Parkinson’s disease


  • Not understanding a fear you have, which-
  • Stops you from believing in what you do and say
  • Lack of inner communication
  • Wanting full control
  • Fears not being able to control



Stomach Problems, root causes

 3rd Chakra– Solar Plexus: Self-empowerment

  • Our sense of security feels threatened
  • Fears new ideas
  • Lack of affection
  • Condemning the success of other people
  • Unhappy feelings

Ulcers, root causes


  • Worrying over details
  • Conflict as to capability
  • Frustration at not having things go the way you want
  • Pressures are too much to bear
  • Feelings of anxiety, fear or tension
  • Seeking revenge
  • Feelings of conflict/ helplessness/ powerless



Hepatitis, root causes

3rd Chakra – Solar Plexus: Self-empowerment

  • Not wanting to change
  • Feelings of anger
  • Feelings of fear
  • Feelings of hate

Insomnia, root causes


  • Tensions in life
  • Deep seeded guilt
  • Feelings of fear & anxiety
  • Reaction to potential threatening situations
  • Worrying about being able/ good enough to do what is needed



Laryngitis, root causes

5th Chakra– Throat: Self-honesty

  • Fears voicing opinions
  • Feelings of resentment toward authority
  • Repressed emotions & fears
  • Gripped anger
  • Irritation at someone or some situation

Diarrhea, root causes

2nd Chakra imbalance – Sacral: Self-creation

  • Rejecting the visualization of something you don’t want to accept
  • Wanting to be done with someone or something
  • Running away from a situation
  • Fear of something in the present
  • Obsessed with order
  • Giving up your goals when unable to have what you desire


Eyes issues, root causes

6th Chakra – Third eye: Self-awareness (retina represents your feelings; fovea represents your thinking)

  • Not wanting to understand what you are seeing
  • Not seeing the truth
  • Fearing the future
  • Not wanting to see life as it is
  • Life is weak and out of focus
  • Not seeing eye to eye with another
  • Not forgiving
  • Inability to see ones own self-worth

Facial Paralysis, root causes

7th Chakra imbalance – Crown: Selflessness

  • Judging self harshly
  • Putting self down in favor of others
  • Feeling rejected
  • Feeling fear and anxiety
  • Having doubts about own competence
  • Can’t face a situation, someone or something
  • Afraid of losing face
  • Problems with relationships

Feet issues, root causes

1st Chakra imbalance – Root: Self-preservation

  • Not liking the direction you are going
  • Fear of the future
  • Fear of stepping forward in life

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