Its Water Day: Here’s How to Make the Best Water


We have all heard the saying “You are what you eat,” but have you ever heard “You are what you drink?” While eating nutrient-dense foods plays a big role in our health, we cannot forget that the water we consume has a high level of importance. Many would argue that what water we drink is just important as the healthy food we should eat, perhaps even more important. For those with a thirst for innerstanding Self through the elements, this water blog is perfect for you.

We all know that water is critical for human survival. What is not often talked about is what kind of water we are consuming. Water is the most abundant resource on the planet, but how much is drinkable? Earth’s water is 3% freshwater and 1% drinkable water, which comes in the form of bottled water, well water, and tap water.

Sevan Bomar, a water connoisseur, has done thorough research and tests to determine if what is considered “drinkable” water is actually so. The results we will be sharing today are hard to swallow, literally. In the video below he has provided a comprehensive video on how we can make some of the purest water, straight from home, while being frugal… a huge sovereign remedy for upgrading our vessel.

Why Is This Important?

If you have been drinking tap water, well water, or bottled water up until now and you’re still in good health, you may be wondering what the importance of learning to make your own water is. After all, you’ve made it to where you are now drinking the water you’ve been drinking, so why change?

The two most important things for our survival are clear to the human eye — air and water. As you can see in this picture, just because the water you drink is clear to the eye doesn’t mean that it is just water you’re drinking.

What you’re looking at is the inside of a water distiller that has had tap water run through it. The water distiller will bring the water to a boil and the condensation will go through a filter. What’s left behind is hundreds, if not thousands, of different substances — fluoride, chloride, viruses, insecticides, herbicides such as glyphosate (the active ingredient in Roundup), and inorganic minerals from synthetic fertilizers. When these are present in water, the water is called “hard water.”

The body is not capable of breaking down these dense pollutants, so they build up in the body over time, causing problems like a shut-down immune system, calcified organs, and blockages in the lymphatic system. When a person drinks “hard water,” they are not able to get hydrated on a cellular level because the absorption rate is so low.

As seen in this picture, pollutants destroy the perfected structure of water. As in architecture, when the structure is not sound, the entire framework and network do not run properly.

Our body is 70% water, so imagine where your energy would be if you were to get rid of this pollution in the water and then re-structure it!

Okay, so hopefully now you can innerstand why this is important that we are in the know about not only how to purify our water of the pollutants, but also structure and enhance it.

This is especially important now, as we are hearing more and more stories of whole cities having their water sources becoming highly toxic — for example, the Flint Michigan water crisis. This is not to mention it is estimated that the global demand for water will increase by 50% by 2030.


Distilled water is the purest water we have found for the price, but if you find yourself not being able to purchase a water distiller, no need to worry. Reverse osmosis water is another great alternative, rather than tap or bottled. Reverse osmosis machines can be found in many places, Safeway, Whole Foods, Local Super Markets, etc. Putting your water in a glass vessel is always recommended. By even saying positive things to our water, it can enhance and perfect the structure, providing deeper hydration. Many have survived without love, but none have survived without water!  

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Have you been following up on theories about the best kinds of water to consume, water purification methods, or news items about water quality, water crises, or the global water supply? If so, copy any links of images and videos you may have in the comments so we can look over and share what you have found.

Do you have your own best practices around water that you would like to share or alternative explanations about the best kind of water to drink?

We love to keep our eyes open and lights on, so let us know in the comments!

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