The Meaning of Honoring Our Ancestors

Presence is being aware and giving credit to the magic of life for what it truly is… PURE MAGIC!

The essence of honoring:

Being conscious about the Sentience of our body even in its seed form.
For example, our physical hands function like dream implosion; we use our hands to manifest the idea from the invisible to come into this plane.

We can see that this process of creation is slowed down magic because when we take a timelapse of a before and after picture, it shows an invisible idea coming to life through us.

Our mind has to practice this way of perceiving reality in order to get into a meditative state of being.

This simple insight has a deep meaning.

Creating an inner spiral instead of a circle, so that our energy is able to circulate and breathe, building our way towards efficiency and effectiveness.

Honoring is allowing our ancestors to come alive through us from the depths of our inner waters when we match our/their wavelength by tuning ourselves like a musical instrument playing the ancestral song.

As to when it comes down to the building blocks of all… the elements are photonic sound connecting with oneself; coming into the knowledge that we are the ancestor by creating a gathering of ancestor’s spirit in our external (as well as the internal environment) we come in full force and our influence in ether becomes more lucid.

Honoring our soul, our ancestors, our essence of life, and existence itself, by being mindful of the lesson which is the experience of life itself.

Seeing life as a big initiation where all events are like classes at the innerversity of soul seed expansion where our elemental crystal gets transmuted into more pure states of elements.

Tuning ourselves to the vibe of purity where the more perfected versions of our ancestors exist, because we can honor distorted ancestors too… and then we give that power.

When we perfect our water crystal, by applying advanced self-healing techniques, (such as thermodynamics-superconducting-piezoelectric current) imploding our torus and amplifying our light…

so our spirit ancestors embody us more through being the purest example of vibration that we can be to our children and parents…

so that their inner light can start to absorb our light and we are able to heal and remember on multiple spectrums (depending on where oneself is at on the path towards self-mastery).

We can then re-align with our ancestors who are trapped in illusionary dream realms (which are in a way very real – a paradox),  implode the dream realm and gain more soul current placing intentions on fertile ground, on a grid or at least an altar, where our advanced elders then have an easier time to do their thing.

They hold ground as they are mountains.

When we imagine and meditate on the element while looking at the double-mirror image, to really sit with the essence of what is behind the physical appearance, creating a real bond with the core spirit totem pole. 

This is what it is to honor our ancestors, celebrate life, and embody our magic.

Written by Ambassador Sven N.



How to Lucid Dream Tonight Using the Best Sacred Herbs

Many dreamers I know are able to navigate their dream world with an impeccable awareness that they are dreaming.  One can even ask dream characters helpful questions about their life and actively seek out information in the dreamscape.  This can be a profound life-changing experience!  My friends and I are capable of flying at will, gaining insightful information along the way.  

Do you want to dream more at night? 

Or do you want to experience lucid dreaming, but can’t seem to get anywhere no matter how hard you try? 

In this article, I will show you how to lucid dream tonight.

Here are 4 Sacred Herbs that have been used throughout history to help master lucid dreaming:

how to lucid dream


Wild Asparagus Root ~ Asparagus cochinchinensis

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) wild asparagus root is called “Tian Men Dong”, which translates to “Lush Winter Aerial Plant”.  It is also called Heavenly Spirit Root.  For thousands of years, this special root has been revered by Qi-gong masters, Shamans, and Tibetan Monks for its life increasing, dream-inducing and heart opening effects.

Often called “The Flying Herb”, it is said the root helps one to fly through the cosmos at night, achieving marvelous dreams.

This is also a metaphor for how prolonged use of the herb brings one’s body a lightness and buoyancy.  Ancient Chinese teachings emphasized the value of deep dream work, especially lucid dreaming.  According to traditional Chinese folk medicine, prolonged use of this special root has a particularly positive effect on opening the heart, making one more jovial and empathetic.  It is also said that the root helps dissolve or remove the contradictions that come with being human.  Mundane states are often cast away and harmony is attainedthe good, bad, yin, yang, inside and out.  

Suggested Use- This herb is best made into a tea from the freshly dried root.  Take 1-2 inches of root and simmer it in 2 cups of water for 10 minutes.  Add cream and honey for taste!  Alternatively, the freshly dried root has a gummy consistency and can be eaten raw.


