The Farm Of The Future

The future of farming: Driverless tractors, drones and robots. How is the agriculture industry changing as digital technology develops?

The Last Harvest

The documentary ‘The Last Harvest’ follows scientists and farmers who are trying to find out how to reverse some of the worst damage done to the earth in the form of desertification, soil erosion, soil contamination, biodiversity loss, loss of organic matter and soil sealing.

No Entry – Europe’s Border In Africa

The German and French armed forces, for example, are involved in a range of missions from Afghanistan to North Africa. In a bid to cut costs, some of their core functions have been outsourced to commercial enterprises. But at what price?

Saving Syria’s Seed Bank From War

Scientists from Syria saved over 140,000 types of seed from war. Seeds are intended to help preserve genetic diversity in the future and defy climate change.

Fighting Deforestation On Borneo

Deforestation on Borneo is a huge environmental problem. Illegal logging has destroyed more than 90% of the Borneo’s jungles.

The End Of Memory?

Digital data is being produced at a record rate. DVDs, CDs and hard drives have limited lifespans. What does the future of digital storage look like?

Cannabis On Prescription

The list of diseases that the drug cannabis can reportedly alleviate or even cure is long: multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, chronic pain - even brain tumors. But has research really documented the effectiveness of medical marijuana?

The Myopia Boom

Near-sightedness, also known as myopia, is increasing. An estimated one billion people could lose their eyesight by 2050

The Business Of Poverty And Food Companies

Food companies in industrial countries are registering almost no economic growth anymore. That’s why manufacturers are focusing on new markets. Multinationals are making big profits in threshold nations and developing countries - . This film uses São Paulo and Kenya as two examples to demonstrate how big companies are making money at the expense of people’s health.

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