The Myopia Boom

Near-sightedness, also known as myopia, is increasing. An estimated one billion people could lose their eyesight by 2050

Glaucoma Natural Remedies

When there is too much pressure inside the eye it is called Glaucoma which may peel off the retina and can cause blindness. It is the main cause of blindness. It happens in 2% of people over 40 years of age; two thirds are women and one third are men. It is often found in women during menopause.

Acute glaucoma has PAIN, redness, hazy vision, nausea, and rainbow vision, coming on suddenly. See your eye doctor immediately! Chronic glaucoma has no pain and almost no symptoms. It may be noticed as a loss of side vision or blind spots growing. It is diagnosed most frequently by an eye doctor.

Causes are seen as adrenal insufficiency, injury, lack of circulation, or injury. It may also be caused from steroid drops in the eyes over a period of time. Toxicity such as tobacco and alcohol contribute. Modern medicine treats glaucoma with eye drops that must be used forever or other medications (side effects). Some success has been seen with surgery and lasers.

Natural perspective considers the liver as well as adrenal exhaustion as players. German authors recommend diuretic formulas for successful treatment. Natural treatments can be effective but one must be diligent with frequent visits to the eye doctor to determine success.

Emotionally, glaucoma is a sign of inner tension. A German saying is, “at the end of life, man looks through a tunnel.” This is a sign of blocked feelings such as fear, worry, and grief. The blocked feelings are also seen in blocked tear ducts where it is symbol of uncried tears.

It is also connected to the breath. When breathing is free, inner pressures of life and physical problems are released. It is better to examine the causes and learn from them, and release inner emotional blocks. One can remain for a long time depressed when emotional blocks are not confronted. It is painful temporarily, but a releasing emotional conflicts lead to spiritual freedom.


Herbs for Glaucoma

Herbs are plants valued for their specific strengthening/ tonifying properties.

Herb combinations:

Dave’s Liver Formula – rich in rose hips for eye pressure.

Dr. Christopher’s Adrenal Formula – adrenal health.

Dr. Christopher’s Herbal Eyebright – eye health.

Dr. Christopher’s Kidney Formula – diuretic

Herb Singles:

Bilberry – increases circulation

Gingko biloba – increases circulation to the head

Picnogenol – 100 mg a day with other formulas. Newest research is lower pressure.

Cell Salts to Help with Glaucoma

To make a cell salt solution, put up to 10 tablets of each cell salt in a 16- to 24-ounce bottle; fill with water and swirl to dissolve tablets. Sip throughout the day.

#8 Mag phos 6X – muscular tension release
#9 Nat mur 6X – fluid control and cataracts
#12 Silicea 6X – connective tissue integrity

Glaucoma Homeopathic Remedies

Homeopathic remedies are non-toxic natural medicines safe for everyone including infants and pregnant or nursing women. You may use 6X, 30X, 6C or 30C potencies.

Acute Remedies: use these remedies with medications as it is dangerous to go off medications without checking with your eye doctor.

Aconite – use at the beginning of fevers, tension, dryness, burning of eyes and a rheumatic constitution (arthritic tendency); yellow spots at looking at white objects; floaters in eye after eyestrain.

Ammoniacum – dim sight; stars and fiery points float before eyes; easily fatigued from reading.

Apis mellifica – glaucoma with low blood pressure or from an injury to the cornea.

Arnica – injury-induced glaucoma; eyes feel tired and weary from sightseeing and moving pictures; sensitive to light; eyes feel bruised.

Asafoetida – glaucoma with severe boring pains above the eyes including digestive problems; as long as there is pain involved, this remedy is acute.

Atropinum – nerve pains in and around eyes; can’t keep eyes open; corneal ulcers with spasmodic winking; dim vision and dilated pupils; vertical double vision.

Belladonna – helpful to reduce severe pains of glaucoma, especially when there are throbbing head pains and a red face; eyes are red, pupils wide; pain comes and goes suddenly, and is worse at night.

Bryonia – glaucoma with pains that are sharp like a knife; inflammation; dryness of mucus membranes; any movement makes pain worse.

Chelidonium – glaucoma with radiating pain of the orbits of the eyes and enlargement of veins of front of the eyes; sore eyes when looking upwards, bruised feeling; gluey eyes in morning.

Coffea cruda – glaucoma that is worse from excitement and coffee; eyes burn and throb; eyes half open during sleep; eyes have a convulsive action; pupils dilated.

