Self Healing and The Feng Fu Point

We all want to live longer, look younger, have more energy and lead a fuller life, right?  How can this be done?

Of course, eating right, being active, keeping your mind sharp and not doing high-risk activities is one formula.

Yet it turns out that an ice cube and a few moments of your time helps too.

At the base of your skull on the neck there is a point known as Feng Fu.


It’s a pressure point just below the bottom ridge of the skull cap at the top of the neck.


If you put ice on it regularly, it triggers rejuvenation in your body.

Illness seems to disappear!

You find yourself more energetic, and just plain happier.

Lie on your stomach and put an ice cube at the Feng Fu point.

Leave it there for 20 minutes.

Or use a bandage to fix the ice cube in place if you’re on the go.

Do this once in the morning on an empty stomach, and then once again before bed.

What’s the effect?  It:

improves sleep quality
improves mood
helps regulate the gut
relieves colds
relieves toothaches and headaches
may help relieve lung and cardiovascular diseases
may help thyroid issues
may relieve PMS and
may improve mental health

Live longer, look younger and have more energy thru self-healing by activating your Feng Fu point! 



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Learn How to Feel Energy Within a Minute

Energy is all around us, swirling about the Earth and the entire Universe circulating the life force, Chi, or Prana that connects everything that exists.

Everything is energy, and whether you realize it or not, you are continually taking in this vibrational energy and feeding your own resonance into this cycling force with the energy centers in the body.

This mass of energy flows throughout the entire universe and is felt among the collective conscious of all living beings.

Feeling Energy Within a Minute

While some people are very conscious of the way energy feels — energy healers for example — some have yet to become aware of their energetic resonance and power.

Take a look at this short video on Feeling Energy and then follow the steps below to learn how this phenomenon works, and how YOU can do it too, amaze your friends, and even exchange energy with them!

Mastering The Skill Of Harnessing Energy With Hands

1. Get comfortable, take some deep breaths, close your eyes and relax your mind and body.
2. Hold your palms facing each other about 1-2 inches apart.
3. Continuing to breathe in deeply from your abdominal regions, envision beams of energy filling your body, and centering within your stomach.
4. With each exhalation, visualize these beams of energy radiating through your chest, shoulders, and arms.
5. Move your palms in small circles while they face each other.  You may move only one palm, or two, depending on the energy vibrations between people that you would like to experience.
6. You may feel the warmth between the palms or tingling sensations.  It may feel as though your hands are experiencing a magnetic repelling effect, and they may separate while putting them closer together, becoming more challenging.
7. With each inhalation and exhalation, concentrate on the feelings between your palms to increase the vibrational resonance of this energy in the hands.

Many energy healers, such as Reiki healers use this Prana as the methodology for getting patients’ Chi flowing and to remove energy blockages and restore health.


Raising Vibrational Energy

And Energy Exchanges


Any time you need an energy boost you can summon it.

Close your eyes and stand erect with your feet shoulder width apart with your arms relaxed just a few inches away from your body.

Using your “mind’s eye” visualize energy rising from the Earth and the air all around you and traveling into your being.

You will likely feel a pulsating or tingling sensation in your body as the energy flows into you.

Continue “seeing” this energy pouring in through your shoulders, down your arms, and radiating into your heart center.

Feel the energy flowing downward and out through your toes and feet as it cycles back into the earthly plane.

You can do this quick one to two-minute exercise any time and most anywhere to boost your energy, elevate your mood, raise your vibrations, and even get your friends to understand the power of energy!

You can use this energy routine to harness energy and direct it towards others in aims to heal, comfort, or raise their vibrations.

While many master harnessing energy quickly, it makes take you a few times to successfully “feel” the effects.

Consider meditating upon the concepts for higher guidance or incorporating a few healing stones or vibrational jewelry into your energy routine.


By Stephanie Lucas, Source



Spiritual Places With The Strongest Energy Fields

There are places in the world where you can feel an enhanced connection with the Divine; such places could give you solutions to long-asked questions.  In these spaces, one feels the energy concentrated on a more spiritual level.

