Natural Liver Cleanse Remedies

A healthy liver is essential for many important functions of the body. The liver must be healthy enough to detoxify the body from pollution as well as toxins in the food we eat and general operating (metabolism) by-products. When the liver functions well, it may facilitate weight loss as the fat cells release their stored toxins. You may need a liver cleanse if you feel grumpy, irritable or wake up tired most mornings.

Try to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. Always start by eliminating tobacco, alcohol, coffee, black tea and fast foods.

Essential nutritional supplements for liver cleansing: NAC (N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine) is my favorite liver detoxifying supplement as it helps the liver produce glutathione to facilitate detoxification.


Herbs for Liver Cleansing

Herbs are plants valued for their specific strengthening/ tonifying properties.

Herb combinations:

Dave’s Liver Formula – to gently support liver function

Bupleurum Liver Cleanse – for a mild, yet stronger cleanse

Herb singles:

Milk thistle –  a liver cleanser in that it protects the liver and helps the liver to detoxify itsel.

Schizandra – used when you need cleaner thinking, respiratory help, and adrenal strengthening, along with liver detoxification

St. John’s wort – when there is depression–DO NOT take with anti-depressants as it creates a conflict with medications

Cell Salts to Help Cleanse the Liver

To make a cell salt solution, put up to 10 tablets of each cell salt in a 16- to 24-ounce bottle; fill with water and swirl to dissolve tablets. Sip throughout the day.

#3 Calc sulph 6X – liver spots, digestive problems
#7 Kali sulph 6X – when there are liver spots, hormonal issues
#11 Nat sulph 6X – serious liver problems, damage from alcohol

Homeopathic Remedies for Liver Cleansing

Homeopathic remedies are non-toxic natural medicines safe for everyone including infants and pregnant or nursing women. You may use 6X, 30X, 6C or 30C potencies.

Cinchona – gas and bloating; where there is emotional sensitivity; liver-gallbladder..

Lycopodium – all symptoms worse 4 – 8 pm; gas and bloating; problems on right side of the body; liver problems, low self-confidence.

Nux vomica – when there is anger and irritability (liver involvement); digestion problems, food moving the wrong way; alcoholism.



Source: Dave’s Healing Notes

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