If everything is opposite to what we think we would live backwards and confused through our existence and this is what you see happening. Unraveling the mysteries of the true Cabala means we rewind to the times before the tower of Babel, the time when we are together.


Finally, a power that cowers the evil forces spreading through the land! Hint: It’s inside of you.
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We will begin the real master build here on the rock, check tonight’s pre-recorded premier here: Tomorrow at 11:00 AM I will follow up with a Q&A on YouTube Live to continue restoring the power to our Ancestors who are Us! #sovereignty2020



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When you are done with the lies, then you can enjoy living as the Truth.
black /blak/
The same root produced Old English blac “bright, shining, glittering, pale; The usual Old English word for “black” was sweart (see swart).
According to OED: “In ME. it is often blac, blak, blake, meaning ‘pale, colourless, wan, livid.’
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Facebook Restricts cryptocurrency advertising yet develops their own. Peter Thiel gave Zuck the first $500K to start Facebook after starting Paypal with ElonMusk. Peter also gave Vitalik Buterin $100K through Founders Fund to start Ethereum. Peter also has interests in the Shapeshift App, Jaxx Wallet, Uber, Lfyt, Asana, SpaceX, and many others. See Cruchbase. Most importantly he also owns Palantir, the weapons-grade strong A.I. now used by the military and police departments. Peter develops the A.I. that Elon says he is trying to protect the world from with his biological A.I. Integration called Neuralink which just raised another $50 million! I’m sure most people are too busy arguing with their family or friends over petty emotional squabbles while the entire construct is set to change so drastically by 2020; if not prepared they will miss the days they did not cherish and utilize to the fullest all the joy and love we still have. We started Sovereignty Mentorship to keep you in the Gnosis. Enroll Today @sovereignty2020

The Rise of Metaphysical Technology

Elements that Activate  We have 8 billion precious Souls in a world of selfish capitalist and sociopaths. In this scenario, we are challenged to look deep within and manifest an alternate future of quantum solutions into the present. We answer the call for the development of spiritual offense and defense against disharmonic frequencies.
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The Cosmic Clock Reveals Our Deep Past and Near Future

The Synopsis

We are on a 168,000-year journey into our own existence, our time capsule, our home, our Consciousness. This video reveals the Cosmic Cycles of Space, Time, and Matter — of the past, present, and future — in a synthesis of the syncretic research of scriptures, technologies, holy books, science, cosmology, our observable reality, and inner-standing.

Martin Kenny delivers an overview of the electromagnetic “Cosmic Egg” Universe — its ages, realms, and civilizations. He shares a culmination of knowledge of ancient sources and civilizations from across the world, who All knew that time operates in cycles.

Martin tells the cosmic story of a semi-ethereal master root race, the Polarians, and the creation of the Universe from the Center of Earth, Mt. Meru, where earth and heaven meet. From this electromagnetic cosmic-egg creation are birthed 4 concentric rings, 4 Physical Earthly Realms, and 4 Root Races: Hyperboreans ~ Lemurians ~ Atlantians ~ Aryans 

Think about it: all of creation is the spokes on The Cosmic Wheel, turning the 6,000-year timeline of this realm that we currently exist in.

To Sovereignty 2020 and beyond…

How does this information resonate with you? Is it difficult to believe that the majority of what we have been taught has been a deliberate obscuring of the truth? Do you believe the Cosmic Clock, known by ancient civilizations and ancestors, is the true design of the Universe?

In this video, researcher Martin Kenny gives a detailed description of the design of the Comic Clock, such as Epochs (24,000 years for a full cycle), the 12 months of the year, the 12 zodiac signs. the 4 seasons — 4 ages, 4 eras, 4 civilizations, 4 root races, etc.


Why Is This Important?

Do you ever wonder Who or What are we? Where are we? When and how did we get here… and have we been here before? What are we doing, and why are we here? How did all this life begin… and where are we going? If these questions and answers are important in your experience, then these videos will take you deeper into that Connection.


Have you been following up on the Flat Earth Universe videos? If so, copy any links of images and videos you may have in the comments so we can look over and share what you have found.

Be sure to share this post with your friends and colleagues via social media and get them in the Gno.

Would you like to know something specific about the Cosmic Clock? Let us know in the comments and someone deep-diving into this topic will leave a response.

Do you know about some historical occurrence that directly connects with the Cosmic Clock? If so, let us know about it in the comments.

Don’t believe any of this is true and have an alternative explanation? We love to keep our eyes open and lights on, so let us know in the comments if this is just another false flag operation or imagination gone wild!

More Articles coming around this event including:

  • The Gilded Age: A Mysteries Time of Rapid Advancement
  • Tartary: An Entire Nation, Gone or Hidden Among Us?
  • Free Energy: Is This the Secret Freemasons Have Made a Pact to Keep?


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