Natural Remedies for Anxiety

Anxiety and nervousness are symptoms of your body responding to stress. The medical community has put the name of General Anxiety Disorder or GAD to this. Millions of Americans experience anxiety each day. It helps them deal with a tense situation in the office, or keep focused on an important speech. In general, it helps one cope. But whenanxiety and its anxiety natural remediessymptoms are in the forefront of your day, and all of life is affected, it is time to seek help.

Symptoms include the mind racing, worry, uneasiness, irritability, headaches, sweating, difficulty concentrating, heart palpitations, tightness of chest, shaking or internal trembling, need for frequent visits to the bathroom, insomnia or trouble getting to or staying asleep, nausea, exhaustion, or being on edge.

Causes come from a myriad of reasons: heredity, brain chemistry, or it could be a learned behavior due to some of life’s experiences. Some causes may come from the food we eat, the friends we hang out with, or the places we work. Using drugs or alcohol to calm or medicate are certain reasons for anxiety.

Modern medicine generally uses anti-depressants or Valium-like products to depress the nervous system. These drugs treat symptoms, not allowing the person to get to the cause of what is making them anxious, and have the ability to change. Side effects are numerous and ianxiety and nervousnessnclude dependence, becoming hard for a person to stop. Also, many people feel emotionally and mentally numb when taking these medications which, again, doesn’t allow for working through the problem that is causing the anxiety.

From the natural perspective, anxiety is a combination of apprehension, nervousness, and restlessness which may be due to the causes above, or not being able to work through problems, or express individuality. Symptoms can be expressed psychologically or physically.

Natural healing begins by finding and treating the stresses in your life. While examining what is stressing you, nourishing your nervous system with natural supplements can go a long way to helping you calm down, have a clearer mind, and relieve the symptoms of anxiety.

Next, look to your diet, first eliminating fast foods, alcohol, tobacco, coffee, and black tea. Adding a liquid calcium-magnesium twice a day may be helpful to calm down nerves and relax muscles.

Then, exercise. Exercise is perhaps the safest and most effective method of managing stress. According to studies, exercise thwarts depression and anxiety by enhancing the body’s ability to respond to stress. It seems to give the body the opportunity to practice dealing with stress, and forces the body’s physiological systems to communicate much more closely than usual: The cardiovascular system communicates with the renal system, which communicates with the muscular system. All of these are controlled by the nervous system. This workout of the body’s communication system may be the true value of exercise; the more sedentary we get, the less efficient our bodies in responding to stress.


Herbs for Anxiety

Herbs are plants valued for their specific strengthening/ tonifying properties.

Herb combinations: Dave’s Mood Formula herbs traditionally used to help nourish and strengthen the nervous system. Formula: Melissa (Lemon balm), Hops, Mistletoe, Bitter Orange, Peppermint, and Valerian.

Dave’s Positive Mind Formula herbs traditionally used to calm the mind, help with pent up emotions, and lift the spirit. Formula: Radix Polygala Tennifoliae, Albizzia, Flos Lonicerae Japonicea, Red Sandalwood, Blue violet, Lavender, and Squawvine herb.

Herb singles:Hops – calming for those that internalize problems and have digestive upsets

Chamomile – anger, nervous digestion; works especially well for children with focus and attention problems

Passion flower – feeds the nerves, helps seizures, over-thinking, too many ideas that don’t go away

Lavender flower – helps to reduce stress and assists in digestion

Cell Salts to Help with Anxiety

To make a cell salt solution, put up to 10 tablets of each cell salt in a 16- to 24-ounce bottle; fill with water and swirl to dissolve tablets. Sip throughout the day.

#6 Kali phos 6X – in all nervous conditions
#8 Mag phos 6X – muscular tension
#9 Nat mur 6X – anxiety from grief

Anxiety Homeopathic Remedies

Homeopathic remedies are non-toxic natural medicines safe for everyone including infants and pregnant or nursing women. You may use 6X, 30X, 6C or 30C potencies.

Argentum nit – Anticipation; anxiety for performing. Nervous, impulsive and hurried, yet timid and anxious. Fear of the future; fear of heights. Desires sweets. Better cool air, cold; worse apprehension, mental strain and worry.

Arsenicum album – Perfectionist, fastidious-have to have everything clean. Fear of death and disease, despair of recovery. Changes place continually, anguish and restlessness. Critical, irritable. Better warmth, motion, company; worse exertion, nighttime after midnight (11 pm to 2 am), periodically, cold damp weather.

Calcarea carb – Anxiety with palpitations. Gets out of breath easily, sweating is easy. Overworked and exhausted; worries about responsibilities and duties. Unable to apply himself, apathetic, apprehensive. Fears loss of reason, misfortune, and contagious diseases. Better dry climate; worse cold, pressure of clothes.

Kali arsenicosum – Anxiety and panic attacks. Anxiety about health. Palpitations with anxiety and fear. Restless, nervous. Face looks frightened and anxious. Worse touch, noise, cold feet, 1 am to 3 am.

Lycopodium – Apprehensive, indecisive. Fear of public speaking. Averse to undertaking new things, yet goes through with ease. Fear of breaking down under stress. Timidity. Awakes irritable and angry, sad and anxious. Better motion, warm food and drink; worse 4 to 8 pm, warm room, heat.

Nitricum Acidum – Pessimism (Arsenicum), but more depressed and critical. Irritable, hateful, unmoved by apologies. Anxiety about diseases, fear of death. Mind weak, no ideas. Better gliding motion, mild weather; worse touch, jarring, noise, cold air, hot weather.

Phosphorus – Anxious about being alone at twilight of ghosts, future, and thunderstorms. Anxious, timid and irresolute. Impressionable (what they read they believe). Over-sensitive to external impressions. Sociable. Wants sympathy, apathetic. Better cold food, eating, massage, sitting; worse touch, physical or mental exertion.

Pulsatilla – Changeable disposition, irresolute. Weeps easily, craves sympathy; fear of abandonment. Better cool, fresh, open air, gentle motion, erect posture; worse twilight, rich fatty foods, warm stuffy rooms.



Source: Dave’s Healing Notes

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