If everything is opposite to what we think we would live backwards and confused through our existence and this is what you see happening. Unraveling the mysteries of the true Cabala means we rewind to the times before the tower of Babel, the time when we are together.


Finally, a power that cowers the evil forces spreading through the land! Hint: It’s inside of you.
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Somehow the marketers have caught on to the fact that its community that we all truly desire. To find our kin, our ilk, our Tribe is wired into the fiber of our DNA and as if a wall has fallen conscious products, courses and applications are sprouting up everywhere! This is what we want right?

Some may find themselves saying, not exactly, and the reason is there is now an emulation of consciousness that has become so precise at knowing our lingo and our swag and what we gravitate to it has thoroughly infiltrated our social experience. Because I’m “conscious” I’m now forced to watch a slew of commercials before even my own YouTube videos from some guru claiming that if I join I get community.

Consciousness is now trending and it comes with its own typography, style, and angel from heaven look all too easy to replicate by the marketers scrambling for a share of a 3.72 trillion market.

The interesting thing about all of these advertisers is they actually don’t have communities, they have landing pages. You see creating an online Conscious Social Media Network is far from an easy matter and it has prohibitive costs for marketers especially if its successful. It requires that they actually connect with people, answer questions, and deal with the sea of technical difficulties it takes to run a website in the wild wild west. They must create content, curate that content, all the while continuously pursuing their own personal growth.

These simple facts mean that beyond Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram the conscious community really has no place that they can say is specifically dedicated to them despite they make up a $3.72 Trillion target market. It even gets more interesting when you see how much some factions are grossing monthly by offering “conscious content”. Let’s try upwards of $30 million a year and yet we don’t even have one online school for conscious children with a metaphysical curriculum that is free.

Gaia boasts a cool 50 million in annual profits to shareholders.

So the conscious collective is actually suffering from the same predatory behavior that exists within the world of capitalism but now it bats the eyelashes and says Namaste. The reason we need our own ecosystem is not something that actually has to be argued its something we all want to see developed. The great thing is we have spent the last 10 years existing as a real conscious co-creation that those who are looking for truth and genuine connection resonate with. A place that is concerned about your future after the retreat or after the course. We built the conscious social network already now we ask that you assist us in scaling it into an ecosystem.

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We will begin the real master build here on the rock, check tonight’s pre-recorded premier here: Tomorrow at 11:00 AM I will follow up with a Q&A on YouTube Live to continue restoring the power to our Ancestors who are Us! #sovereignty2020



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When you are done with the lies, then you can enjoy living as the Truth.
black /blak/
The same root produced Old English blac “bright, shining, glittering, pale; The usual Old English word for “black” was sweart (see swart).
According to OED: “In ME. it is often blac, blak, blake, meaning ‘pale, colourless, wan, livid.’
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Facebook Restricts cryptocurrency advertising yet develops their own. Peter Thiel gave Zuck the first $500K to start Facebook after starting Paypal with ElonMusk. Peter also gave Vitalik Buterin $100K through Founders Fund to start Ethereum. Peter also has interests in the Shapeshift App, Jaxx Wallet, Uber, Lfyt, Asana, SpaceX, and many others. See Cruchbase. Most importantly he also owns Palantir, the weapons-grade strong A.I. now used by the military and police departments. Peter develops the A.I. that Elon says he is trying to protect the world from with his biological A.I. Integration called Neuralink which just raised another $50 million! I’m sure most people are too busy arguing with their family or friends over petty emotional squabbles while the entire construct is set to change so drastically by 2020; if not prepared they will miss the days they did not cherish and utilize to the fullest all the joy and love we still have. We started Sovereignty Mentorship to keep you in the Gnosis. Enroll Today @sovereignty2020

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Elements that Activate  We have 8 billion precious Souls in a world of selfish capitalist and sociopaths. In this scenario, we are challenged to look deep within and manifest an alternate future of quantum solutions into the present. We answer the call for the development of spiritual offense and defense against disharmonic frequencies.
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