Pineal Gland Chakra Calibration Using Binaural Beats ~ Theta Meditation

Esoteric Correspondences:

Planetary Tone: Jupiter

Color Tone: Indigo/Yellow

The Intention:

The Pineal Gland or Ajna Chakra is related to the faculty of apprehension.

“Calibration” encourages the insight that every aspect of awareness and reality contain two opposite and complementary parts; each one initiating and defining the other such that duality is a function of a more primary unity.

Activation and calibration propose that opposites do not contradict; each perspective (mental perception) is partial and therefore incomplete.

Dualities are reconciled in a non-dual awareness that transcends and includes both pairs of opposites.

Activation and calibration of the pineal gland manifest through the capacity to hold two opposite and contradictory perceptions without conflict, contradiction or cognitive dissonance occurring.

In this unification of opposites, the mind can settle into the simplicity and subtlety of one’s own innate silence.

pineal gland

This track uses brainwave entrainment technology to help listeners effortlessly relax into a theta state where deep healing and meditation occur.

Using the Verdi A=432Hz and aligned to the vibrational correspondences associated with the area between the third eye and the crown, this track is designed to help facilitate an internal environment where transcendent insights might become more accessible.

To get the most out of this track it is recommended that you listen with headphones while lying down or in a reclined seated position.  Simply press play and allow yourself to relax.

It is not advisable to listen to this track repeatedly for extended periods, as the neuro-aerobic effects may become strenuous on the nervous system.

If any discomfort occurs take a break for a day or two to give your system the chance to recuperate.

Drink plenty of fresh water after listening.

Source – The Music Of Source Vibrations Has Been Used To Address A Vast Array Of Health Issues From Sleep Disorders To Cognitive And Neurological Conditions Like Autism And Asperger’s, To Emotional And Behavioral Disorders Stemming From Trauma And PTSD.


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Chakra Centers Of Mother Earth

Just as humans have seven (or more) identifiable energy centers in the body or swirling vortices of subtle energy, so are there Chakra centers of Mother Earth that govern her health and act as a reflection of her energetic evolution.  Dr. Hiroshi Motoyama developed a way to measure the Chakra centers of the human body – to give them a scientific basis although they have been considered purely Metaphysical for centuries – though Saints, Sages, Monks, and Yogis knew of their existence long before they were recognized by scientific instruments.

“There are many cultures that conceive of an energetic system which runs the body, but the Yogic Chakra System is said to be 4000-5000 years old.  Chakra translates loosely to mean  “wheel” from Sanskrit, but it more accurately describes a vortex of rotating energy.  Some Chakra systems contain twelve primary Chakras, others fewer, but they refer to a map of the energy circulating through the body, primarily through the spinal column.  Each Chakra is situated near an endocrine gland that is responsible for regulating hormonal reactions in the body.  The Chakras also act as translators of energy.  They assimilate energy from surrounding influences, including your own emotions and thoughts and the Chakras of others.  In the yogic conceptualization of the Chakra system, there are seven primary energy Chakras.” (

Each Chakra has its own bandwidth of energy, and it governs the perspective of each person at that vibration. 

The Earth’s Chakras are very similar.  They are reflective of the root all the way to the crown.


The Chinese/Japanese conceptualization of the Chakras or meridians is slightly different than the Indian conceptualization as is the Kabbalistic, but they weave into a very cohesive understanding of the energy body.  Such is also the case with the Earth’s energetic vortices or Chakras.  

If we look at nature, we discover that design and innovation – the architect and the inventor – are at work.  

What is the goal of this effort?  Alone, among the planets in the solar system,  Earth is the matrix for life.  

According to esoteric geographer Robert Coon, “the Earth is a living being, with its own creative, evolutionary will, and with its own methods for enacting that purpose“. 

What are the maximum potentialities for life?  

It is the true will of the Earth to find the answers to this question, and to communicate these results to other laboratories of life throughout the universe.” (  The same way that Kundalini energy weaves its way up the spine from the root of the spinal cord in a human being, in a DNA-like fashion, so energy also rotates throughout the planet.

chakra centers of mother earth

Here are the most commonly accepted geographic locations of the planet’s Chakra system and what they represent spiritually.  (Please note that some locations are not fixed because it is thought that the Chakras can shift locations based on planetary cycles):

1st Chakra –

Corresponds to the Root or Mooladhara Chakra 

Mt. Shasta in California is considered the root chakra of the planet.

(Some also say this is the 5th Chakra of the planet.)

This energy center is considered primal and “base”. 

Here is where the universal life force is considered to gather before it becomes life – and is representative of the geysers which rush to the surface with energy the same way that Kundalini energy is thought to rush to the crown, or Pineal gland, was awakened from the root Chakra.

2nd Chakra –

Corresponds to the Sexual Chakra or Swadhistana

Lake Titicaca – Peru/Bolivia is considered the 2nd Chakra of the planet. The Plumed Serpent – found in many South American myths is representative of the Kundalini energy rising to the sexual Chakra of the planet. 

Also called the Rainbow Serpent, this center has some of the most ley crossroads or ley lines on the planet, second only to Bali.  It is where our primal energy starts to “birth” itself, quite literally into form.  Some say that it is through this Chakra that the Earth overcomes entropy.

3rd Chakra –

Corresponds to Manipura or the Solar Plexus Chakra

Uluru, otherwise known as Ayers Rock in Australia along with Kata Tjuta, are the home of the Earth’s 3rd Chakra. This huge, monolithic rock is in the Northern Territory of Australia.

This is where Dreamtime legends arise from the Aboriginal peoples.  Anangu life revolves around the Tjukurpa (sometimes wrongly referred to as “the Dreamtime”). To the Aboriginal people, this is the ancestral period when the world was being formed.  Kata Tjuta is considered Uluru’s sister rock formation.  In us, the solar plexus is where we digest emotion – on the planet, it is where we will one day realize a legend told by the Aborigines from the “umbilical cord” of the planet.

