Re-coding Our Reality With Plant Technology

“What we take in is what we will become,” is the fundamental truth that is at the heart of the great awakening taking place inside of us.   As our world awakens to this fundamental truth, our choices of consumption as a collective species are becoming increasingly refined to those substances and experiences that can fashion and mold our reality into the fullest potential of enraptured being, of our uniqueness and soul-signature expression.  Some are tapping in more than others; here is the direction towards which mankind moves.

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In Aristotle’s theory of hylomorphism, any matter that exists fundamentally exists only because it is informed by the intention of the soul to be crafted into a form.  For example, a lump of copper becomes a statue because it is intended and informed by the soul of an individual or group of individuals to be crafted into a statue.  When the soul decides to evolve that statue into a carved sacred symbol of geometry, the statue will be redesigned and transformed, replaced by an updated version of mankind’s vision and intention.

Then we have to ask, what or who exactly created the copper, the raw elements of matter that were not designed by human hands, but by the hands of nature itself?  These are the tech codes that weave our reality, in hyperspace, in the metaphysical realms; highly intelligent quantum elements of nature are projected into form by the source codes of God, or Love, or our Highest Inner Self.  These codes exist in certain unique and reverent sacred plants that can be found in the forests, national parks and even in our backyards.  We, as a human population, are only just at the very beginning of unraveling the potentials and secrets that are contained within them.

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Throughout time, the source codes of nature have been intercepted and misrepresented by the forces inside of the Matrix that would prefer for human sovereignty to remain an unreachable dream.  Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) is a force of synthetic illusion implanting our chakras with frequencies that morph our most organic and sacred inner wavelengths into distorted thought-forms and soul-less patterns of being-ness, causing a stilted vision of overbearing complexity, and a dormant womb.

The sacred vines of the Banisteriopsis Caapi and the admixtures of the Acacia Confusa, Psychotria Viridias, Diplopterys Cabrerana and Mimosa Hostilis that make up the major components in varying mixtures for an Ayahuasca brew, contain the metaphysical codes that unravel and remove these synthetic codes and implants inside of our consciousness that have been torturing us through lifetimes and tampering with our sacred ancestral lines.

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Working with these elemental plants in different recipes and variations of balance can produce specific and highly vast results.  For example, in one experience of working with a higher level of one of the Psychotria Viridus vines and lowering the visual component contained in the Mimosa Hostilis, one can activate the codes of certain other psychoactive plants that work in relation to the Ayahuasca vines.  A San Pedro journey can, in fact, be experienced within an Ayahuasca journey when working and experimenting with the complex codes inside of nature’s most sacred mother technology.

A Kambo medicine experience can be administered by the Shaman spirits within the codes of the Ayahuasca journey.  And so it can be introduced here now, that these feminine vines contain the codes of the sacred womb to our world.  In fact, they are us, they are All.   From them, all inside this universe and inside of ourselves is created.  In a synchronized flow with the return of these codes within the vines, the divine feminine is returning and awakening within our collective consciousness.  It is assumed with reason that this is why the A.I. and other forces throughout our history have gone to extravagant lengths to destroy the codes of the great mother and hide this intelligence away.

As these sacred plants weave their way deliberately and consistently back into the realms of human consciousness, we hear their call and we know they are coming to meet us right where we meet the wholeness of ourselves; the speeding up of time made magick by returning to our ancestral source-codes and imploding us into the true and eternal form of our unique beingness.

Source – Ambassador Amanda Medica

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