Mugwort~ Artemisia vulgaris

Mugwort is a common herb found throughout the Americas, Asia, and Europe.  It has a deep history whether it be medicinal, shamanic or folkloric.  For hundreds of years, especially in the middle ages, this herb was held in high esteem to protect and ward off evil.  In Celtic and Norse mythology this plant was considered a magical boon from the gods that could be hung above doorways, burnt as an incense to prevent illness or worn on the body to protect from evil spirits.

“Even to this day, this sacred plant is used in modern Pagan, Celtic and Wiccan ceremonies.”

The Chumash Indians of California and the surrounding areas called Mugwort “Molush”, which literally translates to “Dream Plant”.  It was traditionally smoked in intricate ceremonies and hailed as a powerful ward to fend off evil, bad spirits, and disease.  This herb has a reputation of being the most well-known herb for dreaming.  Many people who use this herb report increased lucidity and prolonged dreams (that seem to last for hours).  

Mugwort can sometimes bring up darker or let’s say uncomfortable dreams.  This aspect of Mugwort is very useful as it can help people get through recurring nightmares, fears and gain confidence to face the unknown.  As these darker dreams come up, Mugwort shows us how we can face them head-on. 

This herb eventually bring us to a balanced dreamscape where we reign supreme, regaining a foothold in our own special bedtime world!

Suggested Use: Mugwort can be used in several ways.  The most common would be a nice steaming cup of tea.  Steep 1/2 tsp of herb in 2 cups of hot water for 5-7 minutes.  Add cream and honey to taste!  Mugwort tea is quite flavorful!  You can also powder the herb and put it in capsules or take it as a tincture (liquid alcohol extract).


Xhosa Dream Root~ Silene capensis

This sacred herb has been used in African folk medicine for centuries for shamanic initiation, dream divination, to promote cognition and memory.  The plant is highly regarded as a sacred teacher plant, traditionally used with respect, intention, and devotion.  The root of the plant is specially prepared to induce very vivid, prophetic lucid dreams.  This root is utilized as a catalyst during the initiation ceremonies of shamans, people finding their life’s purpose and for those that wish to be healers.

The Xhosa people have a healing modality system they call Ubulawu, which roughly translates to white ways/paths.  Many herbs are used in Ubulawu shamanic practices to enhance the dream state and improve dream memory.  In turn, this helps create a link to one’s ancestors.  Imagine an herb that not only promotes vivid dreams but also increases cognition and memory.  Well, Xhosa dream root may be just that.

Many people report that Xhosa Root greatly improves their ability to remember their dreams. 

Caution: If you already experience intense dream states, you may want to consider not using Xhosa Root, since it can intensify your nocturnal adventures quite a bit.  It can be a wonderful experience for avid dreamers, but not so much for people who are prone to having nightmares.

Suggested use: Xhosa root can be prepared by powdering the root and brewing a tea either hot or cold.  For hot tea put 1/4-1/2 tsp of root powder in 2 cups of water for 5-7 minutes.  For cold brew tea put 1/4-1/2 tsp in 2 cups of water and let sit for 24 hours before drinking.  You can also use it in tincture form (liquid alcohol extract) or put the powdered root in capsules.


Blue Lotus~ Nymphaea caerulea

Blue Lotus is a flower revered by many cultures across the globe as a sacred and holy symbol.  Not only does this special flower hold high regards due to its beauty and meaning, but its medicinal properties as well.  The Hindus consider the lotus blossom to hold the highest sacred energy and is deeply ingrained in their spiritual mythology.

This highly valued herb symbolizes non-attachment to our physical and mental worlds.  Out of the darkest places in our souls, the mud, the lotus arises, bestowing its magical blossoms for all to see.  Lotus awakens us to the potential of our highest selves. It’s the metaphor of our reunion back into oneness.  Blue Lotus has a relaxing hypnotic effect on one’s consciousness, making it great for increasing third eye activity. 

Things like meditation, visionary experiences, mystical awakenings, yogic practices, creativity, and even lucid dreaming can be cultivated using this special flower.