Colocynthis – pain better from warmth and pressure; burning eyelids; violent pains before glaucoma; abdominal cramps.

Glonoinum – severe throbbing headaches; red lower eyelids with red eyes red; wild protruding eyes; pressure or sore eyes; lids sticking to eyes; sensitive to light.

Grindelia – fullness of head; pain radiates from eye to back into brain; conjunctiva of eye red, pupils dilated; pain in left eye and right knee joint.

Ipecac – profuse tears with redness of eyes; light sensitive; feels nauseated.

Jaborandi – glaucoma with high blood pressure; focusing with cramping and near sightedness from tension; nausea from looking at moving objects; objects shimmer sideways upon viewing objects from a distance; eye strain with weakness of focusing muscle and dizziness; nervous irritability with a multicolored dazzling.

Ranunculus bulbosa – glaucoma with iritis (inflammation of the iris); herpes blisters on cornea; sensitive to light; day and night blindness.

Sanguinaria – sick headache over right eye; yellow sclera; retinal congestion; eyes red and burning mornings; tearing; eyes painful on movement.

Secale – works through reducing blood pressure; sunken eyes and blue rings around eyes; dilated pupils; diabetic retinitis; sparks in vision.

Spigelia – glaucoma with severe pain in and around the eyes; pressing pain on turning the eyes; symptoms worse from eye movement, and at night.

Tabacum – weak vision, misty vision-like seeing through a veil; blue sunken eyes; pupils dilated; image is retained in eyes; may include severe headaches with choking and nausea.

Chronic conditions are used with medication and are usually connected to high blood pressure. These are usually constitutional remedies based upon personality and physical problems.

Aristolochia clematis – glaucoma with watering eyes aggravated by light and reading; burning itching; person is worn out with vertigo; chilliness.

Aurum metallicum – extreme sensitivity to light; upper half of objects invisible; tension with worsening vision and a pressure sensation in the eyes; general depression, grief.

Aurum muriaticum – neuralgic pains in left eye; red eyes; burning heat and prickling; difficulty in keeping eyes shut; severe depression, restless.

Calc carb – glaucoma with spots and ulcers on cornea; dilated pupils; light sensitive; dim vision; fatigued eyes; person has weak ankles, tendency to obesity, overworks, is sensitive, and is better in cool air.

Causticum – hard to focus (paralysis of the ciliary muscles) with misty vision (as obscured with gauze), especially with a cold; paralysis right eyelid; drooping eyelids; profuse acrid tears; eyes rolling.

Cedron – periodic eye pains; eyes red and burn like fire; shooting pains over left eye; pain temple to temple; eye neuralgia.

Gelsemium – heavy drooping eyelids; double vision; internal trembling; dim-sightedness; a main remedy for eye pains that are better from urination.

Iodium – painful protruding eyes; pupils dilated; restlessness; hyperthyroid conditions; voracious appetite.

Lachesis – bleeding in the eyes, congestive inflammation especially in left eye; detached retina or bleeding; intense talkative people.

Nat mur – with cataracts; eyes itch and burn; person pulls at lashes; light sensitive; eye muscles stiff, weak; pain looking down; glaucoma after grief, wants to be alone.

Prunus spinosa – severe pains, as if the eye were crushed or squeezed; cutting pains through eye on affected side. (Spigelia)

Nux vomica – eyes bloodshot; lower eyeballs yellow; constitutionally for nervous irritable people; digestive disorders; may be addicted to stimulants.

Pulsatilla – inflammation of the eyelids (conjunctivitis) with mild but profuse mucus: feels like sand in eyes; oversensitive to light; worse from warmth; wants comfort, and is weepy; symptoms are changeable and move about.

Osmium – glaucoma with the rainbow colors especially of the right eye; also for people with high blood pressure.

Phosphorus – an important remedy for eye weakness; person over sensitive; possible frequent nosebleeds; fear of the dark.

Physostigma – floaters; paralysis of eye muscles; contraction of pupils; trembling vision;  increasing nearsightedness, night blindness, and severe tearing; eye twitching after reading.

Plumbum – glaucoma from spinal disorders; pupils contracted; sudden loss of vision after fainting; profuse hot tears; paralysis of upper lids; mental depression and insomnia.

Sulphuricum acidum – eye hemorrhaging; eyes smart, burn, tear while reading; eyelids difficult to open.



Source: Dave’s Healing Notes

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