Join Sovereignty Mentorship
Event: Secret Energy Worldwide Meditation
Time: Everyday 7:00 AM Costa Rica UTC/GMT -06:00
Where: Zoom (300 Person Limit)*
Also broadcasted Live on the following Channels
Youtube –
Facebook –

*If you are attending the live event via Zoom you must abide by and agree to the following.

1) Willingness to be live on Camera – Your camera must be turned on.
2) Please be on time we gather @ 6:45 AM Costa Rica UTC/GMT -06:00 via Zoom
3) You will need well-lit area & nice background if possible
4) Appropriate clothing, shirt on please.
5) Laptop or computer camera
6) Stable internet connection
7) You will need to keep your mic muted during the live meditation
8) Be mindful when prompted to leave the live and leave in a timely manner

Failure to abide by the policies will result in removal from the chat.