Suggested Use: Steep 1-2 tsp of dried blossoms in 2 cups of hot water.  Add honey and milk to taste!  Quite a lovely experience!  Alternatively, you can take a tincture of the herb if available.  Tinctures are easy to use and can be brought wherever you go.

Remember not all herbs are for everyone, so please do your research and be safe.  I suggest trying out one of these herbs at a time.  If you don’t see results, don’t knock it.  Dream herbs can be used as tonics for 5-7 days at a time, so be sure to experiment with which ones work best for you.  I wish you all the most vivid and exciting, information-packed, healing dream journeys that you could possibly have!

Aaron Weiss, Certified Herbalist – Source


What is Lucid Dreaming – A State of Consciousness or Actual Reality?

Lucid dreaming is one category of dreams that many people experience.  It occurs when the individual is dreaming and during that dream, the individual is completely aware that they are dreaming.  Some people report a low-level lucidity state where one is aware they are dreaming but not able to alter the content of the dream.  Other people have experienced high-level lucidity where one is aware they are dreaming but are also able to alter the dream and have the freedom to do whatever they desire within the dream.

Dreams are a fascinating phenomenon as they provide us with insights into a world full of experiences we cannot perceive or create in a conscious state, or can we?

Lucid dreaming is a documented phenomenon; researchers continue to explore it as it shows some very significant brain patterns and biological happenings within the body.  An example is a study conducted in 2009 at the Neurological Laboratory in Frankfurt.

Research shows how Lucid Dreamers produce the fastest brainwave frequencies ever recorded, gamma brainwaves that operate at 40Hz+.


This suggests that Lucid Dreamers are more self-aware, and are more conscious in this state than compared to even a normal state of wakefulness.

We don’t operate anywhere near that frequency (with regards to brain waves) when in our normal wakeful state, and we operate at even lower frequencies during other sleep states.  Research suggests that the existence of gamma brainwaves indicates a totally conscious experience, so the experience of being awake within a dream is a very real phenomenon. 

This begs the question, which state is actually real? 

Could what we perceive as being fully aware and awake be the real dream? 

Or are there different aspects of reality that we are jumping to and from? 

Is our ability to create our own reality easier in a state of lucid dreaming because our brain is functioning at a higher frequency? 

What would we be capable of if we were able to attain that frequency without lucid dreaming? 

Would we be able to have instant manifestations as we do in our lucid dreams?

Below is a list of brainwaves and the different frequencies they operate at:

Delta Brainwaves:  These are the most pronounced brainwaves in premature babies.  They are of a very low frequency and range from 0.5-2 Hz.

Theta Brainwaves These are at a higher frequency, typically around 4-7 Hz.  These brainwaves are characterized by light sleep, rapid eye movement sleep (REM), dreams and hallucinations.

Alpha Brainwaves:  Alpha brainwaves are even higher in frequency. Their frequency range is approximately 8-12 Hz.  These brainwaves are most prominent during relaxation, contemplation and a lack of visual stimuli.  So when you are not distracted or focused on the external world, but rather in your own zone of contemplation, relaxation, and awareness, your brain vibrates within this frequency range.

Gamma Brainwaves:  Gamma brainwaves are of the highest frequency.  They range from 40-100 Hz, the fastest documented brainwave frequencies known to man.  Gamma brainwaves are involved in higher mental activity and consolidation of information.  Operating from this frequency allows our brain to link and process information from multiple parts of the brain.  We use more of our brain when we are experiencing lucid dreaming than we do when we are fully awake.


It has been documented that Electroencephalography (EEG) dimensions in humans increase with age and time, and also throughout human evolution.  EEG is the recording of electrical activity along the scalp.  It measures voltage fluctuations resulting from ionic current flows within the neurons of the brain.  This is how they are able to measure the different brain waves and the different frequencies they dish out.

Not long ago, researchers led by Richard Davidson, a Neuroscientist at The W.M. Keck Laboratory for Functional Brain Imaging and Behavior teamed up with a number of monks and volunteers.  The Dalai Lama even dispatched eight of his most accomplished practitioners to Davidson’s lab to have them hooked up for EEG testing and brain scanning. 

