As we pull back the thick outer film of this reality we find a geometric language with the purpose of making invisible sound and light a stable foundation that we can plant our seeds and grow our memories. The true purpose of life dictated by our Ancient Ancestors is to learn this code embedded in nature and then use it to manifest our own world after we depart from this realm which is a room in the Universe’s University of the highest order. Even now our current staging ground is our dreams, a place that whatever we can imagine becomes our instant experience and the only limitation is your imagination. Now the next chapter of your existence is a bit clearer, control your dreams and when departing here you will be in control forever. Crack the Code to the Matrix. #sevanbomar #secretenergy #thecodetothematrix

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The Last Harvest

The documentary ‘The Last Harvest’ follows scientists and farmers who are trying to find out how to reverse some of the worst damage done to the earth in the form of desertification, soil erosion, soil contamination, biodiversity loss, loss of organic matter and soil sealing.

Fighting Deforestation On Borneo

Deforestation on Borneo is a huge environmental problem. Illegal logging has destroyed more than 90% of the Borneo’s jungles.

How Are We Impacting Our Planet?

The impact of human activity on our planet has surpassed all natural and geological forces. What could climate change adaptation look like?

Bird Sounds Visualized

A bird doesn’t sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song.”~ Joan Walsh Anglund

The sound of the chirping birds or even nature for that matter is soothing for the senses and nourishing for the soul.  Every morning I hear the Robin Magpie singing at dawn and it brings a feeling of peace and tranquility and makes my heart sing. 

Studies have shown that exposure to bird songs reduces psychological stress, help counter the ill effects of human noise, restore alertness and brings us closer to nature. 

If you are a nature or bird lover, you will resonate with the work of Australian artist Andy Thomas.  He combines recordings of birdsong with 3D animation to create digital sound sculptures, he calls them “audio life forms”.  As the term implies, these gorgeous creations look like the sounds they represent and react accordingly.  He takes photos of plants and insects and blends them with artificially created forms in various 3D programs. 

Thomas explained, “I wanted the visual structure of this sound to reflect the gum trees that the bird lived in.  I like the idea of the natural forms and colors of the gum leaves having an influence on how the sound looks, as though the bird and its call are truly at one with the plants, and how strange it is that a computer is trying to emulate it.”


Grey Strike Thrush

Nightingale and Canary

The Crow

Thomas’ work is a perfect fusion of nature and technology, adding another dimension to the melodious songs of nature!

You can see more of his stunning nature creations on his site.




Bruce Lipton – Great Keynote on Mind Over Matter

Hands down, this is one of the most inspiring and detailed Bruce Lipton lecture out there. Mind Over Matter teaches about presence in the moment that creates conscious living and debunks some of the most common misconceptions of modern medicine.

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