Shakuni Type: King of Deception

The Shakuni type is a fake Brahman.

A little backstory on the Shakuni is necessary for us to understand the setting of the world during this time.

In this time, the environments are changing, and everyone has come down from the mountains.  They are now into the forest and trade has begun.  Trade becomes instrumental in how people function.  All trade begins when someone has something that you don’t.

In the first Yugas, there was no trade because everyone shared the same thing – there was plenty of abundances.

After a while, we hear about the Silk Road and those kinds of operations.  We now know this entire area called Kumari Kandam (shown on the map) was actually one of the largest trade routes in the history of humanity and was the central trade location between all these nations.

It is the perfect setup for trade because the entire country borders the ocean.  At the time everybody traveled around in ships.  If you look at the geological position of the Kumari Kandam landmass, you can see that there’s trade access all around and because of this, you have people coming from other countries (including Shakuni) who are seeing the wealth of this Empire.

We see that this particular area is central to a strong trade route and a prosperous empire.

This nation gets continuously plundered for all its wealth, linguistics, history, sciences, and even the people.  Every single thing you can think of has been despoiled in this Empire and brought to us today by another group of people as if it’s theirs.

Then enters a Shakuni – which is a type of person, trait or characteristic.

A Shakuni type:

– Is insecure; feels others have something they don’t and will do whatever to get it. 

– Uses the dark arts such as cunning, lying, cheating, gambling, and prostitution to supplant and get what they want (but does not belong to them).

– Uses one’s customs to gain a foothold on others.

– Will use marriage contracts, religion, and tribal beliefs to manipulate.

A Shakuni type will come into an area and see what the belief of the people is: if you wake up with your face blue then you’re the leader… a Shakuni will figure out how to make his face blue.

Let’s look at some of the examples we can find in specific accounts in the Bible.

There is Abraham, a fake Brahman, who offers his wife Sarah to the leader of Kemet (Pharaoh is a word used later in history, but we’ll use that word).  This story is symbolic and isn’t an actual physical event that took place.

After this occurs, Pharaoh has a dream and it’s horrible – he’s been cursed somehow, and he realizes this dream is connected to this woman that he just married.

He goes back to Abraham and he asks him, “is this your wife?”

Abraham says,” yes, it is.”

Pharaoh says, “what kind of trick is this? Why would you give me your wife to sleep with?”  Abraham replies, “if I didn’t give you my wife, you would kill me.”  Pharaoh says, “why would you think something like that? We have shown you nothing that would give you the idea that we would kill you.”

This is symbolic – it’s showing you the cunning and deceit of the Shakuni, and treacherous use of women.

Shakuni brought a woman (that was from what we’re recognizing today as Russia) into India.  This woman was so beautiful, that he was capable of getting her married into one of the Raj families.  He gained so much of a foothold in this area, that there is a Shakuni temple in India right now.

One more example.  Solomon tricks Belkis – the Queen of Ancient Lanka.  Belkis is also called the queen of Sheba… her name is not Sheeba.  Her name is Belkis.  Belkis means the God of Kiss (that’s another story) – she was a warrior queen from ancient Sri Lanka that Solomon tricked into sleeping with him.

The story goes, Solomon heard that she had a hoof foot, so he built a glass floor to see under her dress.  He also told her that if she took anything from his kingdom, she would have to sleep with him. 

She said, “I don’t need to take anything from you, because I have everything.”

Thus, Solomon proceeds with a trick.  He serves hot spicy food all night, and Belkis needs some water.  When she gets some water and drinks it…

Solomon grabs her and says, “you took something from me, now you must sleep with me.”

This is Shakuni type behavior.

Solomon and David, these kings in this particular scripture, actually connect to the Shakuni character in mythologies.

They are examples of how the Shakuni type acts in the ancient setting, causing trouble and confusion amongst tribes.


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