Deja Who? Deja You!

The Wisdom of the Day. The mirror is the most difficult item to find in the dream world. If one can be obtained in lucid dreaming you quickly discover night after night you appear as something different. We have multiple realities running and have always maintained the ability to be in several realms at once. This is the way we continue our immortality on physical planes.

God is omniscient and you are beyond gods and titles so what does that give you the ability to do? Because we are multi-dimensional we store every point in life that causes a spike in our energy be it excitement or terror. When we leave this realm in perceived death we see those high points played back to us and in non-linear time we attempt to come back beforehand and make a different choice. Some call this deja vu and premonitions.

The composition of the Mind, Body, and Soul in tandem is that of a time machine, ever had a 10-minute dream that seemed to run the span of a month? Now a new epoch is upon us and we are presented with the option of gathering all “Selfs” and merging them back into the focal point of the “Prime You” to collapse all notions of the end and the beginning which do not exist.

In the event you can accomplish this you will bring a great deal of your power into this world and thus be able to move the currents of life. You will be the force that propels many of the shipwrecked Souls to their restoration and uniqueness. You will run your final orbit but you will not taste death, you will return to the All-Knowing where you are at this very moment waiting for yourself to cease reflecting. We can do this together!
#secretenergy #astralquest #theresistance has always been and will always be on the front line for humanity.

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