Kali and the Perfect Black

We’re going to get into the misinterpretations of Kali or the Kali Yuga.

Krishna called it “the Kali Yuga” because it is an age of ignorance, darkness, and wildness.

First, we need to define certain commonly-used words, like “solemn” … “Salaam” (“alaikum”) … “Jeru-SALEM.”  – These words mean “darkness,” contrary to what they’re commonly thought to mean.  They mean the Sun is setting or going down over the ocean, and darkness is about to ensue.

The word Jerusalem doesn’t mean “the city of peace.”  Unless “peace” is innerstood according to my original etymology (piece) – meaning not whole, divided, and split.

Jerusalem is called “the city of peace”, but there’s never been peace.  Never… because it’s not the city of peace.  It’s actually the city of darkness.  The city was constructed by people, given grants abroad, who were part of other cultures but could claim they were Jewish people… i.e. Russian Jews, Polish Jews, etc.  They were given an opportunity to come live in the desert so they could create this new nation.

This new nation started getting a lot of spiritual connections tied to it that are completely false.  As we go continue further, we see the falsehood.  All the ideas of peace never actually occur.  All the ideas of connection and unity are not what that city really embodies.

If you live in a land, and you bring about hatred, anger, and envy, it will become dry.  Same as if you’re around a woman, and you bring hatred, anger, and envy out of a harmonic woman, she will leave — you will find your place barren.  If she engages in it, her womb will become barren.  It’s important to remember the physical conditions behind these mental and spiritual conceptions, which you can see in our world today.  

The worshipers of Kali wear black, and pretend they’re about peace – really, they’re about darkness and death.  

That’s our entry point into innerstanding Kali – the side of Kali that’s about inversion.  We also need to interpret the difference between the perfect black versus darkness/distortion.

Remember Osiris, who is actually Murugan?  It’s said that he’s “the lord of the perfect black.”

The Perfect Black is like the consciousness of a child in the stage where it knows nothing… which is akin to ignorance.  If the word “ignorance” didn’t have so many bad connotations associated with it (that we’ve created through our linguistic system), we would innerstand more balanced.

When a person is in a stage of not knowing, they’re in a stage of darkness – as if they have not exited the womb yet.  Because of this, they are wild – meaning they don’t consider what they’re doing while they’re doing it… and this is the ignorance signified with the symbol of Kali.

Kali is also The Eye of Ra in the Kemetian system.

This eye was developed because Ra thought the Egyptians were plotting, and he needed to create something to spy on them.

In the traditional sense, this is the beginning phase or the base pillar of creating anything.  It must be wild and ignorant.  The reason why it’s called perfect is that anything it does that we as enlightened beings consider wrong… it didn’t do intentionally.

It’s without thought, and that’s why it’s “perfect black.”

For clarity, to be perfect black is to be like a child who is not aware of anything they’re doing… there’s nothing premeditated going on.  Even if they kick another person off the roof and laugh – it’s because they’re so innocent.  They don’t know whether they’re doing right or wrong; that is the only way you can maintain perfect black and is the real state of Kali.

Now, the corruption or what I call “the distortion”, is actually what you see when an imitator comes through the system of Kali-worship — in this case, Miley Cyrus, who is trying to emulate Kali.  In many pictures, her tongue is hanging out, and this is because she is a devout worshiper of Kali.


In addition, Madonna is a devout worshiper of Kali under the symbol of the black dog.  Those who have seen the Frozen video know — it is her initiation video. 

She is a Kabbalist… but what kind and under who?  Well, now we know. 

She is under the Shaguni system or the Sanhedrin nasi — those are the only ones still in place and in power in those positions.  

To break down the symbolism, we see the Cult of the Black Dog.

When you understand missing languages like Tamil, you understand the origin of words like naga, which has a lot to do with specific deities.  Words like “nigga,” and “negro” all come from naga or negus — which was mistaken to mean a snake or serpent later.

Originally it meant “the dog’s tongue,” – because the Tamil people thought the tongue of the dog was actually very beautiful, and it was the only animal whose tongue hung out like that.  This is how Kali became directly connected to the black dog in theology – which we’ll break down later at the proper moment. 

