Secrets of Alchemy

There’s a phenomenon that has happened with many illustrious individuals such as your Alexander the Great, Jesus, and Shakespeare… that when you’re saying their name, you are not actually referring to one person. You’re referring to a group. 

This worked well for multiple reasons. First, it made it very difficult for those pursuing forces, and there could be a slew of reasons why someone would want to pursue the groups that are trying to change the geographic layout of the world and the overall belief of human consciousness. 

That is what’s at stake all the time… the power to influence energy.

For instance, Shakespeare was known also to possibly be Roger Bacon and was also possibly known to be Nicholas Flamel. 

All of these men were high alchemists and were very learned in the arts of alchemy, Hermetics, poetry, rhymes, reasons, tunes, and tones all under one umbrella; one name.

Contrary to what most people would do these days, each person trying to take credit, back then they wanted to work all under one force because that force would seem stronger and stronger as it goes. 

If I saw you in India, but then someone said they saw you in Egypt, and it was around the same time, it would only further the idea that you had some abilities we weren’t aware of and that maybe we should be a little bit more cautious about how we speak about you since you could be anywhere listening to us, omnipresent and god-like.

Alchemy contains its own level of thought power. 

Among the highest power that has affected humankind through the use of alchemy has been the creation of gunpowder. 

Innerstand that alchemy created things like gunpowder for certain men who knew how to put potions and proportions together in just a way to bring an immense level of power into the reality.

When someone innerstands the alchemy and makes a connection, using man and woman’s ability to craft things, they can actually bring things into this dimension

The sexual energies can also be used to bring even more illustrious creations into this realm, especially in conjunction with alchemy.

The whole thing is basically one big fun house… unless for some reason you forget that you have the power to do this… and then someone else, for at least the last six thousand years, removes you from that knowledge and tells you that if you are trying to get it then “you must go through them”.

In most secret societies, they have a process of initiating a person. Many of these groups started off as real mason builders, and in the ancient guilds, they always needed a guy who was going to carry around the blocks. 

These guilds had skills that everybody else didn’t have but depended on in order to survive. 

That’s the origins of secret societies and masonry.

However, because building and architecture is a cosmic aspect, it doesn’t take long for someone who starts to gander off into it on their own, without any inspiration from any external force, to tap into something we refer to as Gnosticism. 

Gnosticism is the ability to know without anybody telling you what’s really happening. You’re putting yourself into a state where you’re able to begin to read the more passive flow of information that is going through the ether all the time… the light codes, languages of light… and this gets us again into Angelics.

Now, to answer the question directly who is the Gude god?  At this point, the term would be an eidolon.

When a logos (which was known as God) is created, the act is a ritual; there’s an actual programming that must happen.

What is this ritual for?  What do we want from this?  All must be programmed in the ritual.

Then as many things that can resonate in the proper order with what they want to be accomplished with this Eidolon, is then put into play.

Through our ability to create things from our minds, and the unity of the souls of large groups of mystical people together pushing forth an agenda… what is then birthed from that astral womb is an eidolon, an actual living form, but it first comes forth as a child.

It may be very powerful and born outside of the physical confinements of man. Using eidolons gives you the ability to go beyond those confinements because it is not actually born through a physical womb and doesn’t have those same limitations. 

In many of the “God paintings,” you see these children with little wings hanging around. They refer to those as the angels; they say they are children cause they’re innocent. What they are really referring to, is that when eidolons or angels are created they have a very limited intellect.

When these are put to use from birth, they become phenomenal forms with immense power, but with the very limited intellect of a child.

They are programmed in themselves, so while they may possess an immense level of power, a simple smell could deter them or attract them… a simple symbol can make them run in fear or come to you at your beckoning call.

Within this art, you can see the immense potential, but you can also see the immense complexity of how many integers you would be talking about to create something that was much more intelligent.

This is where storytelling comes in, and where a form like what you see in the Bible… where a God or entity can be created and be given a personality, given a story, given a history… and then just like 4d interacts with 3d all the time, the 3d people experience it like a ship…

Where did it come from? 

“…I guess it’s always been here so I’m gonna believe in it”, which is something like what people gravitate to now with the Christian story.

They can’t really prove Jesus was here, they can’t really prove absolutely quite a bit of what was taking place, especially logistically. 

Yet everyone believes, and it works, and now it is connected to people’s spirits and millions of people are doing it.

How could that happen?

It has happened simply by a fourth-dimensional creation interacting with a third-dimensional creation and because of the extent of superiority in awareness… meaning that there are just so many things humans don’t know about. 

Even what we’re talking about right now would seem fanciful… alchemy controlling other realms… eidolons… but anything that you conceive, exists

This is a limitless construct because it says that anything you can conceive can actually be done.

When a human is born, they’re born into a confinement, they’re given rules, they’re given language, they’re given a structure… this eidolon is actually born into more of the opposite.

It’s almost like getting caught up into a fascinating story.  It’s like a movie, and that’s the easiest way to actually look at it.  People like movies more than their own lives.  Most people’s ideals are formed from movies.