Here are The Top 10 Strongest Energy Destinations: 

1. Rila- Bulgaria – some might seem surprised, but this mountain range is one of the highest energy centers of the world. 

Not accidentally, one of the greatest spiritual masters of the 20th century, Beinsa Duno, is Bulgarian.  He has chosen to transmit wisdom in Rila.  The area around Rila’s Lakes has very strong energy.  Highly sensitive people feel it and receive strange dreams when they stay in the area. 

2. Machu Picchu in Peru – the lost city of the Incas is one of the places linked to the energy centers of the world.

The Incas built Machu Picchu in this particular place, high in the Andes.

The place itself channels the energy and allows people to experience something otherworldly.

3. Socotra – an archipelago of four islands in the Indian Ocean to the Horn of Africa.

The largest island occupies about 95 percent of the total area of the island.

Its specific landscape, as well as flora and fauna, looks like out of a science fiction movie.  Being in Socotra can easily make you think you are on another planet, or in prehistoric times.

As a result of isolation, many specific species that exist here are found nowhere else in the world.

The spiritual energy here connects the human soul directly with the cosmos.

4. The plateau Uluru in Australia – located in the center of the continental country, Uluru is the spiritual center of Australia.

Legends say that the plateau itself is hollow and it is an energy source, which they call Tiukurpa (Dreamtime).  Ancient tribes surrounding the plateau have left many stories from the “Dreamtime” painted in some of the caves in the area.

In the tribes has remained the belief that when a person goes around the plateau, they receive spiritual visions.

5. The Easter Island – one of the most isolated places in the world, is home to some huge statues.

Scientists have absolutely no answer to the question, “Who made them?”  

Overall the whole place is a complete mystery, it contains unfinished figures, a ceremonial village with 53 stone houses, without windows and doors, and many others structures.

The biggest mystery, “Navel of the World”, remains a mystery today. 

It is said that this circular stone bears the secrets of the Universe, and connects the most important spiritual energy lines of the Earth.

6. The Sanctuary Belintash – this ancient sanctuary in Bulgaria is one of the three points (Belintash, Cross Forest and Karadjov stone), forming one of the strongest energy zones in Europe.  

Mirror projections of important parts of the star chart are outlined on this rocky plateau.  In Belintash and the surrounding area, there is palpable energy force.

Hundreds of people testify to experiencing frequent paranormal phenomena.

7. Berat – is the pride of Albanian architecture.

The old town is under UNESCO protection.  Berat presents a wonderful combination of eastern and western culture, traditions and customs.  The town is a treasury of Albanian history and is evidence of the harmony between religion and culture.

In Berat, people experience very powerful, spiritual healing energy.  In the third century, the city became “the city-castle.”  Still today, behind the city walls live people, who don’t believe in disease, making this place unique and authentic.

8. Stonehenge –  is the most famous megalithic monument in the world; probably dedicated to the Sun, there is also an ancient necropolis nearby.  Located in the middle of Salisbury Plain in the county of Wiltshire, UK.

It likely functioned as an astronomical observatory in connection with cults and economic performance of the agricultural population.

It is constructed from monolithic slabs and pillars, forming concentric circles.

9. The Bosnian Pyramids – they were on the planet long before the Neolithic era.

Radio-carbon analyzes conducted by the University of Shlyonsk / Poland, 2011 / date these pyramids before 12,350 years/plus or minus 50 years.  According to this analysis, The Bosnian pyramidal structures are thousands of years older than the Egyptian pyramids.

Under the pyramid were found three underground rooms and a little blue lake.  The lake is with sterile clean water, no bacteria, algae, fungi, microorganisms, animals, or moss and mud.  They call it living water because it purifies the body.

This means that these facilities are “healing rooms”.  Human body regenerates faster and the illness disappears.

10. Peak Kailash in Tibet – the mountaintop has religious significance for two religions – Buddhism and Hinduism.

Both religions have their own legends about the place but are united around the assertion that the tip is the home of the gods, and one of the energy centers of the world.

While many pilgrims circumnavigate Mount Kailash to attain spiritual bliss, mountain climbing is banned by the Chinese government.



