Natural Remedies for Pain

Pain is the body’s response to an injury, energy blockage, or damage. It is the sign that your body is working to heal the problem.

painModern medicine treats pain by using medications that block receptors to the brain so you don’t feel it. This often slows the healing process and causes side effects such as addictions to pain medications, gastro-intestinal problems, constipation and more.

There are many different ways in which pain is manifested. The natural way is to simply deal with what’s causing the pain, thus removing the energy blockage. Homeopathics, herbs, and cell salts do well for specific types of pain.




Herbs for Pain

Herbs are plants valued for their specific strengthening/ tonifying properties.

Herb combinations:

Dave’s Recovery Formula – Cramp bark, Horsetail, Oat straw, Wild lettuce, Thyme, Nettle, herbs traditionally used to relax muscles, with anti-inflammatory properties.

Dave’s Relief Formula – Corydalis, Boswellia, Myrrh, and Ginger; herbs used traditionally for swelling and inflammation in tissues and joints, and pain relief..

Great Corydalis – this Chinese herbal combines Corydalis and Angelica dahurica and is designed to move energy that is disturbed. Many customers have reported wonderful joint pain relief.

Herb singles:

Cramp bark – cramping and muscle pains (safe during pregnancy)

Valerian – calming, nerve pains

Cayenne – for pain associated with lack of circulation

White willow anti-inflammatory, works similar to aspirin

Cell Salts to Help with Pain

To make a cell salt solution, put up to 10 tablets of each cell salt in a 16- to 24-ounce bottle; fill with water and swirl to dissolve tablets. Sip throughout the day.

#3 Calc sulph 6X – cellular detoxification
#6 Kali phos 6X – nerve pain
#8 Mag phos 6X – sharp shooting pains and muscular problems
#11 Nat sulph 6X – liver support and general detoxification

Pain Homeopathic Remedies

Homeopathic remedies are non-toxic natural medicines safe for everyone including infants and pregnant or nursing women. You may use 6X, 30X, 6C or 30C potencies.

The following homeopathics are for different types of pain: bone, burning, cramping, muscle, nerve (neuralgic), oversensitivity to pain, radiating, sticking-stitching, wandering.

Bone Pain

Asafoetida – Bone pain; hard violent throbbing. Pains that are pressing, stitching, sharp, associated with numbness. Aching, boring in bones. Decay of bones. Ulcers affecting bones (thin pus). Better in open air; worse at night, with warm applications. Craves sympathy, complains of troubles, changing moods.

Aurum metallicum – Pain in bones; decay of bones. Better in cool open air, becoming warm, with music; worse with mental exertion, sunset to sunrise. Depression, hopelessness. Hypersensitive to noise.

Eupatorium Perfoliatum – Bone pain; violent aching, bone breaking pains. Influenza. Better by conversation, getting on hands and knees; worse in cold air, periodically, 7am to 9 am. Feel at night as if going out of his mind, moans with aching pain.

Merc vivus – Bone pains in limbs, worse at night; must get up and walk about. Trembling limbs, pain in joints, fingers numb. Swelling of feet and legs. Sensitive to cold and heat, human thermometer. Foul breath, sweat. Better from moderate temperature, wiht rest; worse at night, from sweating, when heated, in drafts. Hurried in speech, irresolute, changes mind constantly.

Burning Pains

Arsenicum album – Burning pains relieved by heat; burning feels like fire, hot needles or wires. Acute and chronic burns. Burning in head, eyes, stomach, nose, rectum. Better with hot dry applications, from company, warm drinks and food. Worse after midnight (11 pm to 2 am), periodically.

Cantharis – Raw burning pains, cutting, smarting or biting. Burns and scalds; burning from cystitis, bladder infections. Better with warm applications, rest; worse during urinating, with cold water or coffee, bright objects.

Causticum – Burning, rawness, and soreness; after-effects of burns and scalds; local paralysis, loss of muscle strength. Burning in joints, urethra. Better with cold drinks, damp wet weather; worse in clear fine weather, dry cold air.

Phosphorus – Burning in back; cramp burning between scapulas with heat; burning spot in lumbar region better with rubbing. Burning pains heat and oppression of chest; much heat in chest. Better with eating, massage, sitting, dark. Worse by touch, physical or mental exertion.

