Facebook Restricts cryptocurrency advertising yet develops their own. Peter Thiel gave Zuck the first $500K to start Facebook after starting Paypal with ElonMusk. Peter also gave Vitalik Buterin $100K through Founders Fund to start Ethereum. Peter also has interests in the Shapeshift App, Jaxx Wallet, Uber, Lfyt, Asana, SpaceX, and many others. See Cruchbase. Most importantly he also owns Palantir, the weapons-grade strong A.I. now used by the military and police departments. Peter develops the A.I. that Elon says he is trying to protect the world from with his biological A.I. Integration called Neuralink which just raised another $50 million! I’m sure most people are too busy arguing with their family or friends over petty emotional squabbles while the entire construct is set to change so drastically by 2020; if not prepared they will miss the days they did not cherish and utilize to the fullest all the joy and love we still have. We started Sovereignty Mentorship to keep you in the Gnosis. Enroll Today @sovereignty2020