Veganism: The Path to DNA Activation and Heart Chakra Healing

Wholeness & Balanced Vibrations, Tribe!

The word “VEGAN” is catching on with mainstream media. But what does it all mean? What does it mean for those on the Spiritual path of Self-Realization and healing?
In this blog we’ll show you the many types of Veganism and how each one of them is a step further to the previous one in terms of reaching new levels of consciousness, and it’s incredible effects on healing the Heart Chakra through compassion and love.

First we’ll go over the different types of Veganism from “good, better, best” and then we’ll jump right into their effects on Consciousness, Healing the Chakra & the enormous impact it has on our home; Earth.

NOTE: Some types of Veganism may seem “EXTREME” towards you if you aren’t aware of them … do not discard these options if you’re starting your path of self-realization like everything… it’s a process…ok?… let’s begin!  

The Synopsis

There are three basic diets:

  • the carnivorous diet, which includes meat;
  • the herbivorous diet, which excludes meat and focuses on plant-based foods; and
  • the omnivorous diet, which includes both meat and plant-based foods.

We humans are taught that we are omnivores capable of eating both raw and cooked foods, but there is some sleight of hand in this teaching, because we humans also created the process of cooking. This raises the question of how and what humans ate before cooking was discovered.

The practice of veganism provides some answers. Vegans are strict herbivores who make a conscious choice not to consume meat, nor to buy or use products derived from animals.
Vegans take literally the old saying, “You are what you eat, “ which is why they avoid consuming the energies of dead animals.

By contrast, in the world of mass production and consumption of chicken legs and pigs’ feet, people who consume these products often do so without asking how the animals that provided them were slaughtered.

This is especially the case now that the butchering of animals has become a mechanical process that is very different from traditional slaughter methods, such as kosher or halal killings, which are done with “mercy” (if any such death could be considered merciful). Watch this video about halal slaughter and consider for yourself if this method is done with mercy.

In the world of fast food, consumers have been desensitized to not ask themselves, “What am I eating?” when under the influence of the marketing of global fast-food chains. When animals are slaughtered by mechanical means, they die in fear and release toxic chemicals into their bloodstreams which pollute their organs and cannot be washed or cooked away by the consumer. This is why the health-conscious consumer must be aware of this state before they consume animal-based proteins.

Like many people who consider themselves “health-conscious,” many vegans avoid GMO-based foods (in addition to avoiding animal foods), pay close attention to the quality of ingredients, and look out for ingredients like oils, refined salts, and sugars. Being considerate about the sacredness of life, vegans make a conscious choice to find an alternative to animal proteins.

There are two basic types of vegans: raw vegans and vegans who consume cooked foods. In this article, we will examine these two basic types, as well as several other types along a spectrum.

Junk Food Vegans

Junk food vegans are usually people who are transitioning out of eating animal products and finding a balance within their diet. This group will eat foods that are packaged and might not pay too much attention to the types of oils, salts, or preservatives used to create the food.

Diet Ranking for Consciousness: “OK”

Cooked Food Vegans

This group consumes 65-100% of their food cooked — their diet consists of cooked plants, seeds, nuts, flour, soups, etc. There are some drawbacks to this kind of diet, because consuming cooked foods means consuming denatured enzymes and proteins, and cooking also lowers the chlorophyll content in green vegetables. However, this diet still allows for the quick absorption of nutrients and makes digestion and elimination time faster than they would be on a diet like the Standard American Diet (SAD). Junk food is generally avoided in this diet, and one looks to have a more whole-food, balanced diet.

Diet Ranking for Consciousness: “Good”

Alkaline Vegans

People on this diet avoid acid-forming foods and only consume foods that are alkaline. Historically, this diet has been beneficial in keeping kidney stones from forming and has been known to prevent urinary tract infection from forming. This diet is not the easiest one of the diets, because to maintain it one must constantly test their urine and know the nutritional profile of everything they consume in order to maintain a balanced alkaline pH.

In controlled scientific experiments in which herbivores were fed a meat-based diet, urine analyses indicated that the subjects’ pH levels went from alkaline to acidic. It is known that cancer cells thrive at acidic pH levels, so in order to reverse cancer the key is in reversing the pH. This can be done by monitoring one’s own urine output and maintaining a herbivorous/vegan diet.

Diet Ranking for Consciousness: “Better” 

Raw Food Vegans

This kind of vegan consumes 100% of their food raw. They avoid fried, baked, or boiled foods and only consume live foods whose integrity has not been denatured by heat. Raw foods carry a robust nutritional profile full of enzymes, proteins, minerals, and readily available vitamins.

Those who base their diets on raw food digest and eliminate quicker than those who consume cooked, processed, or animal foods. Digestion exacts a heavy toll on the body’s energy reserves, but the raw vegan has more energy to do other things when they push away from the dinner table. This is because their diet allows them to fulfill the body’s energy requirements more efficiently than most other diets do.

Diet Ranking for Consciousness: “Best” 

Can you believe this is a raw vegan cake? How delicious does this beautiful rainbow of nutritious ingredients look!?

