Four Fasting Tips For Beginners

There are a few things that we need to survive.  Here they are in order of importance:

Food – Water – Good Clean Air

Although food is listed as one of the things we need to survive we often overlook the type of food or how much we’re eating.  We either take in too much, too little or what we’re eating doesn’t have the minerals and nutrients that the body really needs to generate real energy.  Fasting is one of the most powerful ways to cleanse and revitalize the body, but it is also one of the most challenging to complete.  Here are some fasting tips that can help make fasting easier for you:

1. Timing!

It is ideal, but not mandatory, to start any long fast on or at the beginning of the new moon phase.

Why on the new moon?

The parasites within the system are least active during that time, so you’ll have fewer cravings for foods like processed sugar, fast food etc.

How we define long varies by each individual, some might think five days is long, while others may think a day is long.  It is suggested that you fast at least once a week, but if that is challenging than once every two weeks or once a month.  It’s important to give the body at least one day so that it can reset the glycogen levels and finish breaking down food from previous days.

When you’re just getting started with fasting and have never deliberately gone a full day without eating food, then you want to start off slow.  Start by not eating until 12 pm one day, then the next time you fast go until 3 pm, and once you’re able to successfully do that give a full day a try!  Try to do a fast at a time where you don’t have a lot of physically demanding things coming up.

Fasting is a time of regeneration.  Your body is essentially focusing all of its energy on digestion and removing the toxins within.  The less physical and emotional stress you put on the body, the better your fast.  You want to take baby steps to build your ability.  With some patience and practice, you’ll be going full on Breatharian in no time!

2. Eat!

Fuel your other channels with premium foods.

Your other channels are your eyes, ears, and nose.

For your eyes, watch positive and encouraging TV or videos.  For your ears, listen to healing frequencies and uplifting music.  For your nose, fill your space with healing aromatherapy, or if you can go outside around some trees and just breathe in deeply.

You may not be eating “food” in the classic sense of the word but you are still in-taking things through your various channels, so make sure they are quality things that are supporting you in your task.

3. Drink!

Whenever you feel a hunger pain remember to drink fluids.

Aside from water, drink teas, vitamin enriched drinks, and natural juices.  For example, organic pressed apple juice is excellent for increasing bowel movements. 

By drinking plenty of water you may feel less physically hungry because most hunger pains that we feel are actually our body telling us we are dehydrated. 

Many other people struggle with what can be called “boredom cravings” where you may not be hungry but you want to taste and chew on something.  These “boredom cravings” are a lot easier to deal with than hunger pains.

4. Be Merry!

Take it easy, stay positive, and be compassionate to yourself.

Your body will be going through a lot physically, mentally and emotionally during this time.

Remember to show yourself a little bit of extra love and attention.

Have fun with it, let your Secret Energy family know you’re fasting and that you could use some emotional support.

We are here with you to support and cheer you on along the way!


Normal things that happen during a fast (if you feel these it’s OK!):

Physically weak
Increased senses
Sensitivity to extreme stimuli

Some benefits of intermittent fasting:

Weight loss
General cleaning of the vessel
Cancer prevention
Increased longevity


Some Inspiration:

There was a man back in 1903 named Gilman Lowe that managed to lift over 1,000 lbs while fasting on one meal a day.

Ripley’s wrote about him in a news clip.

You can read the article here.


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Nataniel Vendler
Nataniel Vendler
9 months ago

Giving Thanks for this share🙏

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