The prince and princess programs from the cartoons and all of those stories which contain those archetypes form a person’s ideals of what they think the reality is about.

If something comes along with a much more complex story that envelops yours, then it seems like you can get everything done in your story and then some more, but you’re just barely scratching the surface of their story.

This is how one can get encompassed inside of a reality, and feel completely overwhelmed by what exists, and then search for something higher, let’s say a god, to offset the vulnerability… and that’s really what’s God’s juice has been… and let’s say not simply as an etymological term only, or as a Germanic king only.

In any language where that word God means a Supreme Being, the word has generally been used by a person as a talisman to throw off something that the person feels they don’t have the power to win over or to overthrow, or to protect themselves from. 

So very specifically Gods, angels, and supreme beings are weapons, especially of protection.

Their use throughout history, from amulets and everything you can think of, has always been just that.

People pray to God to destroy things for them, and whoever would be the most proficient at doing that, is able to enlist forces to carry out those missions just within themselves.  

Now when we look at this construct again, we can say that this knowledge of how to create these forms, these eidolons, is written in nature. 

The knowledge is a part of, in a whole, Maat.

How many groups do we really have running that know parts of this art, or possibly in its entirety, that is able to use it to their benefit in this reality?

Even if they were completely against each other, the only thing that they would agree on is to never tell anybody else; to never let the masses that exist outside of their construct.

The masses that are basically free fire for them, free energy, free food, free everything for them… 

Although they quarrel amongst themselves, what they keep secret, is all of this knowledge and the awareness of what can really be done on a spiritual plane in a fourth dimension… 

…because you have a spirit, and you can get there too.


This article was sourced from an interview between Sevan Bomar and Isaac Williams on the topic of the Gude/God figure, and the conversation has been presented in 7 connecting blogs (this is 2 of 7).  Be sure to stay tuned for the upcoming episodes, some of which you will be able to share and earn.  This is just one way our new incentivization program can help you achieve sovereignty.


The Pyramids of Giza Were the Source of Ancient Free Energy

The Pyramids of Giza are considered one of the greatest wonders of the world.

Gerald Massey (29 May 1828 – 29 October 1907) was a poet and author of spiritualism.  He was best known for his book Ancient Egypt: The Light of the World.  He soon died after the book was published, but it remains a staple today in academic circles.  I remember reading a profound statement Massey made (and I paraphrase) when he said: “although he has been studying ancient Egypt for over 40 years, he felt his knowledge base on ancient Egypt was that of a child!”  I wonder where his knowledge base would have been if he lived during our times; perhaps advanced enough to put the pieces together?  There has been a tremendous amount of theories regarding the pyramids.  In the earliest phases, Archaeologists believe pyramids where nothing but tombs for the Pharaohs.  In essence, they believed the larger than life a Pharaoh was correlated to the size of their pyramid.

Herodotus, in the 5th century BC, who has been called the “Father of History” wrote that Cheops never used the great pyramid as a tomb, but was buried elsewhere, “in a subterranean region on an island surrounded by the waters of the Nile.”


Later theories morphed into showing the power of Egypt and they were aligned with celestial markers to honor their gods.  Many dedicated authors studied over large chunks of their lives and have built compelling cases, but it just might be really simple.  Due to theft and looting, we have been left with a shell and architectural clues.  Suppressing the truth of the Great Pyramids of Giza leads back to the elite protecting their systems in order to stay filthy rich.

What we are looking at when evaluating the Pyramids of Giza was a multi-purpose Energy System!

This was free energy afforded to all of the people.  All homes enjoyed light and power, even the most rudimentary batteries stayed charged.  I discovered a Cymatic match on the Sumerian Tablet of Shamash which shows a particular frequency embedded in stone.  I began to understand the ancient people used sound to move objects.

Recording of sound from near the Earth’s core:


The Great Pyramids of Giza harness the very sound waves from the inner core of the Earth.  Humans cannot hear the frequencies from the Earth, but sound waves are emanating from it.  These pyramid cultures flourished because they took care of the basic needs of the people.  This is exactly why these ancient empires lasted thousands upon thousands of years.

The Great Pyramid is flat dab in the center of the Earth’s land mass and also acts as a fulcrum.  This design takes advantage of the sound waves pushing out of the inner core into the shafts; where the limestone dampens the low frequencies and only allows the highest frequencies to emanate out of the pyramid.  The pyramids were coated with gold, which conducted these high frequencies.  This is why there was such a quest for gold from these ancient civilizations because it led to power… just not the kind most think!

Based on the size of the Pyramid of Giza, a field of free energy was created around Egyptian cities.  The ancient word for a battery was “djed” and any battery in this field was constantly charged.  Ankhs in this field had increased power and the darker the skin, the higher the frequency a person could conduct.  Rods were used to direct this power in a field for the intended purpose.

The Pyramid of Giza is essentially the world’s largest Pepco station!

