Shakuni Type: King of Deception

The Shakuni type is a fake Brahman.

A little backstory on the Shakuni is necessary for us to understand the setting of the world during this time.

In this time, the environments are changing, and everyone has come down from the mountains.  They are now into the forest and trade has begun.  Trade becomes instrumental in how people function.  All trade begins when someone has something that you don’t.

In the first Yugas, there was no trade because everyone shared the same thing – there was plenty of abundances.

After a while, we hear about the Silk Road and those kinds of operations.  We now know this entire area called Kumari Kandam (shown on the map) was actually one of the largest trade routes in the history of humanity and was the central trade location between all these nations.

It is the perfect setup for trade because the entire country borders the ocean.  At the time everybody traveled around in ships.  If you look at the geological position of the Kumari Kandam landmass, you can see that there’s trade access all around and because of this, you have people coming from other countries (including Shakuni) who are seeing the wealth of this Empire.

We see that this particular area is central to a strong trade route and a prosperous empire.

This nation gets continuously plundered for all its wealth, linguistics, history, sciences, and even the people.  Every single thing you can think of has been despoiled in this Empire and brought to us today by another group of people as if it’s theirs.

Then enters a Shakuni – which is a type of person, trait or characteristic.

A Shakuni type:

– Is insecure; feels others have something they don’t and will do whatever to get it. 

– Uses the dark arts such as cunning, lying, cheating, gambling, and prostitution to supplant and get what they want (but does not belong to them).

– Uses one’s customs to gain a foothold on others.

– Will use marriage contracts, religion, and tribal beliefs to manipulate.

A Shakuni type will come into an area and see what the belief of the people is: if you wake up with your face blue then you’re the leader… a Shakuni will figure out how to make his face blue.

Let’s look at some of the examples we can find in specific accounts in the Bible.

There is Abraham, a fake Brahman, who offers his wife Sarah to the leader of Kemet (Pharaoh is a word used later in history, but we’ll use that word).  This story is symbolic and isn’t an actual physical event that took place.

After this occurs, Pharaoh has a dream and it’s horrible – he’s been cursed somehow, and he realizes this dream is connected to this woman that he just married.

He goes back to Abraham and he asks him, “is this your wife?”

Abraham says,” yes, it is.”

Pharaoh says, “what kind of trick is this? Why would you give me your wife to sleep with?”  Abraham replies, “if I didn’t give you my wife, you would kill me.”  Pharaoh says, “why would you think something like that? We have shown you nothing that would give you the idea that we would kill you.”

This is symbolic – it’s showing you the cunning and deceit of the Shakuni, and treacherous use of women.

Shakuni brought a woman (that was from what we’re recognizing today as Russia) into India.  This woman was so beautiful, that he was capable of getting her married into one of the Raj families.  He gained so much of a foothold in this area, that there is a Shakuni temple in India right now.

One more example.  Solomon tricks Belkis – the Queen of Ancient Lanka.  Belkis is also called the queen of Sheba… her name is not Sheeba.  Her name is Belkis.  Belkis means the God of Kiss (that’s another story) – she was a warrior queen from ancient Sri Lanka that Solomon tricked into sleeping with him.

The story goes, Solomon heard that she had a hoof foot, so he built a glass floor to see under her dress.  He also told her that if she took anything from his kingdom, she would have to sleep with him. 

She said, “I don’t need to take anything from you, because I have everything.”

Thus, Solomon proceeds with a trick.  He serves hot spicy food all night, and Belkis needs some water.  When she gets some water and drinks it…

Solomon grabs her and says, “you took something from me, now you must sleep with me.”

This is Shakuni type behavior.

Solomon and David, these kings in this particular scripture, actually connect to the Shakuni character in mythologies.

They are examples of how the Shakuni type acts in the ancient setting, causing trouble and confusion amongst tribes.


How Did We Get Here

My involvement and research into the spiritual realm have reaped a major revelation.  I personally feel that as we dig into these topics in the next upcoming years we will uncover something immense for the masses that will change the way Earth operates forever.  Here are a few things I was able to divine and prove without a doubt via geometry, language, and events.

Pyramids, Churches, and Mosques are really built on top of sacred ancestral burial sites, i.e. portals.  These sites function as entry and exit points for the spiritual makeup of our being which is wrapped in the flesh.  When we go through these portals we take on a physical body or “geometric body” based on the astronomical configuration, culture, and design of the temple.  Everything in the reality breaks down to something crystalline.  Even the oil that accumulates on a doorknob after repeated grasping eventually becomes a crystal deposit trapping all the DNA in the oil that ever accumulated on that doorknob into solid, microscopic, crystalline forms.  All are and must pass through the stages of light and energy.  All secondary forms are just that – reflections, images, and projections.  Mere copies compared to the original.  However, just as we see with talismans, even copies of something powerful take on an energy of their own depending on how powerful the original is.

The Great Pyramid, for example, is, in fact, a large projector and reincarnation facility using refraction and amplification techniques.  This is the origin of concepts such as the holographic reality discovery, and here are some of the details.  Because the Great Pyramid is built on top of the entrance to the underworld, it was used by the Kemetians as a device to project and embed the image of Phi onto all the souls coming out of the portal.  Just like we are first incubated inside of our Mother, so too Spirits are incubated inside of the earth before they are birthed.


