Syncretism; it’s the art of searching for the fiber the unifies all things. In its discovery, we hope to find the purpose of everything and how we came about. While we may be far off from itemizing everything in a language, we exist in an organism that doesn’t need to. It is a map.

The Path back to Self if actually traced in the stars. For every human there is not only light there is also an orbit. Ennealogy gives you the metrics that allow you to chart your course in order to reach your peak potential by strengthening your intellect, physicality, and metaphysical stability.

Where did we get this wisdom?

Simply put, from Us. Over a decade ago we thought it would be uniquely valuable to document our collective spiritual progression. After thousands of engagements that involve answers, synchronicities, and metamorphosis we found a pattern that spans into 9 Archetypes. We call it Ennealogy.

If you could imagine the precision of Astronomy, the systematics of Human Design, and the antiquity of the Laws of Change blended with a neural network with a dataset of thousands of spiritual events accounted by real truth Seekers you have this design now in view.

The 9 Archetypical Manifestations In Ennealogy

Where do I find it?

We intend to make full spectrum custom expansion available in every language for every resonate Being ready to journey on the Path back to Self. Ennealogy is an integration found within the Mindful App that allows consistent progress and accountability of one’s own spiritual journey over a lifetime. You will not only progress through your own Path, after completion if desired you will begin the ultimate journey of learning all archetypes and their form of communication to bring upon total Self-mastery.

Can I use it now?

Currently, an Alpha version of Ennealogy training is running as a part of Sovereignty Mentorship which you can join now. We plan to scale Ennealogy rapidly with the addition of the Soul Coach Mentorship program.


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The following clip has been taken from the Secret Energy Sovereignty Program. If you like what you’ve heard and you found it inspirational we recommend that you join Ambassador Training.

In addition, if you want to know more about our conscious ecosystem that we are developing you can check us out at fund.secretenergy.com and you can see how we are implementing metaphysical technologies to bring greater levels of unity. Wholeness

The Code; All is Self:

The code is not written in a language, it’s written in signs. Once you focus your eye, the signs you start having are true. God, which is you, uses reality as a glove to talk to you, so all plants, animals, electronics, anything, and everything can be a conduit of communication to you from your Higher Self. Your lens needs to be focused.

* The eye, dualism, and illusion:
In the cornea, as you zoom in, is in perfect hexagrams. There’s already a field built over the eye. In occultism, they say there’s a world of illusion, this is how it takes place. You’re not looking from the front of the eye, but from the back of the eye. So in certain tenses, you’re not in yourself, you’re in the projection of yourself. Only 2-3% of people in the world are at the level of getting this knowledge. If you comprehend this it does bring the answer to the question. It’s an energy that gets answered.

We try out these probable futures in our consciousness based on our experience which is our knowledge. We are God’s eye projecting our own realities. Don’t become entangled in the dualism of powerful knowledge. To be a Master, you must be able to transcend the dualistic view that fire is greater than ice when both are actually extremes.

* The film of reality:
The fabric in the film of reality, the skin, is a shiny illusion, a projection made of light. It first starts off as our energy. We are doing this in our minds, we are projecting our energy into a convex spear (our eye), and focusing most of our power into being able to project/see what’s around us. The noise, the distractions around us in daily life are interruptions keeping our “blind” eye from seeing. When you close your eyes there’s even more to think about.

* The Beast/Human Body:
The Beast is a reference to the human body being created from different parts of animals and lifeforms. When we use that body we are living in the form of the beast. We are in a reality where we are acting out our animal side. We are in our animal form. This is how you know, take the body in sections, break it down into smaller parts, match it up to the animal parts and they are identical.

