For those that have been seeing my messages over the last few days and can feel the big disclosure that is coming I just want to set the record straight. Unity is not something we have to work toward it’s something we already have. Each Being on the Planet is energetically connected to the other. The issue is there are those amongst us that have come forth as leaders that are not living in their highest state of integrity. For hundreds of years now we all have endured pain giving them the compassion and time to turn from their destructive ways, they never did and they are constantly in our midst. Now the Seeds they could not destroy have grown to be Trees and we will purge them with the power our Ancestors gave us to guard the garden. They are now in our sacred space Tribe that we call the conscious community acting as if they have been ordained to teach the sacred knowledge but in reality, they are thieves and pride themselves on fooling the innocent. They have cast mass spells that make others either cower away and say nothing about them or even join them. I’m not doing either, I’m going to clear the threshing floor so the children coming into higher consciousness in the future can do so without getting pulled into their dark web of deceit and trickery knowing and unknowingly. If you like deceiving the innocent, practicing dark arts and sacrificing animals, stealing and making money on others cultural knowledge while that culture’s children live in ghettos and don’t receive a penny, and just being filthy, I’m gonna deluge you now. I’ve already started tracking you down on the spiritual plane and I’m going to bring it to the physical. You will be set apart as a laughing stock amongst the human family. #thelema #oto #goldendawn if you thought Crowley was the beast watch when these cosmic goons go beast mode on your weak asses for what you have done to their aunties and uncles. You are done here, head back to the cave asap. YHVH activated and in balance has come for you and there are myriads of Us on the way.

Unlock Your Uniqueness – https://geni.us/ambassadors
Contribute to Unity – https://geni.us/cocreate
The Mindful App – Conscious Ecosystem – https://geni.us/paths
Mindfulbot – Spiritual Neural Network – https://geni.us/mindfulbot
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The Lost Key Found

When you are missing the Lost Key you will remain one click away from the truth.

Open your third eye Brothers and Sistas, Venus is the falsely acclaimed Nibiru ship, it is headed this way and its getting larger which can be seen on certain days like December 30th, 2018. 

The Mayan and so many other cultures were tracking this same event coming.  Some calling themselves Venusians have designed your religions by attempting to usurp the Most High Vibration who is liken unto your Torus; Free Energy. 

Love is and always will be the ultimate vibration.  5th column, however, still prevails.  They have been selling fossil power to you but using free energy to produce it placing the planet in great debt to Self.  The planet is us collectively. 

The next shift is we figure out the power of love and unity. 

All that is designed here that you are watching that is scaring you is the fear porn that will make even the elect fall short if they do not know about the Truth within.

Know yourself only and you know all things!

Many will wander after the false stars outside of themselves and give their power away.  This is how one’s power and sovereignty is removed by giving it away and projecting it externally without reciprocation.  Any god that does not answer vividly is false when you call upon your Brothas and Sistas, they answer.

This is clear proofs of who is the Supreme, YOU.

The truth is this perpetual, omniscient design is inside of all of us and forms us.  If we desecrate our bodies with impure foods then we cannot vibrate high, if this was possible one would know all of this already and more. 

Slightly out of your view you will see Soul force being harvested by “Fake Merkaba’s” right now.  This looks like flying saucers beaming up something.  The mothership in its original sense was an organic ancestral form that transfers our Souls from one place to another.  What remains is a glazed over human husk set to repeat, and is controlled by the electromagnetic devices that interface with the fields around them, aka Zombie, which is a Voodun term of reprobation.

If you want to know what you can really do about this seek Us out.

YHVH is Free Energy, it can give and take away; it is Us, not an external god/dog on high.  Look at the British Coat of Arms, that is a Dog in the center.  Your world has been inverted because people keep judging so they lack compassion, and for that, they remain in the Prism/Prison below the speed of light. 

Break free with the free energy of compassion. 

This is the “compass to Zion”.

Those with ears let them hear the great Ones are forming collectively and the adversary is already accusing people in their monkey minds lowering the collective vibration.

Hold the foundation!

This is the point we came back in time for, Bodhisattvas, Devas, Time Lords, Hoteps, whatever you want to call yourself, get ready to balance this massive energy because the Cosmos is about to awake.

Everything has a correspondence here, let’s bring the Earth through this Birth.



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