The Sanhedrin: An Ancient Cult of Death

Previously, we spoke of ancient symbols and their meanings, and how some of these symbols can be traced to more familiar historical examples, i.e. the Nazis’ use of the swastika. We also talked about some of the deeper meanings of these symbols, such as how the arms of the swastika refer to the arms of a galaxy, which turn in either the direction of life or the direction of death. 

We mentioned that the arms of the Nazi swastika turn in the direction of death, because, as most are familiar with, the Nazi party was a cult of death.

What exactly is this cult of death?

Before we dig a little deeper into defining the cult of death, we need to consider why someone would want to bring about death – because as a human species, as a race, as a collective group of people… we probably wouldn’t want to destroy ourselves. 

Who would want to perpetuate something like that? 

It’s unfortunate that some have taken this on, but fortunately for us we’re aware of who is doing that. We can put the brakes on it. 

To get a closer look at the cult of death, let’s turn to the Sanhedrin.  Now, we know that later the Sanhedrin becomes the fake Brahmans, but they are also worshipers of Kali – notice, they only wear black.  In the Hasidic and Orthodox traditions, the men only wear black, and that is for a reason. 

The names Abraham and Sarah really mean “father Abraham” and “Saraswathi,” – but these names do not refer to specific people.  These names are actually titles.  In the Bible, they seem to refer to real and specific people, but these biblical figures are paganizations.  Think about this and learn about the Sanhedrin, and it will all connect. 

Remember, Krishna or Christ had a problem with the Sanhedrin.  Throughout the whole text of the New Testament, Christ or Krishna has a problem with the fake Jews or the fake Brahmans – the ones that are playing like they understand the spiritual tradition.  They hold the story of the New Testament together, but the altercations show them to be the ones who are doing justice, instead of the ones who are causing the atrocities.

Jesus’ trial before the Sanhedrin” 

Again, I am NOT painting all Jews with a broad brush. 

Now, terms like “Caucasian” and “Jew” don’t really have much credibility, as far as where they come from and what they mean.  The word “Jew” is a little bit easier to break down – but the word “Caucasian” was not originally assigned to white, black, or Indian people.  It became a word because one man saw a skull at the base of the Caucasus mountains and said, “This skull is beautiful; this must be where we came from because it’s white” — but all skulls are white.  Go to Wikipedia and see where the term “Caucasian” came from to find out that it doesn’t denote that the people in the Caucasus Mountains were white.  

If you’re in an area that doesn’t get a large amount of sunlight, then there is no need to have a lot of melanin – which is a Sun modulator.  Melanin modulates the Sun, so you can cool yourself down or you can gain more warmth, depending upon the fluctuations of the environment.  When the environment is always cold, there is no need for fluctuation. Thus, the melanin will be bred out of the beings in that environment in order to allow them to adjust to it. 

This is the same thing that happened to the grizzly bear and the polar bear, who belong to the same species – except the grizzly bear lives in a climate where it is hotter, so it needs a modulator. That’s why its skin and fur are a dark color.  The polar bear, on the other hand, is up in the Arctic where the temperatures are always the same – it doesn’t need that modulator.  Thus, the difference in colors. These examples show you how much organisms are affected by their environments (which we will talk more about in other episodes about the yugas and how they’re governed by environments). 

To return to the Sanhedrin, here is what Wikipedia says about them:

  “There were two classes of rabbinical courts called Sanhedrin, the Great Sanhedrin and the Lesser Sanhedrin.  A lesser Sanhedrin of 23 judges was appointed to each city, but there was to be only one Great Sanhedrin of 71 judges, which among other roles acted as the Supreme Court, taking appeals from cases decided by lesser courts.  In general usage, ‘The Sanhedrin’ without qualifier normally refers to the Great Sanhedrin, which was composed of the Nasi, who functioned as head or representing president, and was a member of the court; the Av Beit Din or chief of the court, who was second to the Nasi; and sixty-nine general members (Mufla).”

In the Wikipedia article, we see the term “Nasi.”  The sheer fact that the Jewish Sanhedrin would have their highest representative named “Nasi,” with an S instead of a Z, is appalling.  If the atrocities attributed to the Nazis really happened to the degree that they seemed to, you would think that the leaders of the Jewish people would want to totally disassociate themselves from anything that sounds like their conqueror or the people who despoiled their community. 

“There were two classes of rabbinical courts called the Sanhedrin, the Great Sanhedrin, and the Lesser Sanhedrin.”  The lesser Sanhedrin are 23 judges.  Again, we have judges.  What was Moses?  Moses was a judge; he’s the one who appointed more judges — 12 judges.  All the Old Testament stories about Moses are really about Brahma and the constellations of the zodiac.  