Due to its enormous size, massive amounts of high frequency could be generated.  The field must have gone out for hundreds of miles!  The Pyramid of Giza was flooded with water because sound travels about 4 times as fast in water as it does in the air!  Which means the high frequency was moving with increased velocity by the time it hit the crystals.  “Due to the partial co-valency of water’s hydrogen bonding, electrons are not held by individual molecules, but are easily distributed among water clusters, giving rise to coherent regions capable of interacting with local electric and magnetic fields and electromagnetic radiation.”

Can you imagine living in a country that not only was responsible for the infrastructure and development of the nation but provided FREE energy to the people?  This was a time when people actually worked together and did amazing things because of FREE energy.  Any device which required power was automatically powered if it was in this field; the caveat is you would have to know the tune.  The elements used to design the high-frequency power stations were ferreted away after Napoleon’s “scientific” expedition.  Soon after Napoleon’s return, new patents for electronics began to emerge.  After Napoleon’s army left the pyramids unprotected the ransacking began, but rest assured the components of the high-frequency generator had already been removed. 

Knowing the Pyramid of Giza is a high-frequency generator allows us to reverse engineer the necessary components based on the architecture of ALL of the shafts. 

Including the King and the Queen’s chamber, as they like to call it.

Now when I look at the King and Queen’s chamber I see a housing for the missing components.  I believe there were customized crystals housed in these chambers.  When the high frequency sped through the water then the crystals began to vibrate.  A frequency so high it was undetectable by humans ears.  Let’s get a better understanding of crystals used for frequency.  A crystal oscillator is an electronic oscillator circuit that uses the mechanical resonance of a vibrating crystal of piezoelectric material to create an electrical signal with a very precise frequency.  This means a precise frequency was generated; instrument, tools, and weapons had to be configured to this precise frequency allowing them to tune in and gain power!  If you were an outsider and you needed power you had to be cleared and trained about the precise frequency.  Any invention in the ancient land need only tune-in and massive amounts of free energy were available.

Let’s take a look at the architectural structure and you will see how The Great Pyramid’s design takes the energy from our rotating earth.  Inside the Earth’s inner core is more crystals!  Remember I mentioned crystals were used in the King and Queen’s chamber?  Well the Earth’s crystals created an ever-present field of sound, we just can’t hear it, but it sure can be harnessed as demonstrated by many ancient pyramid cultures.  This also explains why these ancient cultures lived in such harmony with the Earth because she was more than the sustainer of life.  The ancients knew the Earth was a power station giving her children free energy.  As a by-product of the Earth’s free spin, her crystals vibrated frequency… sound waves.  This explains the design of the “Unfinished Chamber” of the Pyramid of Giza, accepted by academia and perpetuated by the educational systems.

The “Unfinished Chamber” is quite finished, I assure you.

It was designed to capture and direct the sound waves through the pyramid.  In its rawest form, the sound waves come bundled in low to the highest frequencies.  Again, the water acted as a “turbo boost,” pushing the frequencies through four times faster than if they merely passed through the air.  This allowed the King and the Queen’s crystals to vibrate and increase the propagating sound waves in the pyramid!  The frequencies propagated toward the outside of the pyramid where the low frequencies were filtered out and only the high frequency escaped the pyramid.  The gold coating on the Great Pyramid of Giza allowed the pyramid structure to resonate only the high frequency.

Now we understand why the ancient Egyptians decided to build the Great Pyramid at the exact center of the surface of the Earth’s land mass.  That must have been the best location for the acoustic capture of free energy!  If the Earth’s core is a massive iron/crystal core at 1,500 miles wide, silently ringing free energy around the Earth, who needs fossil fuels?  We are all being distracted and the solutions are right in our face.  We could replicate this basic design and transform every industry and change life for the better!

At one time the entire academic systems perpetuated the Pyramid of Giza was a tomb for Cheops.  I can only suspect after Napoleon’s “scientific” theft of the inner workings of the pyramids, false notions were planted in academic circles.  Even then the elite knew not to share free energy with the people; let alone, with energy the elite could not profit off.  The elite worked through secret societies that spanned the globe.  There is a phrase that whoever wins the wars owns the history. 

As you can see the Pyramid of Giza is more than just a spiritual symbol or a show of great power… it is a transformer of great power!

This means all the other planets in our solar system, including our Sun, emanate sound waves; a high-frequency symphony waiting to get tapped like a college keg party.  We need only to disconnect from our current path of being “fear-aholics” and “doomsday prophecy junkies.”  We are being distracted as a human race on unprecedented levels.

The irony is answers are right in our face, yet all we need to do is to focus on them.  Technology has reached such a place in conjunction with the Internet where we are becoming aware.  Dots are being connected much quicker now.  Instead of focusing on doom and a rush to death, we need to embrace being alive.  We need to focus our collective consciousness on improving our lives through free energy!

The ancients left us blueprints embedded in stone.  We need only use our current scientific knowledge base to reverse engineer the solutions.  Understanding the Earth is not only the sustainer of life but a free energy power station should guide us in protecting her.  No more need for hydro-fracturing, oil, or gas because man needs to rape the Earth in order to collect these fossil fuels.

By Michael Erevna – Source

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