Secret Energy Chat Policy

We are in many ways responsible for what happens to members inside of our ecosystem. In the event someone has a less than desirable experience within our platform our reputation is on the line. We take these policies seriously and by agreeing to our terms and conditions, which you have done by using our services, any infractions will result in a reprimand or removal from our network and associated services. We reserve the right to refuse the use of any any part of our ecosystem including Sovereignty Mentorship and the Affiliate program.


Respect others personal information. We have designed an organic network that allows everyone involved to feel free to connect with others in the Tribe. This means personal information may be shared between Members from time-to-time. Because of this you are not allowed to use any personal information of another member to judge, exploit, or utilize to any negative end. We ask that things like gossiping and creating division be strictly avoided as any Adept knows what such an environment eventually produces.


No Spamming. While we share with each other our projects and goals we do not condone spamming and soliciting other members. This includes to join, buy, or engage in your products or services unless they have specifically asked for information or services that you have to offer. Please use your own discretion, if you are sending something to someone else that they did not ask for this is spamming. If you are unsure email us at support and we will let you know how to proceed.

Data Mining

You are not allowed to compile and/or collect any personal information of other Members from our networking channels. Compiling and collecting information such as email addresses of Members from our network channels which include Teamwork, WhatsApp, Spiritechs, and all affiliated channels is strictly forbidden. Utilizing such information without proper consent will result in legal recourse in the event we are able to determine an infraction has taken place.

No Deities

We do not subscribe to external forces. While Ambassador Training is predominately centered around assisting members with their financial stability we also connect this with the mental, spiritual, and physical aspects of life. One of our main principles is keeping the space clear from external gods, entities, and forces. You are not allowed to recommend the worship or prayer to any external deity or force to another Member.

Energy Vamping

No energy vamping. We are here to assist you with expanding your life and reaching fulfillment, however, we are very astute in knowing the difference between someone who wishes to change vs. someone who has become accustom to waddling in self pity while pulling others in to it. We ask all Members to be responsible at all times for the energy they are bringing to others.

Controlled Substance

Conversations that involve the sale of controlled substances across any of our channels is prohibited and will result in immediate removal from our services. 

No Affiliate Links

You cannot post referral or affiliate links of other services and networks before clearing it by staff in order to avoid affiliate and referral link spamming.

Private Groups are Prohibited

The Geneva Lounge and Video areas are designated for Tribe collaboration. We ask that no private meeting links such as your own personal zoom links be placed in the chat. You are not allowed to create a private group and then invite everyone to it. 

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