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Venus and the Pentagram

Venus and the Pentagram

Symbols are the Language of the Gods, they speak directly to the heart of understanding, by-passing the intellect. This grossly condensed study is designed to by-pass the well-known exoteric meanings of the Pentagram, by understanding the inner meanings as related to Cosmos. The reader who is adept will be able to dissolve form (symbol) and soar beyond it. The Pentagram is a symbol of Cosmic Truth and is an instruction on the spiritual aspect of human experience. The shape of the Pentagram is a psychological symbol corresponding to inner states of human consciousness, through which control and expansion of psychic forces are possible.

To understand the Pentagram Mystery, one must begin with Venus, the counterpart of Earth. It is said that whatever happens on Earth happens also on Venus and vice-versa. As above, so below.

Science teaches that Venus receives twice as much sunlight and heat as the Earth. Venus, our precursor of the dawn and twilight, most radiant of all the planets, is said to give the Earth one third of the sunlight she receives, retaining two parts for herself. Venus is the most occult, powerful, and mysterious of all the planets; the one whose influence upon the Earth is most prominent. Venus is the only Planet that spins clockwise.

The symbols for Venus stretch back into antiquity. The first Egyptian Tao (T) represented the Absolute Androgynous; later it became a cross or male/female separated into gender. The planet Venus is symbolized by the sign of a globe over the cross, symbolizing androgyny over creation. The Egyptians symbolized this with the Ankh.

Pythagoras called Venus the “Sol Alter” (the Other Sun). The Titans of Greek Mythology are closely connected to Venus. In some of the archaic mystery traditions, Venus geographically changed places with Earth; that whatever takes place on the one takes place on the other. As Venus has no satellites (moons) she adopted the Earth, the progeny of the Moon, according to Hindu and Theosophical teachings.

Of great interest was the representation of Venus, Isis, and Hathor, with cow’s horns on their head, the symbol of Mystic Nature; one that is convertible with, and significant of, the Moon, since all these were Lunar Goddesses. The astute student will know of many other such allegorical God-men and deities who also bore the Venus horns (Dionysus, Moses, Mithra, etc).

Today, most Occultists associate the Pentagram with the elements of Earth, Air, Water, Fire and Spirit; as well as a symbol representing man, both male and female.

The Mysteries

pentagram021 Venus Cycle equals 8 Earth years, plus 13 Venus orbits equals 21 plus Venus orbits, this therefore equals 5 Venus Earth conjunctions. 3 is the number of the Earth, Venus, Sun conjunction. The above numbers are 1, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21. Those familiar with sacred geometry will recognize the Fibonacci sequence.

Earth orbits the Sun 8 times for every 13 orbits of Venus around the Sun. 8 Solar Earth years (365 days) = 5 synodic Venus episodes. 365 x 8 years = 2920. 29.5 (Full Moon Cycle) x 99 = 2920.

The Ancient Greeks had a calendar cycle of 8 years, each cycle was called an Octaeteris, and this was later divided into two 4 year cycles known as Olympiads. The reason for the Greeks 8-year calendar was that they observed that there were 99 Lunar Cycles to every 8 Earth Cycles and that Venus completed exactly 5 synodic cycles in the same 8 years. The 99/8 correlations allowed the Greeks to make a calendar of 5 years of 12 months and 3 years of 13 months; the 13 month years coming in the 3rd, 5th, and 8th years (note the Fibonacci ‘phi’ sequence again). The Greeks knew that the 5 Venus nodes made an irregular Pentagram shape in the sky as Venus stopped at each Zodiac sign at the time. There are therefore 99 Full Moons on Earth every 8 year Venus Cycle.

The ratio of 8 : 5 is “phi” (1- 0.618…). This is the golden proportion and is found in the Fibonacci numbers. 8 Earth years = 5 synodic Venus cycles.

Venus is a morning star for 266 days. Corn takes 266 days to grow.