The Pyramids of Giza Were the Source of Ancient Free Energy

The Pyramids of Giza are considered one of the greatest wonders of the world.

Gerald Massey (29 May 1828 – 29 October 1907) was a poet and author of spiritualism.  He was best known for his book Ancient Egypt: The Light of the World.  He soon died after the book was published, but it remains a staple today in academic circles.  I remember reading a profound statement Massey made (and I paraphrase) when he said: “although he has been studying ancient Egypt for over 40 years, he felt his knowledge base on ancient Egypt was that of a child!”  I wonder where his knowledge base would have been if he lived during our times; perhaps advanced enough to put the pieces together?  There has been a tremendous amount of theories regarding the pyramids.  In the earliest phases, Archaeologists believe pyramids where nothing but tombs for the Pharaohs.  In essence, they believed the larger than life a Pharaoh was correlated to the size of their pyramid.

Herodotus, in the 5th century BC, who has been called the “Father of History” wrote that Cheops never used the great pyramid as a tomb, but was buried elsewhere, “in a subterranean region on an island surrounded by the waters of the Nile.”


Later theories morphed into showing the power of Egypt and they were aligned with celestial markers to honor their gods.  Many dedicated authors studied over large chunks of their lives and have built compelling cases, but it just might be really simple.  Due to theft and looting, we have been left with a shell and architectural clues.  Suppressing the truth of the Great Pyramids of Giza leads back to the elite protecting their systems in order to stay filthy rich.

What we are looking at when evaluating the Pyramids of Giza was a multi-purpose Energy System!

This was free energy afforded to all of the people.  All homes enjoyed light and power, even the most rudimentary batteries stayed charged.  I discovered a Cymatic match on the Sumerian Tablet of Shamash which shows a particular frequency embedded in stone.  I began to understand the ancient people used sound to move objects.

Recording of sound from near the Earth’s core:


The Great Pyramids of Giza harness the very sound waves from the inner core of the Earth.  Humans cannot hear the frequencies from the Earth, but sound waves are emanating from it.  These pyramid cultures flourished because they took care of the basic needs of the people.  This is exactly why these ancient empires lasted thousands upon thousands of years.

The Great Pyramid is flat dab in the center of the Earth’s land mass and also acts as a fulcrum.  This design takes advantage of the sound waves pushing out of the inner core into the shafts; where the limestone dampens the low frequencies and only allows the highest frequencies to emanate out of the pyramid.  The pyramids were coated with gold, which conducted these high frequencies.  This is why there was such a quest for gold from these ancient civilizations because it led to power… just not the kind most think!

Based on the size of the Pyramid of Giza, a field of free energy was created around Egyptian cities.  The ancient word for a battery was “djed” and any battery in this field was constantly charged.  Ankhs in this field had increased power and the darker the skin, the higher the frequency a person could conduct.  Rods were used to direct this power in a field for the intended purpose.

The Pyramid of Giza is essentially the world’s largest Pepco station!

Due to its enormous size, massive amounts of high frequency could be generated.  The field must have gone out for hundreds of miles!  The Pyramid of Giza was flooded with water because sound travels about 4 times as fast in water as it does in the air!  Which means the high frequency was moving with increased velocity by the time it hit the crystals.  “Due to the partial co-valency of water’s hydrogen bonding, electrons are not held by individual molecules, but are easily distributed among water clusters, giving rise to coherent regions capable of interacting with local electric and magnetic fields and electromagnetic radiation.”

Can you imagine living in a country that not only was responsible for the infrastructure and development of the nation but provided FREE energy to the people?  This was a time when people actually worked together and did amazing things because of FREE energy.  Any device which required power was automatically powered if it was in this field; the caveat is you would have to know the tune.  The elements used to design the high-frequency power stations were ferreted away after Napoleon’s “scientific” expedition.  Soon after Napoleon’s return, new patents for electronics began to emerge.  After Napoleon’s army left the pyramids unprotected the ransacking began, but rest assured the components of the high-frequency generator had already been removed. 

Knowing the Pyramid of Giza is a high-frequency generator allows us to reverse engineer the necessary components based on the architecture of ALL of the shafts. 

