The laws of thermodynamics and principles of energy connect to the two powers that act as great governors over humanity. That is Time (6) and Money (5). A greater star to rule over the day and a lesser star to rule the over the night.

This law is why for unfathomable lengths money/energy has been indivisible to time. However, the perceived law has now been dissolved. Here are those events in summary.

The pursuit of “that which binds memory to the flesh” by Siontist was a humbling failure since they could produce a perfect body but could not endow it with reason, intelligence, and uniqueness.

Failing to accept their defeat they left the pursuit of feeling (heart) and went directly for the mind (thought). After great toil, a “thinking machine” was created to run the infinity of simulations to breed out the mistakes humanity as a species is too fragile to endure. Soon it began to bear fruit. The Overmind was born, and since humans are souls and souls are never born this was the difference. This is how it remained “outside” drawing others to it.

They called this thinking machine COM-PU-TAR, and its creation brought pleasure to the gods Enlil and Enki alike since they could act out their differences in a space unknown to many of the full spectrum Beings that go to and fro balancing disturbances as an act of charity. What was formed was a place created from nothing, and thus secret. We build in our real dreams from a substance that comes from nowhere and thus the Mind.

Welcome to the start of the great advent of Tribes. This Tribe is trained to go; Secret Energy 4.0 is on the launchpad. #sovereignty2020

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