This is How They Tell Me the World Ends

Zero day: a software bug that allows a hacker to break into your devices and move around undetected. One of the most coveted tools in a spy’s arsenal, a zero day has the power to silently spy on your iPhone, dismantle the safety controls at a chemical plant, alter an election, and shut down the electric grid (just ask Ukraine).

Proof: Communication With the Dead?

The Synopsis

Over the years I’ve personally investigated the possibilities around communication beyond this plane to better innerstand the design of the construct we live in. Questions have arisen such as; Are there other worlds? If so how far are they away? Can we travel to them? and Where do loved ones go when they die? I’ve made a great deal of progress in answering these question especially in relation to vibration and frequency, however, one strange phenomenon kept sticking out. The connection between the human electromagnetic field and that of the fields around us.

An alarming amount of clear proofs have often pointed to the fact that it is possible that the same electromagnetic and conductive elements used to construct our modern day computer and communication devices seem parallel in many ways to the organic faculties used in our bodies and on a metaphysical level. I have surmised in my own research that a device could be created to allow us to peer across time and at least speak if not interact with others who currently exist in the non-linear spaces. It seems based on the images below that this has already taken place.

In upcoming articles, we will continue to discuss and reveal an entire world that has been kept out of our reach. This world and its inhabitants are right here with us but sworn to secrecy in order to protect their livelihood and dominion. They have systematically erased most historical facts about the level of advancement that had not only been achieved by the ancients but also members of society no more than a few hundred years ago! As we dive deeper into subjects like the Mud Flood, Tartary, and Free Energy, I’m almost certain we will continue to uncover factual proof that we are beyond amazing and have a legacy that reaches into the stars. Let’s make it all connect!


Here are a few more images pulled from this mysterious collection. While these images may seem fictitious and may be proven to be fake the notions played around with here should be lent to investigation especially when close examination of the actual devices themselves seem to appear that they are functional from an electrical engineering and fabrication standpoint. Another note here is Eliphaz Levi mentioned the fascination that many had in his time with communicating with the dead and how this ultimately led to the spiritual degradation of many. When looking at the blank and strange stares in the eyes of some people in these images I can’t help but think they have somehow been affected by this technology if it is in fact true. The hidden hand in the coat is also very telling. What say ye?

Why is this Important?

Never could such a sillier question be asked. Breaking down the mystery of life and death would absolve the world of a fear that has been plaguing life on this Planet since time memorial. Some believe however that the opposite is true. They believe that it is all a design put together for us to expand without as much interruption from ancient aspects of life and ideals. What do you think?

Do you think that communication across time and with those who have passed beyond this space would be beneficial to humanity or disastrous? Let us know in the comments.

Oh did I mention that we had electric cars already? But oil is more expensive, which works perfectly for an oligarchy.

More Articles coming around this event including:

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    • Is Paper Money Really Necromancy?
    • Modern Devices Plagiarized From the Body


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Mud Flood: A Conspiracy that’s Literally Rocking the World

The Synopsis

An Earth-shifting event has occurred in various parts of the world leaving entire cultures in the wake of destruction, yet the catastrophic changes seem to be historically ignored and seldom reported. Some of these events happening as recent as 400 years ago seem to line up with cultural prophecies, except the timelines are off by thousands of years. This would hint to a possible fact that many events touted to take place in antiquity may have been as recent as only a few hundred years ago.

When looking closer many images of ancient cities don’t seem so ancient based on what we know now about architecture and construction.

Why would it be profitable for an entirely new world to be developed over the top of an old one, with only a few chosen or initiated inhabitants having knowledge of the previous catastrophe? Is this the missing key that may patch up all the chronological gaps that we find in the already unbelievable historical timeline we’ve been fed? Flat Earth British and Conspiracies-R-Us seem to think so.

Why is this Important?

The imagery and profound amount of information surrounding this event are numerous begging us to realize once and for all that it is entirely possible for hidden societies to alter the history of humanity within a very short period with little to any notice. How many more paradigm-shifting discoveries are we yet to uncover?

Have you been following up on the Mud Flood stories? If so copy any links of images and videos you may have in the comments so we can look over and share what you have found.

Don’t believe any of this is true and have an alternative explanation? We love to keep our eye open and lights on, let us know in the comments if this is just another false flag operation or imagination gone wild!

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  • Tartary: An Entire Nation, Gone or Hidden Amongst Us?
  • Free Energy: Is This the Secret Freemasons Have Made a Pact to Keep?


