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The Safety Mechanisms of Dream Work

This chat has been created for people who are interested in the exploration of the The unseen worlds would surprise the most open minded person. From the players to the rules, even to the sights and sounds and smells, everything is so vastly different from the world we describe as real. The adept, and students of the All-is-Self Philosophy, however, have learned the importance of sharpening their spiritual senses in order to traverse the spheres invisible to the physical eyes. One such practice that students use to strengthen these senses is the navigating the dream world.

As we teach, dream work is serious and should be approached with balance. To have safe travels in the dream state, one must bring their personal energy and direct sleeping environment into cosmic order. In addition to the steps it takes to balance personal energy and bring sleeping space into cosmic alignment, certain safety mechanisms must be observed. Cosmic Self unrestricted by the limitations of the physical realm. Dream work is serious and should be approached with balance. To have safe travels in the dream state, one must bring their personal energy and direct sleeping environment into cosmic order. Balancing personal energy can be achieved by:

Dream Gear

Red-Banded Seed

A Red-Banded Seed can be a seed from any fruit or plant you feel connected to. I use a lemon seed. The seed should be small enough to fit into your belly button. Wrap the seed with a red cotton thread (perhaps a thin red shoestring).

The purpose of the red-banded seed is to connect you to the earth. After you put your intention in the seed, and a strong bond is created, the cotton absorbs your intention is absorbed and generates a shield of sorts. The red band, which symbolizes protection, prevents dream hacking by non-physical energy beings and essentially makes you invisible.

Open Scissors

Sleep with an open pair of scissors on the floor, under the bed. If at all possible, the scissors should be magnetic, as it interfaces with your personal magnetic field, which is intensified by your intention. While two scissors are actually most effective (one pair at the head of the bed and another pair at the foot) one pair at the head will be sufficient. Each pair should be open toward each other with blades open toward where your body is in the bed. If you do not sleep alone, and both persons are practicing dream work, each person will need the own pair or pairs of scissors.

The scissors act as a dream antivirus firewall which cuts off nightmares, aggressive dreams, and other negative/ unwanted experiences in your dream travels.

Bad Dream Intervention

Limit Media

It should go without saying that matrix intake should be limited in generally, but especially two to three hours before going to bed. This includes television, movies, and certain kinds of music. Matrix information and entertainment can cause aggressive dreams where you are literally fighting. Consistent aggressive dreams and other unwanted dream world experiences can cause illness and disease, as you are not only energetically aspects of yourself, but also the forces of nature.

Turning over of the Pillow

Your pillow holds energetic crystals that come from constant contact with it. Energy is stored on the pillows itself—even energy from the bad/unwanted dreams. If you wake up from an experience with an aggressive, unwanted or bad dream, turn the pillow. This causes a disconnection between the energy of the dream and the energy of your being and shifts the space you were in that caused the dream.

Chocoylli the Firesnake

Use the power of Chocoylli the Firesnake to burn and destroy bad dreams as soon as you wake up or remember them. To do this, imagine Chocoylli burning all the dense energy being stored in your blood and bones metaphysically. Imagine him burning the bad dreams and even the dreams that you cannot remember. It is an important to use your hands when engaging in this practice. Hover your hands over your head and shoulders and arms and torso—all the way down to your feet. Imagine that Chocoylli’s energetic fire is coming out of your hands and all over your body from your crown to your feet. Once you reach your feet, clasp your feet on the ground. Imagine the smoke and ash. Bury the smoke and ash in the ground and ask Tonantzin (Mother Earth) to create something beautiful with. After that honoring, imagine a cleansing rain dropping on you.

What is the Source of my Dreams?

Dreams come from a variety of places. Overall, dreams are dependent on the following three things:

What you did during the day.

Your experiences become the residue of your dreams. The sites you saw, the places you visited, the thoughts you thought and most importantly, the food you ate. It is important to have a healthy diet, as your gut is connected to your brain, and its contents have an influence on your mental sphere which directly influences your dreams.

What you have experienced in life.

Your life experiences can influence the states of your dreams. Childhood traumas, memories from youth, even your fears and desires can show up in the dream sphere. It is important to come to terms with your past, so it won’t haunt you in other dimensions. 

What your ancestors did or didn’t do.

Your ancestors are inextricably connected to you. Some philosophies teach they are you. There are DNA cords/antennas that connect you, not only to them, but their experiences. We have purified ancestors and distorted ancestors and their deeds follow us into our experiences and can show up in our dreams. 

As an extension of your ancestors, you have a responsibility to cleaning up the mess your distorted ancestors made in their lives. This can go back as far as 12 generations, but some experts say as few as 4 and moderate as 7.

Once you clean in dream world, you will see effects in the waking world. 

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