Cramping Pains See also Muscle Cramp Remedies

Cuprum metallicum – Spasms, convulsions and cramps of violent nature; coughs, epilepsy. Constriction. Cramps in toes, fingers, palms, soles of feet, and calves where muscles are knotted, better stretching out, etc. Jerking during sleep. Better during perspiration, laying hand on affected part, drinking cold water; worse from anger, fright, overworked mentally and bodily. Nervous, fixed ideas, malicious, and morose.

Colocynthis – Pains as if clamped with iron bands. Neuralgic pains (cutting) nearly always relieved by pressure. Cramps and twitching and shortening of muscles. Pains in abdomen causing person to bend double. Neuralgias, pinching, clamping, gnawing or boring followed by numbness, better by pressure. Better by warmth, doubling up, hard pressure; worse from vexation, anger, evening and night. Humiliation caused by offense. Extremely irritable.

Magnesia phosphorica – Pains, cramps, paralysis. Cramping of muscles with radiating pains. Neuralgic pains relieved by warmth. Pains shifting, better by rest, worse at night. Spasmodic effects, hiccups (hiccough), yawning, writer’s cramp. Spasmodic coughing, cramps in calves, menstrual cramps. Better by heat, warmth, pressure, bending double; worse from cold, air, night. Depression, anxiety, forgetful, talking of pains.

Muscle Pain

Arnica Montana – Injuries, falls, blows, contusions, bruises. Limbs ache as if beaten; sprained and dislocated feeling. Pain in back and limbs as if bruised or beaten. Better when lying with head low or lying outstretched; worse from injuries, shock, after sleep, at least touch or motion. Fear of the approach of anyone; never well since fright or grief; says there is nothing the matter with him.

Bryonia– Muscle pain, stitching; rheumatism in joints. Dryness of mucus membranes; dry lips, excessive thirst. All symptoms aggravated by motion. Better pressure, rest, cold things, cool open air, being quiet; worse least motion, rising up, stooping, exertion, deep breathing. Irritable, everything puts him out of humor; wants to be alone; talks of business.

Cimicifuga – Rheumatic pains in muscles of back and neck. Stiffness and contraction in neck and back. Pain across pelvis from hop to hip (good for menstrual cramps). Aching limbs and muscular soreness. Better with rest, warm wraps, open air, continued motion, eating; worse in damp cold air, evening, during menses. A sense of dejection and gloom, like a black cloud over everything.

Gelsemium – Aching, tiredness, heaviness, weakness, and soreness. Chilliness up and down back. Trembling and weakness of all the limbs; fatigue after slight exercise. Feeling flu-like.

Lacticum acid – Weakness from exercise with rheumatic pains in bones. All pains worse by movement. Limbs feel chilly. Aversion to exercise. Nausea associated, better from eating. Great discouragement, lazy, sarcastic.

Ruta graveolens – All parts of the body are painful, as if bruised. Sore, aching with restlessness, weariness. Injured or bruised bones. Lameness after sprains; strained flexor tendons. Eye strain. Better lying on back, with warmth, motion; worse from overexertion injury, sprains, eye strain, cold air. Feelings of lassitude, weakness and despair.

Veratrum album – Spasms or cramps in muscles; profound prostration, coldness and collapse. Cold perspiration on head with all complaints. Fainting. Better wtih warmth, covering, hot drinks. Worse from exertion, drinking, cold drinks. Sullen indifference, melancholy; broods in silence.

Nerve (neuralgic) Pain

Belladonna – Severe neuralgic pains that come and go suddenly. Redness, heat. Pains are throbbing, sharp, cutting, shooting or clawing. Sensitive to noise, light, jarring. Better leaning head against something, bending backward, rest in bed. Worse with drafts, couch, company. Desires to escape or hide. Acuteness of all senses. Changeable moods.

Hypericum – Injury to nerves; lacerations; puncture wounds; tailbone injury; tetanus; head injuries (Nat sulph). Neuralgia. Shooting pains from injured part. Better when bending head backward, rubbing; worse with jarring or touch, change of weather, fogs, cold damp.

