Conscious Immortality: Inner Smile Meditation

After one learns to cultivate, control, conserve, refine and store sexual energy in the body; from there, there are more refined inner alchemy practices that enable Universal Tao practitioners to grow and attain their Immortal Spirit Body.

This is likened to transferring your consciousness into another body once the one you’re in now physically dies.  Going through this process is also known as giving birth to your own Immortal child (yes, men can also be pregnant).

The whole process adopted and perfected by master Mantak Chia is now called Integrating Immortality – Sexual Essence, Inner Child and the Immortal Spirit Body.  

It begins with the Fusion I, II and III Chi energy body (soul) practices.

Inner Smile Meditation is just a required Level 1 basic practice from several other more advanced practices in the inner alchemy.

In order to activate the Primordial Force, we need to purify the organs and learn to ground to the earth.

The most powerful force that can be used to support us is the primordial force of Earth.

Taoist practice is involved with the yin/yang, the PH balance of acid and alkaline.  

It is also the balance of negative and positive emotions—we do not look at negative as sin.

Inner Smile: Use the power of smiling to activate the relaxation response in the parasympathetic nervous system.

Get rid of the negative emotion and rebalance the positive emotion.

When we learn to smile to the negative and make friends with it, we can find a way to live in harmony together and enhance our health.

Transforming negative emotional energy patterns into the positive components in the organs helps to reprogram the genes and DNA.

The Inner Smile is one of the most simple and powerful tools for healing.

Through inner alchemy processes, one refines immaterial (sexual energy essence and healthy positive energy) generated from material (physical body) and sources of Earth, nature, planets, and the universe.

A practitioner can become energetically ‘pregnant’.

By intention one can create and nurture a crystalized energy ‘foetus’ (using the physical analogy).

With loving attention and care from the upper hierarchy of meditation practices – Lesser, Greater, and Greatest Kan and Li, and Sealing of the Five Senses – one feeds transfers consciousness and trains this energy body to grow like a healthy child.

With over sixty years of practice and teaching experience, master Mantak Chia added his own refinement and combined it by studying with many masters; as well as his own studies in Western anatomy, astronomy, astrology, medical science and of the advancements in the field of quantum sciences.

Master Mantak Chia’s books for integrating immortality include:

Mantak Chia– 1st Formula– Fusion of the Five Elements

Mantak Chia– 2nd Formula– Lesser Kan & Li

Mantak Chia– 3rd Formula– Greater Kan & Li

Mantak Chia– 4th Formula– Greatest Kan & Li

Mantak Chia– 5th Formula– Sealing of the Five Senses

Mantak Chia – Fusion of Eight Channels

The goal is to have time to accomplish the energetic refinement and crystallization of one’s true spiritual self-referred to as the ‘Golden Light Body’ (Golden is a reference to the high value accorded to this attainment, not necessarily its permanent color).

It doesn’t happen by whim or chance; it takes time, patience and commitment.

Therefore, Taoists value a healthy, happy, emotionally balanced life and longevity to support feeling good and to be willing to persevere with this higher inner alchemy process.

The process is further refined in the practices of the Congress of Heaven and Earth and then the Reunion of Heaven and Man.

The Golden Light Body is one’s immortal vehicle for spiritual freedom and independence.

It transcends the limits of the physical world of time and space-while still living in the here and now.

The goal can be attained and experienced in this lifetime.

It is the ultimate meaning and purpose of life!


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