Synchronicity Has A Rational Explanation

 You know that feeling when you are exactly where you are supposed to be?

Synchronicity is a feeling!


Synchronicity is the language of the universe.  Two events in your life surprisingly intersect.

One may be a thought or a feeling and the other happens in your environment.  The two events have no apparent causal connection.

The surprise captures your attention and your mind searches for meaning.

You wonder: What does this mean for me?  How can I explain it?”

Coincidences appear in all parts of our daily lives—money, work, family life, romance, health, ideas, and spirituality.

They also appear in movies, books, and the news.  Like sex, they help make the world go round.


According to the Weird Coincidence Survey:

The most frequent coincidence is:

“I think of an idea and hear or see it on the radio, TV or internet.”

The next most frequent are:

“I think of calling someone, only to have that person unexpectedly call me.”

“I think of a question only to have it answered by external media (i.e. radio, TV, people) before I can ask it.”

“I advance in my work/career/education through being in the right place at the right time.”


Carl Jung introduced meaningful coincidences to the Western world with the term synchronicity.  The purpose of synchronicity, according to many Jungians, is to help with psychological growth and change—to individuate, to become truly who you are.  One of my research participants reported this example of counseling by coincidence:

“I was separated from my abusive husband.  While he was gone on a business trip, I’d decided to reunite with him.  He missed his return connecting flight.  That night an unknown woman who was being abused by her boyfriend mistakenly dialed a number and got me.  [The study participant didn’t report the reason for the woman’s call.]  The fear in her voice made me realize that reuniting with my husband was a mistake.  I met him at the airport the next morning to tell him that my plans had changed and he wouldn’t be returning to my house.”

Synchronicity and meaningful coincidence can come to your attention in many different ways.


You may find yourself urged to self-reflect by a sign, a TV moment, or a song.  You may stumble upon something online at exactly the right moment.  A stranger may say a few words you needed to hear.  Useful reminders to wonder may show up almost anywhere if you are willing to notice.

This article has been reposted with permission from Conscious Lifestyle Magazine.
You can read the original article here: 
The Hidden Meaning of Coincidences and How to Create More of Them in Your Life

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