Natural Remedies for Anorexia

In anorexia, it is mostly women who starve themselves for a variety of reasons. It affects up to 2% of the American population. Anorexia often starts at puberty but may begin at any time. It is a modern disorder and can be life threatening.

Signs of anorexia

  • Abnormal weight loss
  • Obsession about food
  • Wears baggy clothes
  • Menstrual disorders or loss
  • Fatigue
  • Mood swings hair loss
  • Feels cold
  • Avoids social situations
  • Drug-alcohol problems
  • Obsessive exercising
  • Thyroid problems
  • Serotonin disorders
  • Can’t look in a  mirror
  • Skin problems
  • Heart palpitations
  • Constipation
  • Low blood pressure
  • Depression

Causes of anorexia are not always know but could stem from poor self esteem, unrealistic body expectation from self or family. They may feel depressed, worthless, suicidal, or have guilt with religious delusions. Anorexia may be a poor defensive mechanism to control their own life. There might be a poor mother-daughter relationship. Anorexia can also be used as a coping mechanism for deeper psychological problems.

From the medical view of anorexia, a person may need hospital stays when symptoms become life threatening. The person then needs an evaluation. Psychotherapy is almost always required. Anti-depressant medication (which may cause other problems) could be recommended. Typically, 30% of all anorexia patients do not recover.

From the natural perspective anorexia is a serious psychological problem which brings potent physical problems that can become life threatening. A person with anorexia NEEDS a COUNSELOR along with nutritional, herbal, and homeopathic medicines. The results can be quite good with using several natural supplements together. Initial help for anorexia may need to correct constipation, menstrual or digestive disorders. Diet must be addressed.

As for lifestyle, get counseling to help you to recover a healthy diet and a reason to enjoy life.

Diet is extremely important as many anorexics consume less than 500 calories a day. Someone who is active needs around 100 grams of protein per day. Even if the calories are low the protein needs to stay high to avoid muscle loss. The rule is to have protein at each meal.

Do the obvious of avoiding alcohol, tobacco, coffee, sodas, black tea and refined sugar.

Natural supplements for anorexia include using a good liquid multi-vitamin every day. Use digestive enzymes at meals as well as a good probiotic. Take 50 mg of Zinc as a most important supplement. You can have protein shakes at various times of the day.


Herbs for Anorexia

Herbs are plants valued for their specific strengthening/ tonifying properties.

Herbs can be quite helpful in anorexia to stimulate appetite, calm nerves and build the blood. Use a combination of the following herbs for anorexia in capsule or liquid tincture (glycerin) for maximum benefit, and adjust as your condition improves. Therapeutic dose is equal to one capsule of each herb or 15 drops of an herbal tincture 3 times a day. Choose 3 of the herbs below:

St. John’s wort as an herb for anorexia helps calm the nerves and alleviate depression. (Do not if they are on antidepressants prescribed.)

Wild yam can help calm the nervous system and improve digestive function.

Eleutherococcus herb for anorexia helps to improve endocrine function, reduce stress, increase energy and improve adrenal function.

Dandelion root herb strengthens the liver and is rich in inulin which feeds the friendly bacteria in the digestive tract.

Cell Salts to Help with Anorexia

To make a cell salt solution, put up to 10 tablets of each cell salt in a 16- to 24-ounce bottle; fill with water and swirl to dissolve tablets. Sip throughout the day.

#4 Ferr phos 6X – weakened and anemic conditions
#9 Nat mur 6X – people who isolate from grief or sadness
#12 Silicea 6X – weak pale person with translucent skin and hollow eyes

Anorexia Homeopathic Remedies

Homeopathic remedies are non-toxic natural medicines safe for everyone including infants and pregnant or nursing women. You may use 6X, 30X, 6C or 30C potencies.

When using Homeopathy it is essential to match personality and anorexia traits with the remedies. Results can be remarkable. You may see results in a week or up to several months. Use with other natural remedies.

Arsenicum album – anorexia; fastidious; FEARS DISEASE, GERMS, and DIRT; FEARS BEING POISONED; severe restlessness usually at night; in depleted stage they may have chronic fatigue; perfectionist person.

Hyoscyamus – anorexia and MANIA (religious); fears of being poisoned; bipolar; feels insane; voices or religions tell them not to eat; jealousy, envy; FEARS GETTING FAT; changeable from kissing mania to depressed worthless state; guilty of imaginary sins.

Ignatia – perfectionist person; anorexia with fear of becoming fat; HYSTERIA; loss of control of emotions; fainting; frustration; hysterical paralysis; twitches; extreme headaches; cause from grief or disappointment; then they are hard on themselves; hard to get a deep breath-SIGHS often.

Lycopodium – LOW SELF ESTEEM person who picks on others; anorexia from social fears; feels worse from 4 to 8 pm; digestive problems.

Natrum muriaticum – anorexia from grief or emotional oversensitivity; craves salt; isolates themselves; CHRONIC ANOREXIA; dry skin.

Phosphoric acid – grief with loss of appetite; EMACIATION; first is love loss, pining away while, then second comes depression, apologetic, feels dead inside; FLATNESS OF EMOTION; monotone with stoic face or appearance; grief from apathy with weight loss which can lead to diabetes or other chronic diseases; emotional exhaustion.

Platina – anorexia when obsessed by appearance; egocentric, arrogant and haughty; suppresses, denies the body; obsesses with food and SEXUALITY; alternation of symptoms with promiscuity, sexuality; religiosity; repression of sexuality builds desire; obsessive compulsive, may have multiple personalities; intense genital itching.

Pulsatilla – anorexia with worthlessness, person feels UNLOVED; fixed ideas of food; fear of gaining weight; gains weight easily-constantly weighting themselves (Puls, Ign, Nat mur); scanty menses; fixed ideas especially about food.



Source: Dave’s Healing Notes

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