Skin Wrinkles Natural Remedies

Wrinkles are the skin forming creases and folds. They make a person look older; many people spend a lot of money to remedy this. The main cause of skin wrinkles is age and sun exposure. Some believe skin wrinkles involve diet, lifestyle or even genetics; I think it involves them all.

Millions of dollars are spent every year in this country on wrinkle creams. More money is probably spent on expensive plastic surgery which can be problematic and need to be done again.

Skin wrinkles are a natural progression of aging. They can also be symptoms of stress, dehydration, and toxicity issues or the result of hormonal changes at menopause.

Diet plays a factor in skin wrinkles; risks include using tobacco, alcohol, sodas, excess coffee, black tea, processed foods too as they interfere with connective tissue health.

Nutrition for skin is important. Use the following oils as they help moisturize skin:

Evening primrose oil is good for skin and female health (can soften cervix). 500 to 1,000 mg a day.

Flax oil is skin and cardio protective at 4,000 mg a day, not as anti-inflammatory as fish oil

Omega 3 fish oils is my favorite at 6,000 mg a day of whole salmon oil (from a health food store, not big stores); a must for cardiovascular health.


Herbs for Skin Wrinkles

Herbs are plants valued for their specific strengthening/ tonifying properties.

Use a combination of the following herbs in liquid, capsule or powder for maximum benefit, and adjust as your condition improves. Therapeutic dose is equal to one capsule of each herb or 1 liquid dropper squeeze full of an herbal tincture 3 times a day.

Dong quai is a blood builder and breast and pelvic decongestant. It is also moistening.

Sarsaparilla is a blood purifier and hormone builder.

Burdock root is used for colon and liver toxicity.

Cell Salts to Help with Skin Wrinkles

To make a cell salt solution, put up to 10 tablets of each cell salt in a 16- to 24-ounce bottle; fill with water and swirl to dissolve tablets. Sip throughout the day.

#6 Kali phos 6X – for stress associated with wrinkles
#12 Silicea 6X – specific for wrinkles

You can also use these in a cream or a light water mist spray on affected areas. See more ways of using cell salts

Skin Wrinkles Homeopathic Remedies

Homeopathic remedies are non-toxic natural medicines safe for everyone including infants and pregnant or nursing women. You may use 6X, 30X, 6C or 30C potencies.

Antimonium crud – skin wrinkles with digestive problems and thick white coating on tongue. Person is sentimental and oversensitive.

Conium – for menopausal or vertigo issues; yellowish skin

Cuprum met – wrinkles; skin is bluish, marbled; also for convulsions, muscle spasms or cramps.

Kali ars – dry, scaly wilted skin; chronic eczema; intolerable itching, worse form warmth. Person has fears of disease, anxiety about health.

Mezereum – wrinkles in folds of skin; skin eruptions ooze and are acrid; gluey moisture, thick crusts; scabs with pus beneath; thoughts vanish while speaking.

Sarsaparilla – skin is shriveled, lies in folds and is emaciated; may also have cankers in mouth.

Secale – shriveled skin with bluish tinge; itching under skin; burning sensation; aversion to heat; issues of bleeding.

Veratrum album – skin flabby and without elasticity; wrinkles on hands and feet; skin feels scorched; problems of large stools with straining, sweats at stool.



Source: Dave’s Healing Notes

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