These monks come from traditions of meditation for an estimated 10,000 to 50,000 hours, over time periods of 15 to 40 years.  The monks were fitted with a set of 256 electrical sensors and asked to meditate for short periods, and Davidson was particularly interested in measuring gamma waves, the highest frequency and most important known electrical brain impulses.  The results showed that the electrodes picked up much greater activation of fast moving and usually powerful gamma waves in the monks.  The movement of the waves through the brain were far better organized and coordinated.  

Researchers suggest that the very existence of this synchronized gamma indicates that a consciousness experience is occurringThe gamma wave state is the most sensitive than any other state of consciousness measurable.  Gamma brainwaves are associated with intelligence, compassion, self-control, and feelings of natural joy.

So what can we take away from these discoveries?

The fact that brain activity during the lucid dreaming experience radiates a gamma frequency is extremely significant.  It shows us that our brain is vibrating at a higher frequency, and functioning at a more clear, coherent and higher state of consciousness than it is when we are awake.  Although the size of the human brain has remained unchanged for 200,000 years, brain wave frequency and states of consciousness have changed over time.  Humans seem to increase the brainwave frequency, and operate at different brainwave states as we continue our journey forward.  Imagine a race vibrating at the same frequency as one does in a meditative state, constantly illustrating the gamma brainwave state.  The presence of gamma brainwaves illustrates that the people who experience high-level lucid dreaming are having a totally conscious experience, within the “dream world”.

Who is to say that when we are lucid dreaming we are not experiencing an alternate reality that just operates at a higher frequency? 

Maybe higher frequency states allow us to access alternative timelines, other dimensions or aspects of reality.  There are many questions that dreaming, and more specifically lucid dreaming brings to the forefront of our time.  Very little is understood about the phenomenon, but what we do understand is that our dreams allow us to create our reality at a specific frequency.  As quantum physics continues to elaborate on how consciousness directly shapes our physical/material world, imagine what possibilities exist in a reality resonating in the gamma frequency or higher.  The human race’s potential is limitless!



Unlimited Abundance Thru Dream Yoga

 The ancient Tibetan practice of dream yoga is designed to give you access to dream consciousness in waking reality, which has the effect of powerfully expanding your spiritual awareness.  Many people say their lives are so busy that they don’t have time for meditation. Yet every living being must sleep.  During sleep time, we don’t schedule meetings or have appointments to keep.  The time is ours and is usually subject to the mindless, random chaos of our undisciplined minds.  We spend nearly one-third of our life sleeping and dreaming.  That means that if we live to be ninety, we would have spent thirty years of our life asleep. 

Can you imagine what it would mean if you were able to understand what is going on during those lost years of your life and to tap that mental power and creativity as a source of spiritual awakening?

In many of the great wisdom traditions of the world, there are traditions of “dream yoga” meditations that cultivate a sense of lucid wakefulness within the dream state.  The profound practices of Tibetan dream yoga blend the lucid clarity of mindful presence with the boundless creativity of the mind to create unlimited abundance in your life.  And they combine elements of creative, reflective, and receptive meditation practices. 

Before you go to sleep, hold the clear intention to wake up and be conscious within your dreams.  In some Native American traditions, dreamers are advised to remember to look at their hands within a dream or to raise their hands to the sky in a prayer for rain to bless the earth.  Holding this simple intent is a good place to begin a dream yoga practice.


During mindless daily life, we seldom look deeply enough into our perceptions, conceptions, and projections to recognize that our selective attention, biases, preconceptions, and assumptions are actually weaving together to construct our experience.  Properly understood as expounded in the philosophy of Tibetan dream yoga, our ordinary life is seen to be a waking dream subject to many of the same conditions of our sleeping dreams.

Learning to wake up within our dreams, and see and understand deeply and clearly what is going on, can be a profound path of awakening. 

As Thoreau said, “Our truest life is when we are in our dreams awake”.

Ask yourself, How do I know what reality is”?




This article has been reposted with permission from Conscious Lifestyle Magazine.   You can read the original article here:

Dream Yoga: Ancient Tibetan Practices For Tapping Into Dream Consciousness During Waking Reality



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