It’s important to realize this connection because everything else we’ve been talking about begins to connect after that – but we still need to cover a couple things before we can dive into the code of Kali as it stands today… Stay tuned.

Oh Christmas Tree

It’s time for another level of knowledge.  The end of knowledge… which is wisdom.

Now we get to the wisdom, and we have this year stretched out in front of us. 

Today wasn’t a day to exhaust any of the topics that we’re bringing forth.  Know we are ready, and we have many with us. 

The power in which we need to amass, to accomplish the quantum change in this world, is amassing fast and accumulating.

So here we go…

The next thing is the Spindle Theory – There are variations of how we Inner-stand the vehicle. 

So, since we inner-stand that Solomon’s temple, this great builder work or this tower that keeps being mentioned, is none other than the human body… which everybody knows here.

We know there is different ways and different aspects of Inner-standing the knowledge that it reveals to us, this Kabbalah, that you could only learn by listening to yourself.

Meaning, it needs to be delivered to you from yourself to yourself, or from someone who knows it.

To sum this all up, what we generally see here in all the Spindle Theories (and all the different concepts) is the same underlining principles…

That energy functions through poles and the poles are electromagnetic.  What creates these electromagnetic fields, is the actions of the movement of positive and negative judgments. 

Only in the gap between positive and negative, does life really exist as we know it… And that is where we are.

We are in The Gap – we are acolytes of the gap.  We surf it.

Just as you wouldn’t let a two-year-old take off in your car, so too, you have not been allowed access to the internal Merkabah until now.

The gates are wide open.  You have the opportunity to dissolve all of your judgments and disconnections.  Oscillate and vibrate to get yourself and your field picked up, so you can fly.

With Martin Kenny’s Christmas tree video, there’s a lot associated with this symbolism.

As you get these counter-rotating Torus fields (which is how you create Monatomics), it creates nests.  There is that center column, circumventing fields, and these nests – if you saw this from the top, it will look like a Christmas tree… and all the lights in the Christmas tree will be the Souls.

This is the symbology today of the Christmas tree – but what have they done with the Christmas tree?

They’ve cut it!

They’ve cut down The Evergreen!

Through occultism, I can render proof to this.  It is symbolic that the umbilical cord is cut from the mother when the baby is born – so too have many souls been cut from the energetic system.

They need to reconnect themselves and can reconnect themselves by vibrating higher. 

This is the only thing that needs to be done to change the entire scenario or probable futures of this realm in this reality.

But remember, there is gifts here… Under the tree, right?


All of this, we know the meaning now.  This is the Symbolism of Christmas

The Satan or Santa part… do you know what those words really mean? 

Old Father.  The real “Bearded Wise wisdom” side versus the consumer “Black Friday” side.

There are gifts at the tree.

This tells you that when you unlock this, there’s a promise of a reward, but you don’t know what those rewards are going to be. 

You can look forward to it, as a child looks forward to the presents under their tree.

This is why the energy is just off!  Because of consumerism, the inverted tree is now out – and people are unhappy about what is under the tree.  They already know what it is, because if they want anything in a consumer-based reality, they go get it.  They don’t wait till Christmas.

You don’t know what to give somebody that has every single camera and every single cell phone that ever came out.  The reality is, this has the person looking at this box (this is how it can turn around into something demonic).  A box that they can’t see in, but they know inside is dissatisfaction.

There’s a lot of deeper symbolism also…

Everything comes with electromagnetics, everything comes, and you must know both electricity and magnetism.  If you’re just armed with the good idea of Christmas presents, you’ll still be doing the same thing when you’re staring down the barrel of some vinegar or a bag of chips again.

If that’s how shallow you’re going to be with it – is it just electric?

Then you’re going to miss out on the magnetic balance that is necessary to keep this thing really churning and turning.

You have the power that’s needed to go into unity.

As you keep building up energy, your environment will change.  The people around you will change, you will keep seeing the greater versions of people that you used to know.  As you’re going up, the environment is actually changing.

You’re actually in a real field.  With real stars.

The “As Below Stars” are not the ones you want to be watching.

 I want to keep motivating you, Full-spectrum light


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