However, the authors of the Bible wanted to make them seem like stories with actual characters -and so Moses, who was an elder, was supposedly had a part in the invention of the Sanhedrin initially.  These 71 judges – which, among other roles acted, as the Supreme Court — they took appeals and decided cases taken from lesser courts.  By the way, this is the exact system that exists today.  This is why the words “judge” and “judicial” have “ju-”/“Jew” in front of them – that is the Judean system. This idea of judgment is coming from this culture. 

Wikipedia says, “‘The Sanhedrin’ without qualifier normally refers to the Great Sanhedrin, which was composed of the Nasi, who functioned as head or representing president, and was a member of the court; the Av Beit Din or chief of the court, who was second to the Nasi; and sixty-nine general members (Mufla)” — which probably just means “mafia.”  So, this is a group that is specifically representing itself not only in black, as the worshipers of Kali and death, but also as Nazis themselves – even though they say the Nazis are the ones that gave them the most problems.  

Furthermore, they are also representing themselves as judges of the world, and they are even erecting courts in which to judge people, just as the Bible ends with a Judgement Day.




Fake Brahmins and the Power Vacuum

What do the Brahmins have to do with this power vacuum?

The real Brahmins… nothingThe fake Brahmins… everything.  This is what we want to disclose…

What is Brahm?

I want everyone to realize that, as you’re seeing these seven IMAM’S (which became known as Angels later on) you can see that they’re actually predominantly feminine.  It is the act of the inspired entities outside of this space, meaning they didn’t have physical bodies.  If they wanted to come back into the space to influence things, to teach their children… they used the process of inseminating a woman, and then that woman would become a Deva.

The Deva would exhibit godlike traits – able to prophesy and know about great things etc.  This was normal.

But there’s another pairing to the Devas, and they’re male.

If we look at the white IMAM’S, it is Saraswathi.  Her male equivalent is Brahma. 

The easiest way to innerstand is that each of these stages pairs up with a male and a female aspect. 

The male aspect of the highest stage that you can receive in physicality, is the white stage.  The pairing to that is the female Saraswathi and the male Brahma – which later becomes Abraham and Sarah.

It’s important to understand that a Brahm is a title.  It is not a specific person – it just means a male that has achieved the highest level of spiritual attainment that the people recognize, and they are willing to put them into a position of power and a position of judgment.

Even before, there were troubles and dispositions, warring tribes and all those kind of things – people still had common disagreements.

You know, “His cow ate up all of my grass…” or “His children are playing in my field…”

All of these things needed to be sussed out by somebody… that was the Brahmins or those who are put in a position of power and judgment.

You can also see why that becomes the position within the power vacuum when the real Brahmins are removed.

Now, there are some characteristics of the Brahmins as we see in modern times that are pretty replete – and it’s generally the white beard.  I always say the modern Brahmin is basically Santa Clause… because the entire tradition has been taken, and then some aspects of the aesthetics of the tradition itself, have been put into another place.

So who is this Brahma? 

Where does that originally come from? 

Who can we trace it back to?

We have to start looking at symbolism.  Once you know the symbolism of Brahm, you know when Brahm is present.

Here we have the symbolism of Brahm under the King Murugan (Brahm is also synonymous with King).  Murugan has a six-pointed star representing his six faces, and this started way before anything like Judaism began.

This is why I say King David had nothing to do with this star – because this culture is no older than three thousand years.  Tops.

While this Tamil culture is at least seven to ten thousand years farther back.  You know which one preceded the other.  Now, you have people in the modern cultures or entire religions using this symbolism, and not actually giving any credit to the originators of the system.

So, what are the Brahmins doing specifically with the ancient system of spiritual ascendance in the chakras and the colors of the chakras?

Again, I guess we’re going to have to say the “Fake Brahmins” versus “Real Brahmins.”  It helps.

The fake brahmins – they’ve rewritten all the religions, including your Bibles and your Qur’āns.  They implemented caste systems, basing rank on the color of skin, rather than on spiritual ascendance… The list goes on and on about how they changed the spiritual system in any way they could for it not to reflect the truth.

They externalized the knowledge that was originally internalized.

That’s one of the big keys to this – the externalization.  Now there needs to be an external show or appeal of the power.  To say you have power means to rule over a lot of people.  To say you are wealthy is to have a bunch of gold… versus power back in the day, meant that you had control of your Kundalini, you could go into other expanses, and that you could activate the Siddhis.

Back in the day, to say you have wealth and abundance would mean that you had the ability to create children – you had lots of fruit.

Now, abundance is money in the bank that has no value in the ancient setting.  We can see how these fake Brahmins came in and set up the banking system – they set up all of these external systems that try to measure us based on external things, like the skin color.

Basically, everything became external…  everything began to have a dependency on technology.

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