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The Keymakers – Full Spectrum – S1E1

Join the Keymakers in a discussion of the worlds trending topics and circumstances through a metaphysical lens.

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Secret Energy 4.3 Macaw – Released

Heart implosions are happening and the energetic forms that harness the counter balancing forces have been inhabited by full spectrum Beings! Wholeness Tribe we are in a great space and perfectly in alignment with our universal co-creation. Secret Energy 4.3 Macaw has been released! Here are the major updates.

Geolocation is now live! 🎉🎊

This means so much to us. Knowing who is vibin high and in balance around us gives synchronicity a beautiful way to express itself. You can now navigate to your activity feed and see user recommendations based on their location first!

In addition, being Mindful means we also made a way that you can turn this feature off in your settings. GeoChat is a gamechanger and puts us up there with the top apps in the world for communication and connectivity. As projected Secret Energy will be the #1 place conscious people meet and co-create. 

Geolocation is Integrated

Full featured Chat & Notifications! 💬

Chat is now completely out of Beta and you can now text your friends along with sending videos, images, and gifs. We’ve also made some updates to the GUI to accomodate a better flow that will be refreshing for you. Notifications have also been integrated to let you know when you’ve received messages, honors, and content engagements. There is a new notifications pane and you will also recieve notifications via email. You can adjust your notifications in your profile settings to enable or disable them.

New Notifications Pane

Ennealogy is emerging 🐚

A big part of what we are building must give you the ability to know exactly who you are and how to communicate with anyone. Ennealogy is the metaphysical technology that can handle that. We have made major progress in creating a unique curriculum for all Paths. We are now integrating Ennealogy actionables with Secret Energy. Look forward to being able to deploy your path-specific Ennealogy automated helpdesk inside of the chat! We have also added an Ennealogy field to your profile page that indicates the Path you are currently on. This feature will become more relevent in the future as we begin serving up content and engagements based on your uniqueness. You will find more Ennealogy information at the base of this update.

Miscellaneous updates

We dropped another Rimac C_Two under the hood as we scale for new users. More activity means more processing power and we want to make sure we keep page load times low. Secret Energy was reengineered from the ground up to handle millions of simultaneous users operating in our ecosystem.

Some major changes with the UI (User Interface) have been made. The activity feed, profile, settings, and friend profile viewing windows all integrate seamlessly. 

Location and Ennealogy Path numbers have been added to your profile page. Notification and Geolocation settings have also been added.

Ennealogy Resources

Secret Energy 4.2 Hummingbird – Released

We have reached a massive milestone in our co-creation. Secret Energy 4.2 Hummingbird is our biggest release yet and takes us right at the cusp of coming out of Beta. Hola Cosmos!

Messenger Beta is now live!

Communication is now online and you can utilize the Secret Energy Messenger to connect with your Tribe inside the site. This is big for us and a major step towards our next phase, Geo-Chat. Access the messenger now here https://secretenergy.com/messenger/

You can engage the chat by pressing the Messenger icon on the bottom left of the site. Utilize the search window to find friends.
The Secret Energy Header has been updated to accommodate the new on-page search and site notification icon.
The bell icon will allow you to gain access to new noteworthy knowledge and platform updates.
Dark headers have been loaded on Reel Search and a site-wide dark mode for power saving is on the way!
Our Directories can now be filtered based on interests! Looking for a Metaphysical Advisor on just etymology? You can now select the associated interest and everything else will be filtered out. 
You may be aware we are facing a bit of turbulence from Youtube and our account may face permanent suspension. So we are making moves to create our own metaphysical youtube. You can watch the progress of the build by checking here from time-to-time. https://secretenergy.com/tv
Wholeness and Balanced Vibrations! We made a decision to go forward with this amazing project for all Souls to have more opportunities to reach the stage of personal greatness and spiritual soundness within. We have many treasures in store. We ask that if you have found this projection inspiring to consider contributing to its growth. We also thank all of our existing supporters without you this would not be possible. Thank you for going coming out of the mind and going into action.
Please Take Time and Contribute https://geni.us/contribution

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