Stuttering Natural Remedies

Also known as stammering, stuttering is when a person can’t speak without repeating words or syllables. It can be worse from stress, anticipation, rears or physical limitations. Causes come from physical or muscular problems or damage; some from strokes. Most often stuttering is an emotional problems created from some stress or abuse. It may be combined with oversensitivity and low self esteem.

Medical treatment may vary from prescription anti-depressants, which masks problems, to speech therapy (important) and counseling (very important).

From the natural perspective, we find the cause to treat the problem. Stuttering is usually emotional and natural supplements can effectively help along with speech therapy and counseling. Using natural supplements for stuttering is quite easy and is safe for children as well as adults.

Nutritional Support for Stuttering

Use Magnesium Malate which helps to relax muscles, and the person. The best way to use magnesium is to increase the dose until the person gets loose stools, and then to back off to the previous dose.

Also B-Complex vitamins, 100mg to 200mg per day, calm the nerves.

Avoid foods such as fast foods as they are calorie rich and nutrient deficient.

For adults, also stay away from alcohol, recreational drugs, tobacco, coffee, black tea, and sodas as they deplete the body of nutrients and caffeine stimulates the nervous system.


Herbs for Stuttering

Herbs are plants valued for their specific strengthening/ tonifying properties.

Use herbs in capsule, liquid or as teas and pick the herbs that fit your stuttering situation. It may be more that one herb.

Muscle Spasms or uncontrollable mouth muscles:

Wild yam root – to calm muscles, improve digestion and improve hormones.

Cramp bark – superb anti-spasmodic, digestive and muscle relaxant.

Nerve builders – to calm and rebuild nerves:

Chamomile – anti-inflammatory, nerve calmer and digestive improvement.

Lemon balm – restores and calms the nerves and heart.

Anxiety and nervousness:

Kava – to reduce anxiety and calming.

St John’s wort for nerve calming, anxiety and depression as well as anti-viral.

Cell Salts to Help Stuttering

To make a cell salt solution, put up to 10 tablets of each cell salt in a 16- to 24-ounce bottle; fill with water and swirl to dissolve tablets. Sip throughout the day.

#2 Calc phos 6X – for nail biters and other anxious people
#6 Kali phos 6X – feeds and rebuilds nerves
#8 Mag phos 6X – to relax over-agitated muscles

Stuttering Homeopathic Remedies

Homeopathic remedies are non-toxic natural medicines safe for everyone including infants and pregnant or nursing women. You may use 6X, 30X, 6C or 30C potencies.

Agaricus – similar to Lachesis, talkative, rapid speech; delirium tremens and stuttering; alcohol abuse symptoms and withdrawal; stuttering with muscle cramps and tics.

Argentum nit – walks and talks fast; fear of heights, lots of fear; talkative; digestive problems; can’t talk to groups of people; craves sugar.

Bovista – stuttering, especially reading;, certain words; awkward speech; drops everything; often in children.

Bufo rana – stuttering or stammering in backward children; epileptic, retarded, especially in anger, hits; tendency to masturbation.

Calcarea phos – shy fearful, restless children that are thirsty; headaches; growing pains; chews fingernails.

Cannabis sativa – stammers from embarrassment; fear of making mistakes; “pot” intoxication i.e. losing train of thought.

Causticum – especially in children, when feeling embarrassed, may be neurological or emotional; inability to move tongue or from words; deviations of tongue with inability to curl or manipulate tongue to form words; excitement; NWS (never well since) stroke; worse excitement, embarrassment and right side of face; child sticks out tongue and it deviates to the right; dyslexia, lisping, consonants, transposition of syllables; mouth distorted; speaks normally unless stressed.

Cicuta virosa – stammering in epileptic children; twitching, jerkings and spasms of body; speech is a side symptom or issue.

Cuprum met – restless children; muscular defects from birth; loss of speech; paralysis of tongue; in epilepsy tongue darts in and out like a snake.

Gelsemium – stuttering after fever or viral infections; complains that the tongue is too heavy; lack of coordination; trembling tongue; close to Causticum – caused from fear or stress; worries about getting in front of people

Kali brom – very restless children with hands and feet in constant motion; stuttering worse in the evenings.

Lachesis – stroke with paralysis; stuttering especially left-sided; loss of voice; alcoholic, rambling speech, jumps from one subject to another; words run together; mumbling speech.

Lycopodium – father or family dominating; speech, learning, dyslexia, broken self confidence psychological emotional responses, embarrassment; low self esteem; feels worse 4 pm to 8 pm.

Mercurius solubis – often in children; rapid stammering stuttering speech; connected with hearing difficulties, with inner ear problems, recurring tonsillitis, ear infections; can’t hear to form words well; stage fright; introverted; feels detached; muscles can’t keep up with brain.

Natrum muriaticum – grief, rejection, then speech difficulties; wants to be alone; craves salt; sensitive emotionally; in children that are shy.

Nux vomica – grumpy, irritable; sour, bitter taste in mouth; articulation and speech difficult; digestive problems.

OP – stuttering, stammering especially after stroke in adults, especially vocal cords from shock and anticipation. Slow paralysis of muscles.

Silicea – thin children with slow mental development; shy; feels cold; skin problems; worse after vaccinations (#1 is Thuja).

Stannum met – weak voice that leads speech problems; elderly with history of lung disease; weak lungs.

Stramonium – autistic children; severe voice changes; fears of water and doges; wild look in eyes; violent behaviors; severe night terrors; can’t stand to be alone.

Thuja – cant’ finish words or thoughts; talk trails off at the end of the speech – fade; repeats at the words of another to finish; tendency to get warts.

Veratrum album – mumbling speech; also talking to themselves; religious fears; colon problems.



Source: Dave’s Healing Notes

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