The process goes as such: The bottom Apex of the pyramid is akin to the tip of the male penis which can produce a spark also called the spark of life, an electron gun that can be fired to produce a momentary gap between worlds for entry.  Leophantalis, or the penis of the lion, which is akin to the Pahanuk, or the penis of the dragon, can be found at the bottom apex of all gothic temples, pyramids, and mosques configured properly.  The point becomes “charged” through the mechanics of the structure.  A pyramid is charged by the Sun & Earth, which produces an electromagnetic pulse.  A gothic temple is charged by specific stars and Gregorian chants.  Mosques are also charged in a variety of ways, such as geometrics, circumambulation, and orientation.

The location is key.  Since each “reincarnation station” is built over the top of a sacred site, burial ground, etc., Spirits, which are in a non-local space, are attracted to these points and travel according to them.  A path from one sacred site to another generally creates a leyline.  These points appear like the light of a specific spectrum or color on the Astral Plane.  This “spectrum” is familiar to the spirit, which causes an attraction.  Once the Spirit, like a moth, hits the light it is then transmuted into a dense, congealed form or “Adamu,” since it has now died or been divided.  The word “die” on the surface means “to divide”.  After this, the spirit is now formed and fashioned and will incarnate in a physical womb of a woman who has a DNA resonance with that temple.  This is accomplished by a woman or her mother going to the temple for worship on a consistent basis, a properly configured temple being in the vicinity of the woman’s birthplace; the sacred site being where the spirit grew up or frequented, the sacred site being on the opposite pole of the person’s last incarnation point, etc.

While this use alone is astounding, the Ancestors also had other uses for these structures, many of which are still functional and even being used by other groups and societies for a variety of nefarious purposes.  Pyramids like the Great Pyramid in Kemet use an advanced technology that involves “projecting” the spirit of the Mummy onto spirits coming out of the portal.  This has a variety of uses from bringing a whole dynasty into the physical realm, to bringing back the Nst Bty or Pharaoh, by placing him into a priest’s body.  This allows them to “dial in” specific ancestors and bring them back to this realm.  These are professional reincarnation stations, or time machines, which brings us to a major point in the Earth saga.

Many temples, such as those in Angkor Wat, that have been either destroyed or taken offline have bitumen, a type of ancient concrete, poured into their deep recesses.  I suspect this is to prevent these spirits from reincarnating on to the Earth plane.  Also, the cymatics and geometrics embedded within these temples hint that the actual physical form of the spirits when “birthed” into the physical reality would actually not be humanoid in appearance.  Instead, they would be chimeric.

I have a strong notion that during the many wars that ensued that are documented in ancient texts such as the Bhagavad Gita, entire species were vanquished from the earth plane and remain confined in the underworld.  Is this possibly what is meant by “dead but dreaming”?  These wars seem to be fueled by a variety of beings beginning to increase their proportions and genetic makeup using potions, spells, philters, and other now mystical methods.  Many of these beings combined their genetics with the most fearsome things to gain more power, and this process birthed many monsters and disturbing forms since they were struggling to maintain balance.

The chain, or “ladder of lights,” which is a reference to DNA, broke because of this “mixing,” causing all on the bottom half of the ladder to fall or degrade.  We have been working to build this ladder or tower or DNA back up personally and collectively ever since.  This upheaval and war also caused the planet to come off balance, and flooding and destruction ensued since the scale of the weapons used were stronger than an atomic bomb.  Let us keep in mind the formula for an atomic bomb is encoded in the Bhagavad Gita, and that its inversion creates an explosion versus an implosion, destruction vs. regeneration.

There are also beings around who clearly do not want humanity to be aware of this not too distant past.  I say “not too distant” because it is made to seem like many biblical events took place thousands of years ago, when in fact they may have taken place since much less time.  It only takes a few generations to completely alter what we perceive as true history.  For instance, the “God”/King of the Bible remarks that he is going to confuse man with language since he is building a “tower” and soon will be able to scale the heights again.  I have proven that the god of the bible is no more than the Germanic king Gude who is following a lineage of deified rulers, some of whom are clearly serpentine in nature.  Solomon is, in fact, a major symbol of this king, while Sheba is a reference to a Queen of Upper Kemet.  Upper Kemet represents the black negus or Naga people.  Negus or Negusi is still the last name of royalty in Nubia.  Symbolically, Solomon (Lower Egypt) married Sheba (Upper Egypt), and their son Menelik, a pun on the cabalistic value MLK or Moloch, became the King of the Earth, ruler of Upper and Lower Egypt, or the upper and lower halves of the world.

There is so much here with this discovery since they are still in use.  You have the physical temple or body, the planetary temple, ancient temples, and brand-new Freemasonic or gothic temples.  The knowledge of how to manipulate an incarnation at the spirit level, and even change its ideas and desires, are in the hands of those managing many aspects of this world.  This technology of the “Creators” is in use, and most people in the world are now scripts or characters running inside of a mainframe-based on memories, waiting for the CPU/SUN to process them in the Cloud.


I’m not sure if humanity will ever be able to divine things like why Steve Jobs had a Steve Wozniak.  Clearly, “Steve” is a play on words. Steve produces a computer called Apple after visiting India and Egypt.  The Apple is bittenThe apple is the pentagram/Venus.  Steve Jobs is a reference to Saturn, lord of time, and “Jobs” refers to Job in the Bible who is actually talking to Saturn.  In Kemet, Set has the Was staff as Steve has Woz.  A Setian force, according to African shamans, lives in the ocean in Africa in a green/emerald city and produces all the technology there that is later used on the surface.  I heard this years ago but have found a great deal of info supporting this claim.  This is beyond “good” or “bad”, this is about existing beyond this vacuum culture.  Our families, women, and children are all really counting on us gaining the ability to fully crack this mystery and bring the solutions.

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