Proof: Communication With the Dead?

The Synopsis

Over the years I’ve personally investigated the possibilities around communication beyond this plane to better innerstand the design of the construct we live in. Questions have arisen such as; Are there other worlds? If so how far are they away? Can we travel to them? and Where do loved ones go when they die? I’ve made a great deal of progress in answering these question especially in relation to vibration and frequency, however, one strange phenomenon kept sticking out. The connection between the human electromagnetic field and that of the fields around us.

An alarming amount of clear proofs have often pointed to the fact that it is possible that the same electromagnetic and conductive elements used to construct our modern day computer and communication devices seem parallel in many ways to the organic faculties used in our bodies and on a metaphysical level. I have surmised in my own research that a device could be created to allow us to peer across time and at least speak if not interact with others who currently exist in the non-linear spaces. It seems based on the images below that this has already taken place.

In upcoming articles, we will continue to discuss and reveal an entire world that has been kept out of our reach. This world and its inhabitants are right here with us but sworn to secrecy in order to protect their livelihood and dominion. They have systematically erased most historical facts about the level of advancement that had not only been achieved by the ancients but also members of society no more than a few hundred years ago! As we dive deeper into subjects like the Mud Flood, Tartary, and Free Energy, I’m almost certain we will continue to uncover factual proof that we are beyond amazing and have a legacy that reaches into the stars. Let’s make it all connect!


Here are a few more images pulled from this mysterious collection. While these images may seem fictitious and may be proven to be fake the notions played around with here should be lent to investigation especially when close examination of the actual devices themselves seem to appear that they are functional from an electrical engineering and fabrication standpoint. Another note here is Eliphaz Levi mentioned the fascination that many had in his time with communicating with the dead and how this ultimately led to the spiritual degradation of many. When looking at the blank and strange stares in the eyes of some people in these images I can’t help but think they have somehow been affected by this technology if it is in fact true. The hidden hand in the coat is also very telling. What say ye?

Why is this Important?

Never could such a sillier question be asked. Breaking down the mystery of life and death would absolve the world of a fear that has been plaguing life on this Planet since time memorial. Some believe however that the opposite is true. They believe that it is all a design put together for us to expand without as much interruption from ancient aspects of life and ideals. What do you think?

Do you think that communication across time and with those who have passed beyond this space would be beneficial to humanity or disastrous? Let us know in the comments.

Oh did I mention that we had electric cars already? But oil is more expensive, which works perfectly for an oligarchy.

More Articles coming around this event including:

    • Professional Reincarnation: The Art of Coming Back
    • Is Paper Money Really Necromancy?
    • Modern Devices Plagiarized From the Body


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