Fruit-Based Vegans (Fruitarians)

Fruit-based vegans are those who base their diet mostly on raw fruits, with a small amounts of leafy greens, nuts, and seeds. People who base their diets on fruits should be encouraged to use supplements because the body burns through the caloric energy of fruits very quickly, which increases hunger. Over-consumption of fruit may cause over-consumption of too much sugar, which can put one at risk of diabetes, protein deficiency, and other nutrient deficiencies. To counteract these risks, the practitioner must perfect a balancing act by using nuts, sprouted seeds, and various supplements.

Diet Ranking for Consciousness: “Adept” 

Veganism and the Light Body

The activated light body needs light-based foods in order to maintain its integrity on the path to awaken higher states of consciousness. Following a vegan lifestyle can significantly aid the seeker along the path, because when toxic foods are avoided, cellular vibrations are allowed to reach a peak.

Language fails to describe this peak state. This lack of words is similar to how a pre-verbal child cannot articulate to an adult how clean it feels until it wets itself. Following a vegan lifestyle allows the seeker to cultivate and enjoy a sense of inner cleanliness that is difficult to convey to those who do not cultivate their diets. In this state, the body has the least amount of acidic and toxic residue left over from digestion and elimination.
A cleansed body and an alkaline diet allows the body to be highly conductive, more oxygenated, better nutrient absorbtion at a cellular level. Hence more awareness, mindfulness present, and allows the soul to express itself through a purified vessel that can work at full potential like it was originally design for.

Benefits of a clean body/diet are, like mentioned above:

  • Highly conductive
  • Expanded awareness
  • Ability to remain balanced instantly
  • Better left and right brain hemisphere communication
  • Stable emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually
  • Able to sustain high levels of current/energy
  • Lucid dreaming
  • Clairvoyance
  • Telepathy
  • Full chakra activation
  • Third eye abilities
  • Astral projection

Why Is This Important?

The vegan seeks to live a life that is light in karmic imprint while still participating in a world that is, among other things, desensitized to the mass imprisonment of animals and considers it a normal practice for a growing civilization — from bees colonized in man-made hives to cattle ranches, chicken farms, and the deforestation of the Amazon to house animals for consumption.

Consider these facts: A full-grown cow is more than nine times bigger than a full-grown man. The nutritional profile for milk was altered to grow a being that will reach that size or more. The impacts can be seen with some simple math: take what one cow digests and eliminates and multiply it by the hundreds of cows in one farm, and then multiply that by the number of farms in one country.

You can see how greatly the result contributes to the wide distribution of CO2 emissions on our planet. Science has confirmed that this emission of CO2 outweighs the amount of CO2 that cars emit every year. This makes the rearing and consumption of cattle more damaging to our planet than most of us would like to think. We also need to rethink the implications of jungle deforestation to feed our desires for milk, eggs, and other animal-derived foodstuffs.

In a world of drive-throughs and food delivery services, consumers are inevitably desensitized to the effects of their choice of food — food that they themselves do not have to hunt, kill, and prepare. Also, most people are made ignorant of the amount of food and water that is rationed to feed one cow. This same ration can feed hundreds, or even thousands, of people a year. This reallocation of resources can greatly defuse the global issues of world hunger and deforestation. Each profitable quarterly statement that companies selling animal products report greatly contributes to the deprivation of land, pollution of air and water, and the ongoing deforestation epidemic.

Given the environmental impacts of CO2 emissions, trees are our only hope of balancing out the equation. We have the power to reduce our contribution, financial and otherwise, to the growth of these corporations — which are more interested in profits than in healing our planet — by not patronizing or using their products.

Many of us have adopted our eating habits from our families and other social interactions throughout our lives, but humanity’s original diet stems from a rich, fertile environment where rain and sunshine are abundant.

The secret to the story of human development is in our alignment to our original diet. By aligning our diets closer to this original diet, we align ourselves closer to the universal heartbeat of the Universe. The more we deviate from it, the more we reprogram our DNA to mortal codes that spell “Death Now Active,” versus our birthright of “Deity Now Active.”

The choice is ours to make as we become aware of the choices we have. Due to psychology-based marketing, addictions, and social engineering, the so-called “Standard American Diet” (aptly abbreviated “SAD”) has been widely accepted for so long that we think it is our choice and the best choice for our human design.

Those who “go with the flow” and accept the SAD do not realize how destructive it is to their well-being on the micro-scale and to the well-being of our Mother Earth on the macro-scale. Most people participate in this diet because they accept it as an ingrained cultural practice, while not realizing that it originated in a time when humanity was in a state of environmentally, socially, or politically agitated poverty. A major solution to the health problems caused by diets like the SAD is to replace animal proteins with edible, plant-based proteins such as legumes, nuts, seeds, grains, algae, spirulina, and even mushrooms.


Now that you’ve read this description of veganism, how are you going to put the knowledge into action?

What can you do to reduce your contribution to deforestation and CO2 emissions?

How can making these adjustments enhance your spiritual path and journey of self realization?

Now that you know not only that “you are what you eat,” but what you eat could be eating YOU, what actions could you take to improve your diet, right here and now?

Which one of the vegan diets described can you see yourself actually implementing?

For those who have already been on these diets, how do you feel that these diets have effected your consciousness and ability to stay balanced?

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