Tremors Natural Remedies

Rhythmical muscle spasms with an alternation of opposing muscle groups are tremors. It is most commonly recognized in the hands, but may be seen in the neck and other parts.
The key is that tremors have a regular rhythm. Other symptoms of tics or jerks belong to a different discussion with athetosis, chorea, dystonia, ballism, or Parkinson’s disease, although treatments may be similar.

Causes to be ruled out: brain disease, hyper thyroidism, drug toxicity from prescription or over-the-counter meds. Most conditions can be treated naturally but its best to get a diagnosis and rule out other diseases.

According to modern medicine, again the cause must be known, tremors are treated with drugs (they all have side effects and may have to be used for a very long time). If stress or anxiety has induced the tremors the use of anti-depressant or other psychotic drugs may be prescribed. Counseling may be a good option for anxiety and stress.

Natural Perspective
Ayurvedic tradition says that tremors are a Vata disturbance of the muscles. It is the nerves of the muscle that need help. Chinese medicine says the liver controls the sinews and muscles and most tremors are caused by liver problems. This includes toxicity from medicines or alcohol which affect the liver. Another cause is often nerve or stress conditions to which natural therapies for tremors are particularly helpful.

Nutrition for tremors includes:

Magnesium citrate to relax the muscles.

Alpha lipoic acid to increase anti-oxidant power

Vitamin B-complex to reduce the consequences of stress.

Slow down if anxious our stressed. What’s the hurry? Smell the roses. If a relationship is making things worse seek counseling. If work is stressing you, re-examine your priorities. Change your lifestyle before the universe (circumstances) changes it for you.


Herbs for Tremors

Herbs are plants valued for their specific strengthening/ tonifying properties.

Use these 5 remedies in the following proportions for all major causes of tremors. Use in powder form or tincture form; mix together and take ½ teaspoon powder or ½ to 1 teaspoons of liquid tincture 3 times a day.

1 part Dandelion root
2 parts             Sage leaf
2 parts Rosemary leaves
3 parts Lavender flowers
1 part Cayenne pepper

Dandelion root – supports and cleanses the liver that controls muscles and helps the body for detoxification.

Sage leaf – cleanses the livers, kidneys, strengthens the nerves, controls perspiration and is good for menopausal hot flashes. Used traditionally in Europe for tremors.

Rosemary leaves – liver, spleen, brain support. Improves digestion and slow used in Europe for tremors.

Lavender flowers – used for the brain, nerves, dizziness, migraines, bloating, stroke, epilepsy, tremors and other neurological problems.

Cayenne pepper – to energize the formula and increase circulation. This serves as a catalyst.

Cell Salts to Help with Tremors

To make a cell salt solution, put up to 10 tablets of each cell salt in a 16- to 24-ounce bottle; fill with water and swirl to dissolve tablets. Sip throughout the day.

While most all the cell salts work for tremors the following three will be a good general formula

#6 Kaili phos 6X – basic neurological remedy for prickling in hands and feet with numbness in the fingertips; stress or grief.
#9 Nat mur 6X – numb and tingling fingers; ice cold hands or hot sweaty palms; hands tremble when writing; emotional problems from grief.
#12 Silicea 6X – legs trembling, paralyzed; trembling hands when used; delicate shy, timid person.

Tremor Homeopathic Remedies

Homeopathic remedies are non-toxic natural medicines safe for everyone including infants and pregnant or nursing women. You may use 6X, 30X, 6C or 30C potencies.

Agaricus – spasms of arms with tremors and twitching; paralytic pain in left arm then palpitations; worse on holding objects and moving hands, also worse when writing; worse during menses.

Argentum nit – performance anxiety, fear of heights; craves sweets; anxiety; can’t write; numbness of hands, arms, fingers; peripheral neuralgia.

Arsenicum album – weakness and exhaustion of hands, twitching and spasms; paralysis and tingling; restless feet and fingers; restless person who wants everything perfect; worse mornings.

Belladonna – tremors and cramping pains; heaviness; paralytic feeling; coldness; worse right side.

Causticum – paralysis of single muscles; heaviness and weakness; unsteady; numbness; contracted tendons; worse when writing, in evening, and holding out hands with pain; mostly right sided.

Cina – tremors from nervous conditions or parasites; especially in children; sudden inward jerking; fingers on right hand; twitching.

Cimicifuga – restless uneasy feelings in limbs; tremors with arthritis; soreness, aching; numbness; hands tremble when writing; worse left side; female hormonal and menopausal symptoms.

Cocculus – one-sided paralysis; painful stiffness of joints; trembling and pain; symptoms of vertigo; hands are numb and alternate hot or cold on change of position; drops objects and holds them awkwardly.

Gelsemium – tired; dull after mononucleosis; single muscles twitch; internal trembling; weakness of limbs; muscle pains; cramps in forearms; cold wrists and hands; palms numb and hot; neuralgia; writer’s cramp.

Hyoscyamus – restlessness, muscle twitches with cold hands and feet trembling; from alcoholism; muttering, delirious; hyper sex drive; also during menses; worse from writing.

Ignatia – neurological issues; cramps; twitching, spasms, tingling; from stress and anxiety; sighing; lump in throat; worse form writing.

Iodium – tremors with hyperthyroid condition; eats ravenously but gains no weight; trembling, weary and debilitated; cold hands and feet; tremors of fingers.

Lachesis – worse left side; swelling of wrists and ankles; left arm and hand numb; jealousy; alcohol toxicity; doesn’t like clothing about the neck; talkative, changing subjects often.

Mercury vivus – used for tremors of Parkinson’s disease; paralysis, weakness and weariness; sensitive to temperature; arthritic problems; coldness; worse holding objects or holding out hands or working with hands, and while writing.

Nux vomica – tremors with digestive problems, alcohol or stimulant abuse; cramps; paralysis; motion of hand to mouth; sudden loss of power; limbs feel heavy; arms go to sleep stiff, numb; from smoking.

Opium – coldness, numbness, weakness; tremors during sleep; heat and stress; worse from fright or glare of light.

Phosphoric acid – crawling sensation; tremors when writing; mental exhaustion or grief; weakness, debility, pain at night.

Phosphorus – emotionally sensitive; tremors also in fingers, worse hands hanging down during mornings, using them, and when writing; tingling, crawling sensation; can’t hold anything in hands.

Plumbum met – gradual onset; neurological muscles; atrophy, paralysis of single muscles; stinging, tearing tingling twitching, coldness; worse lower limbs; worse evenings, fingers, holding objects, handwork.

Rhus tox – coldness and stiffness better from warmth and continued motion; paralyzed; numbness; prickling; loss of power; burning palms; tremors of fingers.

Stannum met –paralytic heaviness and weakness; gradual pains; drops objects; swelling hands, ankles; twitching of forearms and hands; cramps wont let go of objects; fingers jerk when holding a pen; mostly left hand; when resting hands on table; weakness; worse while writing; also respiratory issues.

Zincum metallicum – feet restless, lame, weak; trembling; twitching of muscles; sweaty; worse writing and resting hands on a table, after vertigo, and for women worse during menses; better from motion.



Source: Dave’s Healing Notes

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