Shakuni Type: King of Deception

The Shakuni type is a fake Brahman.

A little backstory on the Shakuni is necessary for us to understand the setting of the world during this time.

In this time, the environments are changing, and everyone has come down from the mountains.  They are now into the forest and trade has begun.  Trade becomes instrumental in how people function.  All trade begins when someone has something that you don’t.

In the first Yugas, there was no trade because everyone shared the same thing – there was plenty of abundances.

After a while, we hear about the Silk Road and those kinds of operations.  We now know this entire area called Kumari Kandam (shown on the map) was actually one of the largest trade routes in the history of humanity and was the central trade location between all these nations.

It is the perfect setup for trade because the entire country borders the ocean.  At the time everybody traveled around in ships.  If you look at the geological position of the Kumari Kandam landmass, you can see that there’s trade access all around and because of this, you have people coming from other countries (including Shakuni) who are seeing the wealth of this Empire.

We see that this particular area is central to a strong trade route and a prosperous empire.

This nation gets continuously plundered for all its wealth, linguistics, history, sciences, and even the people.  Every single thing you can think of has been despoiled in this Empire and brought to us today by another group of people as if it’s theirs.

Then enters a Shakuni – which is a type of person, trait or characteristic.

A Shakuni type:

– Is insecure; feels others have something they don’t and will do whatever to get it. 

– Uses the dark arts such as cunning, lying, cheating, gambling, and prostitution to supplant and get what they want (but does not belong to them).

– Uses one’s customs to gain a foothold on others.

– Will use marriage contracts, religion, and tribal beliefs to manipulate.

A Shakuni type will come into an area and see what the belief of the people is: if you wake up with your face blue then you’re the leader… a Shakuni will figure out how to make his face blue.

Let’s look at some of the examples we can find in specific accounts in the Bible.

There is Abraham, a fake Brahman, who offers his wife Sarah to the leader of Kemet (Pharaoh is a word used later in history, but we’ll use that word).  This story is symbolic and isn’t an actual physical event that took place.

After this occurs, Pharaoh has a dream and it’s horrible – he’s been cursed somehow, and he realizes this dream is connected to this woman that he just married.

He goes back to Abraham and he asks him, “is this your wife?”

Abraham says,” yes, it is.”

Pharaoh says, “what kind of trick is this? Why would you give me your wife to sleep with?”  Abraham replies, “if I didn’t give you my wife, you would kill me.”  Pharaoh says, “why would you think something like that? We have shown you nothing that would give you the idea that we would kill you.”

This is symbolic – it’s showing you the cunning and deceit of the Shakuni, and treacherous use of women.

Shakuni brought a woman (that was from what we’re recognizing today as Russia) into India.  This woman was so beautiful, that he was capable of getting her married into one of the Raj families.  He gained so much of a foothold in this area, that there is a Shakuni temple in India right now.

One more example.  Solomon tricks Belkis – the Queen of Ancient Lanka.  Belkis is also called the queen of Sheba… her name is not Sheeba.  Her name is Belkis.  Belkis means the God of Kiss (that’s another story) – she was a warrior queen from ancient Sri Lanka that Solomon tricked into sleeping with him.

The story goes, Solomon heard that she had a hoof foot, so he built a glass floor to see under her dress.  He also told her that if she took anything from his kingdom, she would have to sleep with him. 

She said, “I don’t need to take anything from you, because I have everything.”

Thus, Solomon proceeds with a trick.  He serves hot spicy food all night, and Belkis needs some water.  When she gets some water and drinks it…

Solomon grabs her and says, “you took something from me, now you must sleep with me.”

This is Shakuni type behavior.

Solomon and David, these kings in this particular scripture, actually connect to the Shakuni character in mythologies.

They are examples of how the Shakuni type acts in the ancient setting, causing trouble and confusion amongst tribes.


The Identity of a Thug

Some may wonder about the origins of the “Thug” culture that is now plaguing our youth.

I have been disclosing the greatest plot of all on the #Keymakers Show over the past few months, revealing that 95% of worlds spiritual culture was taken from the Tamil Nadu region also known as Lemuria – it was then plagiarized, altered, and stolen by imposters and thieves who plundered this ancient culture, along with its language, that we all belong to.

Let us go down and confuse them.  Genesis 11.7

This will need a thorough dissertation beginning with Episode 1 of The Keymakers. Many Priests, Pastors, Imams, Secret Society Leaders, New Age Leaders, etc. will now have the opportunity to desist with the ignorance, and perfect their messages… or be vanquished by the Truth that I will not delay in bringing.

Now a brief dissertation on being a Thug.  I will reveal there are a few Ancestral Families of prominence that survived the Deluge of Lemuria – these retreating families became the likes of the Mayan Civilization, so-called Native Americans, Hondurans etc. just to name a few.  Some are unaware that Tupac Shakur‘s mother named him after a royal descendent of this nation in hopes that he would be returning salvation to his people. His final quote after defeat by the Spanish invaders was “I will be back and there will be millions with me”.