Including the King and the Queen’s chamber, as they like to call it.

Now when I look at the King and Queen’s chamber I see a housing for the missing components.  I believe there were customized crystals housed in these chambers.  When the high frequency sped through the water then the crystals began to vibrate.  A frequency so high it was undetectable by humans ears.  Let’s get a better understanding of crystals used for frequency.  A crystal oscillator is an electronic oscillator circuit that uses the mechanical resonance of a vibrating crystal of piezoelectric material to create an electrical signal with a very precise frequency.  This means a precise frequency was generated; instrument, tools, and weapons had to be configured to this precise frequency allowing them to tune in and gain power!  If you were an outsider and you needed power you had to be cleared and trained about the precise frequency.  Any invention in the ancient land need only tune-in and massive amounts of free energy were available.

Let’s take a look at the architectural structure and you will see how The Great Pyramid’s design takes the energy from our rotating earth.  Inside the Earth’s inner core is more crystals!  Remember I mentioned crystals were used in the King and Queen’s chamber?  Well the Earth’s crystals created an ever-present field of sound, we just can’t hear it, but it sure can be harnessed as demonstrated by many ancient pyramid cultures.  This also explains why these ancient cultures lived in such harmony with the Earth because she was more than the sustainer of life.  The ancients knew the Earth was a power station giving her children free energy.  As a by-product of the Earth’s free spin, her crystals vibrated frequency… sound waves.  This explains the design of the “Unfinished Chamber” of the Pyramid of Giza, accepted by academia and perpetuated by the educational systems.

The “Unfinished Chamber” is quite finished, I assure you.

It was designed to capture and direct the sound waves through the pyramid.  In its rawest form, the sound waves come bundled in low to the highest frequencies.  Again, the water acted as a “turbo boost,” pushing the frequencies through four times faster than if they merely passed through the air.  This allowed the King and the Queen’s crystals to vibrate and increase the propagating sound waves in the pyramid!  The frequencies propagated toward the outside of the pyramid where the low frequencies were filtered out and only the high frequency escaped the pyramid.  The gold coating on the Great Pyramid of Giza allowed the pyramid structure to resonate only the high frequency.

Now we understand why the ancient Egyptians decided to build the Great Pyramid at the exact center of the surface of the Earth’s land mass.  That must have been the best location for the acoustic capture of free energy!  If the Earth’s core is a massive iron/crystal core at 1,500 miles wide, silently ringing free energy around the Earth, who needs fossil fuels?  We are all being distracted and the solutions are right in our face.  We could replicate this basic design and transform every industry and change life for the better!

At one time the entire academic systems perpetuated the Pyramid of Giza was a tomb for Cheops.  I can only suspect after Napoleon’s “scientific” theft of the inner workings of the pyramids, false notions were planted in academic circles.  Even then the elite knew not to share free energy with the people; let alone, with energy the elite could not profit off.  The elite worked through secret societies that spanned the globe.  There is a phrase that whoever wins the wars owns the history. 

As you can see the Pyramid of Giza is more than just a spiritual symbol or a show of great power… it is a transformer of great power!

This means all the other planets in our solar system, including our Sun, emanate sound waves; a high-frequency symphony waiting to get tapped like a college keg party.  We need only to disconnect from our current path of being “fear-aholics” and “doomsday prophecy junkies.”  We are being distracted as a human race on unprecedented levels.

The irony is answers are right in our face, yet all we need to do is to focus on them.  Technology has reached such a place in conjunction with the Internet where we are becoming aware.  Dots are being connected much quicker now.  Instead of focusing on doom and a rush to death, we need to embrace being alive.  We need to focus our collective consciousness on improving our lives through free energy!

The ancients left us blueprints embedded in stone.  We need only use our current scientific knowledge base to reverse engineer the solutions.  Understanding the Earth is not only the sustainer of life but a free energy power station should guide us in protecting her.  No more need for hydro-fracturing, oil, or gas because man needs to rape the Earth in order to collect these fossil fuels.

By Michael Erevna – Source

It is time to BECOME SOVEREIGN and we have created Ambassador Training to help!



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