4th Chakra –

The Heart Chakra, called Anahata in Indian traditions

Glastonbury, Somerset, and Shaftesbury, Dorset comprise the center of the world’s heart Chakra. This is the home of the Holy Grail. 

It is perhaps, also our greatest contribution to ourselves, and our fellow sentient beings on this planet –  where we can open our hearts to heal the earth and allow her to embody her rightful place as a peaceful, loving satellite in space.  Interestingly, this is an area known for high levels of crop-circle sightings that exhibit magnetic abnormalities.

5th Chakra –

The Throat or Vissuddha Chakra

The throat or voice of the planet is located near the Great Pyramids near Mt. Sanai and Mt. Olives in the Middle East. This is the one Chakra that does not exist at a ley line. 

It is the exact center of the earth’s land mass as it currently is configured.  Modern-day turmoil in the Middle East is considered to be “the cries of the mother,” or the voice of the planet calling for help.

6th Chakra –

The Pineal Gland or Third Eye Chakra

This chakra can shift – it is called the Aeon activation Center.

Now it is considered to be in Western Europe but will likely move over the next several thousand years.

This Chakra is the one that opens portals and allows extra-dimensional energy to enter this world. 

Just like our Pineal gland allows us to recognize other dimensions and realities, so does the 6th chakra of the Earth.

7th Chakra –

The Crown Chakra or Sahasrara, the Thousand Petaled Lotus, the Highest Energy Center

Mt. Kailas in the Himalayas in Tibet is considered the “roof of the world” and also our Earth’s Crown Chakra. The highly developed consciousness of Tibetan people, as evidenced through the Dalai Lama’s teachings, is indicative of the energy that resides at the Crown Chakra of the planet. 

Just as our own crown connects our will with Divine will, so does Mt. Kailas connect the planet with her spiritual destiny


By Christina Sarich



How To Raise Your Vibration Before Going To Sleep

Bedtime is an awesome opportunity to raise your vibration and to set yourself up for more positive manifestations. 

While you sleep you disconnect your consciousness from the physical world and instead are connecting with your higher self.  This connection helps you create with greater ease.  There’s a reason why people tell you to “sleep on it” when you have a big decision – in our dream state we gain clarity and innerstanding.

We are awesome creators from our sleeping state!

In addition to helping us solve our problems and deliberately create, sleep makes us feel good, boosts our immunity, and helps us heal from injury and illness.  So, whenever possible, it’s a good idea to take advantage of sleep.


Here are 21 things you can do at bedtime to raise your vibration and become a better deliberate creator.  Injoy


  1. Give big hugs to the people you love before bedtime if you live with them.
  2. After a rough day take a shower or bath before bedtime to wash off the stress and elevate your vibration before drifting off.
  3. Get some water to put on your nightstand.  Sometimes at night, we get thirsty, and we always feel better when we’re hydrated.
  4. Take a moment to snuggle into bed, and appreciate how comfortable your bedding and pajamas are.
  5. Spend a few moments appreciating what went well during the day.
  6. Ask a question of the universe before bed.  We get lots of clarity from the dream state.  You could ask something like “what should I do about that problem at work?” or “what kind of present would my best friend love for her birthday?”.
  7. Set your intention to enjoy the next day.
  8. Create a peaceful atmosphere in your bedroom.  Peaceful places inspire peaceful feelings.
  9. If you like to watch television before bedtime, do be mindful of the programming you select.  When we sleep, we often dwell on our last thoughts of the day, so be sure to select programming that’s light and makes you feel good.
  10. Close the blinds or invest in heavy curtains if you want to sleep in the next day.  The light of day is hard to ignore when it’s shining on your face!
  11. If you’ve got a few dollars to go shopping, invest in quality bedding.  It’s easier to enjoy your sleep when you are comfortable!  Being well-rested will help you manifest greater abundance, so comfy bedding is worth every penny.
  12. Select a soothing alarm for the morning.  Awaken to pleasing music or ringtones to gently transition into the daytime.
  13. Choose to forgive and forget before going to bed.  A fight that isn’t resolved at night will just pick right back up in the morning.  Why tarnish your tomorrow over something that happened today?
  14. Invest in an eye mask and earplugs if you are a light sleeper or if your partner snores.
  15. Try out a sleep meditation or sleep hypnosis, especially if you could use a boost!
  16. Avoid social media and using your smartphone before bedtime.  There are a lot of things running through your news feed, some of which may have the potential to rattle your cage while you are wanting to relax.
  17. Take it easy if you find yourself wide awake.  Instead of trying to fall asleep, go along with the wakefulness without struggling.  You can tell yourself “I’m just going to relax and take this opportunity to fantasize about pleasant things” and “when my body needs sleep it will shut me down”.  The less you struggle, the easier it is to unwind.  After all, if you’re going to be awake, you might as well be awake and happy!
  18. Choose to review your “to do list” in the morning instead of at night.  You can’t get tomorrow’s work done today.
  19. Choose to go to sleep at a reasonable time (whatever that means for you of course!).  Sometimes there are reasons we have to stay up extra late, but when you have the opportunity to enjoy a good night’s rest, take advantage of it!
  20. If you’re a lucid dreamer, set your intention to have a lucid dream. Lucid dreaming is AWESOME, and it can put you on cloud nine!  If you’d like to learn how to lucid dream, I highly recommend Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming, by Stephen LaBerge.
  21. Do a breathing exercise session.  Even just 15 minutes before going to bed can be extremely beneficial for your body, mind, and spirit if you can engage in the correct breathing technique.




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