However, the invading parties (such as Shakuni) later corrupted the spiritual sects of ancient India and self-appointed themselves as Brahmans – or the highest spiritual level that can be attained in physicality.  They did this by insisting that the ancient system of spiritual ascendance that is based on the color of the chakras (beginning in black and ending in white) should also be utilized as a way to determine spiritual growth by skin color – thus placing themselves on top of the caste system which they created and is still in use.  What a bunch of losers… who through cunning, gambling, blackmail, and any other dark art, spent hundreds of years turning us against each other.

Fast-forward now to the Present.  These are now your Secret Society leaders – they are your Bankers, your Hidden Crypto Cabal that wrote your Bibles and Koran’s – which are plagiarized and changed from their original text to confuse you… but they still bring some form of resonance since they are taken from something that you genetically know, and subconsciously resonate with.

Lastly, they are the ones who control the music and entertainment industry.  So in this case, you see Tupac came into the music industry with the feeling that he would be a Black Messiah.  This was passed on to him by his Mother, and while he did not know any of the details I’m explaining now, it existed within him to make a change.  However, those who are still lurking in the dark and feeding off your children had another idea.  They played on the message and the personage and made him a Thugee… thus birthing generation after generation of Thugs, until someone breaks this curse.

I, Sevan Bomar, anciently known as Sevaganmuru will break this curse and many others as I come online and bring the ancient nation that is all of us back together.  When evil, pestilence, ignorance, and injustice rule the land… I Incarnate.

To break this curse, you must know that these fake Brahmans I mentioned are by their own admittance, worshippers, and servants of the lowest stage of human consciousness.  They are confused and never innerstood the sacred knowledge.  They represent Kali falsely by associating her with the angel of death.  Thus, they kill mothers, fathers, and children to appease her.  They wear black religiously and associate themselves with darkness.  Jerusalem is not the city of Peace (based on etymology).  Shalem means Night in the ancient tongue.  They are the worshippers of ignorance.

Tupac came right into all of this.  Sure enough, the members of the dark Cabal (who are thieves that write contracts to bind people with debt) worked their dark magic – and it wasn’t long before a power that could have been used to bring massive unity, was inverted to do the opposite.  Now witness and learn the true origin of a Thug.


The lesson here is it doesn’t matter what you came here to do and how powerful you think you are… you must be in the Know and remain balanced at all times.  You cannot underestimate darkness and wickedness as it moves about the land.  We created the first martial arts, Yoga and Meditation, to defend ourselves from such things.  Be a great Leader amongst your people and be on the watch for those yet to be admonished and correct their ways.  Humanity has always been a loving family.  It is only when we divide from each other that we become our worst enemies and begin destroying our worlds.

There is much much more to all of this, but this is the message I felt guided to share.  Wholeness

The Shakuni Type

I heard Krishna had some issues with another fellow or type named Shaguni.

Yes, in the Mahabharata – which your Bible is directly plagiarized from, so you are not getting the truth.

You have to go through all the text that contains the truth, and start putting all the pieces together… it takes a moment to do that and you need to have a certain level of awareness – that’s what we’ve done.

In this tense, we have a specific character known as “Shakuni” or “Shaguni” – which we like to just call a type of person.

We don’t try to plaster one race with a specific issue and blame it all on them.  We want to bring and highlight some real aspects or traits, that give you an idea of what you should be looking out for when pouring through this knowledge.

We’ve dubbed that, in our own little club “The Shaguni Type.”

I have some images here that show you the original Brahma.  This is a statue that was pulled from one of the first temples that give you an idea of what Brahma looked like originally for these people.  

Here is the original Brahma pulled out of a temple, thousands and thousands of years old, and that’s the depiction.

Then we see what I call the “Transitional Brahma” a.k.a “Santa Claus“.  The next stage is more of like something done in Photoshop.  

You start seeing the process of the appearance and how people recognize Brahm changing.  With the caste system now in place, Brahm has to be this color (white) or he’s not Brahman.

The final metamorphosis is what I call, “the modern false Brahman” or the “Shaguni type.”  The reason why he got chosen today, is because of that look on his face – which is common for people who practice this kind of tradition. It is in their doctrine to really despise others.

This is not, as they would try to make it sometimes, a witch hunt or somebody talking about their culture… that is their smokescreen.

They built the Anti-Defamation League to continually shield them, so they can continue atrocities – because anytime someone says something, they must walk on tiptoes about who or what they’re saying.

Shakuni. I like to say, it’s a type.

Instead of saying “It’s the Jewish people or those who recognize themselves under that title”… we’re talking specifically about those that are initiated into the priestcraft of Kali known as the “fake Brahmins”. This is what you’re looking at right here. A Shaguni type.

I’ll tell you a bit more of the Shaguni types.

The Shaguni types always come in a certain Motif.  It is a secret priestcraft that uses secret symbols, that you do not know the meaning of unless you are initiated with them.

They connected with some of the Oriental Chinese to moderate their country under Confucianism, and the Druids… East & West.

I just want you to inner-stand that the motif of a Brahmin (the Santa Claus) is shared throughout these cultures of the spiritually-learned men.

They always take on the Brahmic motif because it is a central component of being Brahm.

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