24:13 From your research, does “THE ALL”, (the creator of all things, the source) have a name and if so, what is it? 25:46
25:47 I had a total hysterectomy over 5 years ago. Would that in any way hinder me from raising my kundalini and opening my third eye? 26:30
26:31 How potent is the colloidal platinum on the Secret Energy website? 28:18
28:19 Is Kanye West ‘JESUS IS KING’ a tool for deception by these higher entities wanting to confuse the masses about Christ? 30:18
30:18 What is the best way to reprogram the subconscious mind? 32:28
32:28 Does monogamous relationships have its place or was it just a social construct? 33:58
34:00 Can you expand on zero point energy and implosion? 36:18
36:19 Is the zero point the Holy Ghost the father the son the zero? 37:19
37:20 Can you please expand on how darkened theaters are simulated/false wombs? Also, can you discuss the interlacing of logic and intuition? 39:27
39:27 Are seizures random misfires in the brain or deeper than that? 43:19
43:20 Has kundalini seriously been removed? I seem to recall a previous show where you mentioned something like that…although it’s possible that I’m misremembering. 44:13
44:13 I see a spiral after sun gazing. What’s your take in that? 45:57
45:58 What is the most effective way to use the cosmic calendar? It seems like everything is not connected, the planets, chakras, colors aren’t always in harmony. 47:31
47:31 Do you still think that “they” are gonna roll out some form of an Antichrist on the world stage? 48:55
48:55 Is there such a thing as regenerating organs once chakras are balanced? 50:35
50:35 How important has fasting been in your journey on this path? 52:30
1:00:55 Why is it always nighttime in the dream? 1:02:59
1:03:05 What is the ultimate purpose of learning all the numbers, days, colors, frequencies, being that time does not exist… How are these numbers related to the days? 1:06:40
1:06:40 Why are they holding us back from this greatness humanity can experience? What’s the point when they can experience it as well? 1:08:27
1:08:28 What will happen after humans come together in unity remaining, what will this unity look like, if you may? What will it provide as an experience? 1:09:57
1:09:57 Thanks for giving us the details on the numbers. Could you shortly explain how we should use the cosmic calendar? Sometimes various aspects don’t seem in sync. 1:14:28
1:14:35 What is the easiest way to start generating income working with and promoting Secret Energy? 1:17:00
1:17:16 In the city, all the churches and cathedrals are up and down, silver, build, boulevard. Is there a vein of silver like the one you mentioned about marble? And is it to fight supernatural vampires? 1:19:31
1:19:31 How can I best align with my Taurus or toroidal field and current direction? 1:21:05
1:21:06 Could you offer practical ways to transfer your consciousness to the archetypical energy that you want to become? 1:22:08
1:22:08 Can you provide any wisdom about what the transgender movement is causing among the collective? 1:24:40
1:24:44 Could you please help us with a brief explanation of how to use the cosmic calendar? As it seems to be out of sync sometimes, eg: root chakra is named on Tuesday and Saturday. 1:25:44

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