max:

The Mindful App Campaign

And last but not least, Secret Energy will be presenting The Mindful App Campaign to the world at Envision. The Mindful App is a social network designed especially for the conscious community and a spiritual ecosystem that emphasizes interaction and accountability. The premier online launch of the app will be live on social media on February 22, 2019, at 4:00 p.m. CST.

You can find out more about the Mindful App and several other Secret Energy fundraising initiatives here:



Be sure to check out social media for live footage of Tribe at Envision!

Do you have any info about Envision that you would like to share with the Tribe? If so, copy any links of images and videos you may have in the comments so we can look over and share what you have found.

Also, be sure to share this post with your friends and colleagues via social media and get them in the Gno.

Would you like to know something specific about Envision? Let us know in the comments and someone deep-diving into this topic will leave a response.

Do you know about any other major metaphysical or consciousness-raising events that would be good venues for Tribe in the future? If so, let us know about it in the comments.

Headed to Envision? Watch this video to be sure you don’t make a few common mistakes that can slow down your trip. Wholeness!




Mindful Funding Launched

a mindful Co.

Rebirth Together  Sovereignty  20/20

Welcome to a mindful company. 

We are a global collective of mindful creators, artists, entrepreneurs and conscious individuals honoring creation within and without.  

Our sole/soul mission is to bring people together.  Developing content to solve our issues through a robust, conscious ecosystem.

Problem  Theory Solution ♥ Free to Become It All Comes to This

Mindful Ecosystem ~ Conscious Marketplace ~ Metaphysical Education ~ Conscious Neural Network

Unify ~ mindfulAPP

Beyond Time  Pure Space ♥ Karma Free Wealth

A conscious media network, global social network, global chat, unobtrusive marketing, and gamification… all in one place.

Comprehensive Profiles / Ennealogy Access / Marketplace / Exchange / Special Features

Live Feed / Relevant News & Wisdom / Seeker Search by Interest / Seeker Search by Geolocation

Currency with Current ~ OHMS = Circulating Currency  JOULES = Storage Currency

Elevate ~ mindfulBOT

Self-expansion ♥ Essentially instant metaphysical solutions

Metaphysical Automation ~ Metaphysical Helpdesk ~ Conscious Neural Network 

 Populated with an extensive knowledge base of spiritual questions and answers.

Fused with machine learning, mindfulBot can intelligently and accurately answer thousands of questions a minute pertaining to self-realization.  

MindfulBot can engage within its stand-alone app designed for enterprise-level integrations or through the mindfulApp. 

A minimalist user interface with the knowledge of the cosmos underneath.

Innerstand ~ ENNEALOGY

Pure you ♥ Imagine knowing everything about yourself

Media Development ~ Interactive Mentorship ~ Soul Coaching

Ennealogy engages you with Soul Coaches and metaphysical augmentations in order to make your self-mastery path clear.

Life goals, strengths, lessons, and weaknesses—at a glance—in depth.

A dynamic nexus that houses all protocols of self-connection and communication.

Nourish ~ mindfulKIDS

An exciting new approach to mindful parenting ♥ The pinnacle of our purpose

Generational Wealth ~ Social Network ~ Gamification ~ Metaphysical Edutainment 

Entertainment and Education Curriculums to help you raise mindful children. Discipline vs Punishment.

Social Interaction and Relationships. Recipes. Homeschooling Information. Vaccine Awareness.


Balanced Solutions for a New Generation


Self  Healing  Self

We are asking for your help.


We’re doing our best to bridge spirit and technical innovation.

Let us invest in our self.


Join Secret Energy Founder, Sevan Bomar, as he unveils the Mindful Ecosystem.

A solution over a decade in the making to create a collective world for the Cosmic Tribe.

A Mindful App by Secret Energy from Secret Energy on Vimeo

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