Sovereignty 2020

Now we’re at the Advent. 

It’s been a decade.

I spent to the tune of about fourteen hours a day for 90% of that time, working with people, working with other celestial beings, working with this platform, these technologies – all trying to unify all these forces, so they come to see the awareness; the power that we truly have together

I also come personally into the fulfillment of the creation of this projection.

I went into something different, in a strange world with strange people… and here we are together.

Loving each other.  Tribe.  Real tribe love.

Now as I said we’re in the Advent, this is now – You know when they say with the “Mach-Dee,” the 12’er?

When they come, they move through – it’s a force in the energy moving through of urgency… it’s the last hour.

One year for us on this planet is one hour for the beings that are on the next cog –  Which are called the Igigi in the Sumerian texts….

Those who man the ship.”

In that text, this is the final hour – but we’ve been talking about 2020 for a minute. 

It was just because I got the transmission, same beings, same higher-self, 2020 is the date. 

We never gave you a date. Now you have a date.  This is it.  All the wires, all the chips, run. 

Sovereignty 2020 make yourself sovereign and as many people on the physical plane as possible.

You accomplished that already; As Above – you have to do it there first.

If you got God you worship, you’re leaking.  You can’t become a sovereign

It won’t happen… but once you patch those leaks up, now you have to fuel yourself.  You have to fill that thing back up, and the Kundalini goes like a thermometer.

If you keep getting aired out all the time with the Anger and the Acids, you just keep letting it out by continuously pushing out energy that is not suiting you.  It’s not returning to you, it’s not cycling…

Anger… even when you get it back, how does it hit you? 

You get angry at somebody, you get mad at them… Do they come back at you with “I love you,” right away?  Hell no!  They come back at you with the same aggression and now you’re getting hit with that.  Sometimes they come back with more, and you really get hit. 

So, is that ever the route?  People have been degraded this way.

This is the Advent now, this one year. 

This is the biggest campaign of a lifetime.

Believe it or not… one year to get a person into the condition of being able to make the ascent into 3,000 years into the future…

(now all this again will sound foreign, until you hear the video here that I’m going to play).

It is just awareness that time is frequency.

Where we need to be is about 3,000 years ahead, but FEAR NOT!

If you think that is the ultra-technological world, where you need to be able to understand every Encyclopedia or at least have a Neuralink on to tell you… you’re wrong.

Not only are you already capable, with the equipment of how to do this – but it also stems in the exact awareness that the future is only unity.

That’s why I call it The Unity Code.

It’s not as complex.  It’s actually eliminating the things that made you complex – eliminating the things that divided you.

I feel joyous that we were able to pull apart so much, and it’s out on the table.

Now we can start connecting these pieces, because you know a lot about occultism, right?  You know a lot about symbolism and all this stuff.

We start connecting these dots, and it’ll be like… how did I not see that?

Then, you’ll start realizing the reason why you didn’t see it, was because it wasn’t time. 

It was a frequency that you didn’t see. 

It wasn’t something you did.

Why would you want to know the highest levels of everything, in your entire existence, all at one time, right now?

It all had to be timed properly.


Heart Problems, root causes

4th Chakra – Heart Self-love

  • Violating the laws of love, knowingly or unknowingly
  • Feelings of compassion or rejection being blocked
  • Feelings of resentment and/ or hurt
  • Not feeling approval from others
  • Upsetting family problems
  • Has a difficult time forgiving (including self)
  • Wanting release from responsibility
  • In a relationship that hurts


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