* Be the Joker; Be the Light:
Vibrate above the speed of Light. Get into the top half of the hour glass. The top half is the real half, the bottom half is the by-product. There is no sunset for the sun. The top half is projecting, the bottom half is remembering. They say people that turn back, turn into stone. What this means is keep moving forward, keep raising your vibration, don’t look back into the past for that is the beast. You pay with the pain, take on the parenting role of yourself, know thyself and learn how to take the light. The joker is more powerful than all the gods. Beyond the laughter, in the transitional phase, you reach something so much more beyond. The joker can always crack a joke in any serious situation and change everything. Be free and flexible with joking and serious energies. We build a raft, a safety net when we come together in a balanced way.

* Reincarnation; Let go to get out:
If you want to work with the higher consciousness of your being, work with the lights of your consciousness, those lights are the same lights that are projecting your dreams. When you close your eyes, you see another world. If you are asking “Why am I here?”, it is because you believe in this world so much, this is the one you keep thinking about, so you keep coming back to. When you become wise, you put childish things away. Step back, relax, and stay balanced.

You have to be willing to let it go. If you can always be willing to let it go, you can have it all. But at any point you try to hold it, it builds up on you. Encourage everything around you to be responsible for its energy, keep a high vibration. Don’t deal with time loops. Arguments are division, it pulls you into the past. In this lack of awareness, you’d be arguing with all the projections that you’re creating. And that’s when you know you’re creating if you decide to walk away. If you had the balls to walk away, it’d all be over.

We still remain in ultimate power, with our hand over the killswitch. If you so choose you could leave the body if you wanted to. See the world from the throne of your consciousness. Ultimate power is in the hands of yours truly, which is YOU. You are the jewel, so love and respect yourself.


The 5 Laws of a Spiritual Relationship

There are massive developments underway right now to ensure you reach the limitless, however, if you are not cautious you can miss the boat and may have to wait next life for it to return. 

This quick briefing of THE 5 LAWS OF A SPIRITUAL RELATIONSHIP  written by Sevan Bomar reminds you to observe these gems when handling your spiritual relationships.  Following this wisdom is the key to staying synchronistic and in tune with your progressive expansion.


The Divine Feminine and Masculine forces have existed standing on their own since time memorial.  The old paradigm seeks to create dependencies between these two forces in the physical reality when in actuality what we call male and female both have a positive, negative, and neutral.  This means they are equal when they reach balance internally and not before then.


Possession leads to unhappiness, nothing belongs to you or owes you, that is all a part of the old paradigm since if something does not obey your commands or please you, it will then have the effect of throwing you off balance and stealing your energy.  Remaining free flowing and lite to reach fulfillment and not regret is a supreme goal.


Remove yourself from arguments or distorted energy exchanges.  In a relationship, an argument means there is a force driving a wedge between your connection with Self.  When you are arguing you spend the energy or currency needed to fuel your projections.  This leads to being out of sync and missing your calling.

Always be mindful of your energy transfers and keep abundant.


Know that what governs whether we are accelerating or decaying is our resonance.  When you are “vibing” in a relationship the forces are building through their harmonics, however, when one energetic field falls too far out of, phase separation will occur.  Each person is responsible for maintaining the collective field which governs the status of their connection.


Yes, we are not the body, but we are in the body.  This means the laws of nature apply and the cosmic forces will attempt to have sway over the consciousness.  Realizing this allows you to make the adjustments and compensate for the imbalances.  Always make a note of the cosmic weather, be it new moon, full moon, or equinox, to ensure you are navigating with the awareness of the energetic tides and their effects on the human organism.

Look into the Metaphysical aspects of how energy works on an entirely new level with these dynamic courses. 

Vibratory Energetics Semester 1


Vibratory Energetics Semester 2


Check out the link below if you want to take the deep dive and join the Innerversity for complete access to both semesters:




Sevan Bomar – The Exact Location Of Hell

In this episode Sevan Bomar talks about:


Being grateful for what we already have

How some of us are used to demoralizing ourselves


The process of Transcendence

Carbon structure/the cube

Geometric structures of the metaphysical bodies

The Diamond body

How to transmute lower energies

The gift of life

Appearance vs Character

Just remember everything you are looking for is hidden behind your fears.

To get the full upload Join the Innerversity!




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