Design Your Own Supplement Pill

The first ever personalized supplement pill

Multiply Labs has come up with a solution that allows people with various lifestyles to design their own one pill for everything.

Yes, in just one pill you can get all the supplements you need instead of carrying a bunch of them around and taking multiple pills each day.

How does this work?

It’s based on a time release technology. 

After taking your pill in the morning, supplements are released at specific times throughout the day. 

For example, your pill could release vitamins right away and caffeine later in the day for an energy boost. 

You can even customize your own quantities, specifying how much of each supplement you want, so you can take what you need for your health.

multiply labs pill - secret energy

multiply labs pill 2 - secretenergy

multiply labs pill 4 - secretenergy

multiply labs pill 5 - secretenergy

“We actually 3D-print a pill with different compartments using pharmaceutical materials.  By varying the material we use and the thickness of the pill’s compartments, we can control when these different compartments release the supplements.  After you tell us a little bit about yourself, we can recommend supplements for your personalized pill based on your needs and then use our 3D printing technology to build a pill just for you!”

~ Tiffany Kuo, co-Founder of Multiply Labs

Find more information at the Multiply Labs website.

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