A Deluge State of Mind

Deluge happens now.

What’s being shown geologically is that different parts of the world go into deluge states a lot faster than people think.

Science has these exhausted numbers, physics has these exhausted numbers… over five trillion years – and they do that on purpose because once you hear those numbers, the last thing you think about is it happening during your lifetime.

One of the most important things is to remember that these cataclysms that happen to different parts of Earth occur as frequently as every 300 years, every 500 years… not every 50,000 years.

Deluges take place now – so it’s not uncommon for an entire place to be underwater if certain geological changes happen.  It happens all the time, and there needs to be recovery after – it’s good that the world is developed in other areas, so recovery happens faster.  Technologies are in place, preserved in other areas, and able to be brought in to fix situations.

When something like this happened back in the day, everybody just needed to leave.

This is like a Katrina situation.

Everybody leaves until the water sinks, and then some people that know about irrigation get in there to change up the area, so it can be inhabited again – but it remains mostly desolate.

If it goes under the ocean altogether, then we never even know that that civilization existed, unless a diver goes down there and discovers it…

The people who left Katrina, they had to start all over again. When you have to start all over again, maybe someone that’s a little bit further along can take advantage of you.  Your kind of living in someone else’s house after that.

When a deluge happens, even environmentally, it happens in your life.

We’re looking at the deluge not just as a physical aspect… but as a disconnect point or disconnected state of being where some of this culture was lost, covered up as in flooded, or was taken and changed.

There’s a real need for earth or humanity to move in to assist those who have participated in a deluge but if you also have the opposite going on, where some look at that as a weak point/an opportunity to take over the entire empire etc., then you get what we would say is Culture Vulturing.

You get a complete desolation of that culture. Then it is possibly taken over by someone else, and the original people never able to really recover or represent themselves again.

This is some pretty deep stuff that we’re talking about. 

I am explaining that everybody is connected in these aisles of Lemuria – and after events like the Deluge, we have situations like the Mahabharata, five thousand years of war until even right now.

The Mahabharata continues. We want it to be over… but it still continues.

War still happens.


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