Venus is an evening star for 266 days. Human gestation period is 266 days.

pentagram03Venus retrogrades behind the Sun twice every 8 Earth years. The course Venus takes behind the Sun traces the shape of a cow’s horn. These two retrogrades therefore trace out a pair of horns on the celestial map. This is one of the meanings of the Vikings horned helmets and all other horned representations in antiquity.

Every 584 days Venus completes a synodic cycle. This is 1.6 Earth years. This node gets marked on the Zodiac. Five of these conjunctions occur every 8 Earth years, tracing an exact pentagram on the Zodiac. The Pentagram can be distorted, it depends on the observers latitude.

There are 30 degrees for each Zodiac House. 30 degrees = 2160 precession years, therefore one degree equals 72 precession years. There are 72 degrees between each point of any pentagram.

One Venus cycle is 37960 days, or 40 Earth years. 104 x 365 = 37960 (one and a half Zodiac degrees.)

Venus transits the Sun every 121.5 years and again in 8 years, then repeats in 121.5 years.

The conjunction of Mercury, Venus, Earth and the Sun is known as the Shekina (the famous Star of Bethlehem); Venus and Mercury become one very bright star as seen from Earth. This occurs every 480 years. 12 x 40 Venus cycles = 480. One of these conjunctions occurred in 4 BCE, it was the Biblical Star of Bethlehem!

There are 5 Venus cycles of 8 years each, every 40 years. This is one Venus cycle and its timing is more accurate than a nuclear clock. The ancients knew of this mystical 40 year period and it is for this reason that we find over fifty-two anomalous mentions of the 40 year period in the Bible as well as in Buddhist and Hindu literature (e.g. Israelites wondering 40 years in the desert, 40 days and 40 nights deluge, Jesus in the desert for 40 days, King Saul reigned for exactly 40 years, Buddha sat under the Bodhi tree for 40 days, Eli judged Israel for 40 years, Goliath taunted Israel for 40 days, even the famous quarantine period is connected to this mystery.

Venus ages are: the 8 year cycle, the 40 year cycle (5 x 8), the 480 year cycle (12 x 40) and the 1440 year cycle (12 x 3 x 40).

The next transit of Venus across the Sun is due in 5 June 2012. This corresponds with the end of the Mayan calendar.

A dove symbolically represents Venus.

6 Days = 144 hours. According to the Bible Creation myth this is how long it took for the Divine to create the Earth. 144 is a very significant number.

Egyptian mythology tells how the God Geb was in love with the Goddess Nut, wife of the Sun God Ra. When Ra discovered the affair he cursed his wife to bareness. She could deliver a child on any day of any year. The God Thoth also loved Nut and devised a plot to solve her predicament. Thoth played at tables with the Moon and won 5 days. In those days a year was 360 days; to which he added the five days, making a year 365 days. Nut gave birth to Osiris on the first of these extra 5 days. The myth also tells that a year consisted of 360 days or 12 months of 30 days each. The last number mentioned in the Osiris myth is 72. Set, Osiris’ evil brother led 72 conspirators in a plot to murder Osiris.

Therefore, 12 = the number of constellations in the Zodiac. 30 = the number of degrees along the ecliptic that each Zodiac house occupies. 72 = the number of years the Sun takes to traverse 1 processional degree. Recall there are 72 degrees between each point of the pentagram on a circle. 360 = the total number of degrees in the ecliptic or one Egyptian year less five days. 72 x 30 = 2160 = the number of years it takes the Sun to move through one zodiac house (30 degrees). 25920 = the number of years in one complete processional cycle. 12 x 12 = 144. 25920 – 144 = 25776 = the exact number of processional years according to modern science. 144 is the number of mystery resulting in 25776.

(Note also that there are 144 000 chosen ones in Revelations, as well as the great 1440 year Venus cycle number).

In conclusion, all those of you who wear the Sacred Symbol of the Pentagram, know that it stems from the five points that Venus traces on the Zodiac. The Ancients knew these Mysteries (it was the symbol of the Pythagorean School at Crotone, Italy) and this Symbol was a representation of the same.

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