Magnesia phosphorica – Neuralgic pains relieved by warmth. Cramping of muscles with radiating pains. Pains shifting, better by rest, worse at night. Spasmodic effects, hiccups (hiccough), yawning, writer’s cramp. Better by heat, warmth, pressure, bending double; worse from cold, air, night. Depression, anxiety, forgetful, talking of pains.

Oversensitive to Pain

Aconitum napellus – Sensitive to touch, noises. Comes on suddenly, violent illness with high fever. Good for emergencies and acute diseases, flu and colds. Better in open air, from rest, warm sweat; worse from being chilled by cold winds, dry weather, fright or shock, at night. Anxiety, fears future, death; restless.

Chamomilla – Extremely sensitive to every type of pain; pain is unendurable – demands instant relief for his suffering, he would rather die than suffer. Very cross, cannot be appeased; sensitive, irritable. Better from being carried, in warm wet weather, heat, sweating; worse from anger, at night, cold or damp air. Whining, restless, spiteful, snappish, quarrelsome, does not like to be interrupted.

Coffea cruda – Over excitable, over sensitive; hyperactivity of mind and body; intolerance of pain, driving to despair. Severe insomnia. Sensitive hearing-noise painful. Better with warmth, lying down; worse with strong odors, noise, open air, cold. Unusual activity of mind and body; full of ideas, quick to act; easy comprehension.

Radiating Pains

Berberis vulgaris – Pains radiating from one point shooting outward or all over, sticking, burning, smarting, soreness. Pains change locality and character. Worse from motion, standing. Mentally and physically tired, not inclined to do anything. Apathetic; indifferent.

Gnaphalium – Weight and heaviness in pelvis; lumbago; intense sciatic pain; rheumatism in elbow and shoulders; chronic muscular rheumatism of back and neck. Better when flexing limbs, sitting in a chair; worse from walking, cold damp.

Hypericum – Injuries to nerves, especially fingers, toes, nail. Injury to brain or spinal cord. Pain after operations. Coccyx injury from fall with pain radiating up spine and down limbs. Better when bending head backward, rubbing; worse with jarring or touch, change of weather, fogs, cold damp. Removes mental and physical effects of injury, fright, shock.

Tellurium metallicum – Very sensitive back; neck and lumbar pain spreading lower back. Cannot bear to be touched. Better when lying on back; worse with touch, rest at night, lying on painful side.

Sticking or Stitching Pain

Bryonia – Pain is stitching, tearing, worse by motion, better by rest. Bursting, splitting headaches; dry, hacking, painful coughs; dryness of mucus membranes; excessive thirst. All symptoms aggravated by motion. Better with pressure, rest, cold things, cool open air, being quiet; worse with least motion, rising up, stooping, exertion, deep breathing. Irritable, everything puts him out of humor; wants to be alone; talks of business.

Kali carb – Sharp, stitching, stabbing or catching pains in various parts, joints, chest, muscles, head. Parts lain on are painful or go to sleep. Weakness of the muscles of heart, back, limbs, and intellect. Intolerance of cold weather. Better with warm weather, sitting with elbows on knees, open air: worse with cold air, weather changes, draught, exertion. Alternating moods, peevish; weeps, despondent; full of fear and imaginations.

Scilla maritima – Stitching pains. Broncho-pneumonia, lungs, coughs; spleen. Better with rest, sitting up, expectoration; worse in early morning, with motion or exertion. Angry about trifles, aversion to mental and bodily labor; anxiety of mind.

Wandering Pains

Lac caninum – Erratic pains, alternating sides; great weakness and prostration. Better wih cold, cold drinks; worse in morning of one day and evening of next. Despondent, thinks himself of little consequence.

Pulsatilla – Changeable nature; symptoms rise then suddenly cease. Symptoms move from one side to another, and are ever changing. Better with cool fresh open, erect posture; worse in warm stuffy rooms, at twilight, eating rich fatty foods. Weeps easily; timid, mild; changeable moods.

Tuberculinum – Symptoms constantly changing, with taking cold at the slightest exposure. Very susceptible to changes of weather. Better in open air; worse in closed room, change of weather, damp cold drafts. Desire to travel, dissatisfied and restless, always want a change.



Source: Dave’s Healing Notes

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