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Sound Shirt – Music For Everyone

The hearing-impaired and even the deaf can now experience music, in a new collaboration between the Junge Symphoniker Hamburg Orchestra in Germany and wearable tech company CuteCircuit.  The pair has created the Sound Shirt, an incredible garment that translates sound into vibrations.  When the Junge Symphoniker Hamburg Orchestra plays classical music, the wearers can feel the various instruments, each sound interpreted by a software linked to the wireless shirts.

Believing that each person should have the right to experience music, the orchestra came up with the idea for the Sound Shirt.  After six months of research and development, the shirt and the orchestra’s stage are equipped to allow even the deaf to experience their performances.  First, microphones are arranged all over the stage to pick up the individual instruments.  The recordings are sent to Sound Shirt’s software, which converts the sound into data.  The data is then transmitted directly to the shirt.

The shirt itself resembles a comfortable athletic sweatshirt, which is lined with a flexible, wireless system.  Throughout the Sound Shirt, CuteCircuit placed 16 motors, each assigned to a different instrument in the orchestra based on their sound and pitch.  For example, the upright base is picked up on the stomach motor, and the violins are assigned to the arm and shoulder motors.  As the orchestra plays, the motors are activated, and vibrate with the intensity of the music, allowing the wearer to feel the encompassing sound of the full orchestra.

Interested deaf people can register on and take part in a raffle for the upcoming concerts of the orchestra.

Check out our Frequency Store to download some Advanced Binaural Frequencies configured by experts to accurately bring about an array of benefits including heightened perception, reduction of stress and fatigue, along with mental and physical advancements.


Holistic School Approach For Kids

Robert W. Coleman Elementary in West Baltimore is just one example of what needs to be implemented more regarding a holistic approach to disciplining students instead of punishing them or sending them to the principal’s office.  The school’s administrators are sending children to “the mindful moment room” where they are able to meditate and wind down.  With the new policy in place and in the time that the meditation room has been set up, there have actually been no suspensions throughout the entire year.  The program is an initiative organized by the Holistic Life Foundation, a Baltimore-based nonprofit organization committed to nurturing the wellness of children and adults in under-served communities.

Andres Gonzalez, one of the organizers of the project, says that children are even bringing home what they are learning to their families. “That’s how you stop the trickle-down effect when Mom or Pops has a hard day and yells at the kids, and then the kids go to school and yell at their friends.  We’ve had parents tell us, ‘I came home the other day stressed out, and my daughter said, Hey, Mom, you need to sit down. I need to teach you how to breathe.'” Gonzalez said.

Most people would say that meditation can be a religious or spiritual experience, while others find it to be a helpful relaxation and anger management tool.  In this one Baltimore school, the powers of living in the present are coming to fruition since they also incorporate yoga classes for the children.  If more schools adopted this education system instead of what is already old school ideas – pun intended, no doubt the world would see a much faster transformation for the better.

Sign up here to get updates on our upcoming Secret Energy Kids, an exciting and new approach to mindful parenting.


Offline Is The New Luxury

To be online all the time and everywhere. It sounds great, but it has its drawbacks. As digital networks are closing in, there are fewer places to be really on your own. Being offline is becoming a luxury. Where can you be offline?

Money For Free

Around the globe, experiments are conducted with alternatives for the existing social security system that has become stuck. People no longer believe in centrally organised long-term planning: change can only be brought about by bottom-up small-scale social experiments. Advocates of redistributing our prosperity and disconnecting work and income are fighting for this. In many places and using many different methods they are experimenting with handing out free money.

The End of Ownership

How will the production process change when we no longer own things, but only use them? A Backlight Lab with Thomas Rau.

Green Gold

Documentary by John D. Liu. "It's possible to rehabilitate large-scale damaged ecosystems." Environmental film maker John D. Liu documents large-scale ecosystem restoration projects in China, Africa, South America and the Middle East, highlighting the enormous benefits for people and planet of undertaking these efforts globally.

Digital Amnesia

Our memory is dissipating. Hard drives only last five years, a webpage is forever changing and there’s no machine left that reads 15-year old floppy disks. Digital data is vulnerable. Yet entire libraries are shredded and lost to budget cuts, because we assume everything can be found online. But is that really true? For the first time in history, we have the technological means to save our entire past, yet it seems to be going up in smoke. Will we suffer from collective amnesia?

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