Superior Brachium – The Real Christ

Right – The Superior Brachium inside the Brain Left – A cryptic reference.

Most of the wisdom I’ve spread over the years has been for the most part in video format. As the site grows I feel the calling to step back into the blogging space especially since sites such as Reddit have become so efficient at sharing content with those who find a specific subject matter important.

I’ve exhausted this topic of the concept of Christ actually being embodied in the superior brachium and I have posted a video below that I reiterate some of the interesting facts, however, I will list some high points here. If you want to learn more about this I suggest accessing Reel Search in the right menu and searching for the associated keywords. In this case ”Superior” or ”Brachium”.

Facts Surrounding the Mythos

Many spiritual texts and ancient art pieces are direct indicators of a process taking place in the body that brings about creation and they explain the creational components. The superior brachium is the height of this.

The Superior Brachium

What you are witnessing here is a diagram of the back of your brain. Please notate the pineal gland indicated on the right to gain an idea of the quadrants being referred to. As you can visually see there appears to be an entity suspended on a cross. This metaphorical cross is the hemispheres of the brain. The ‘two thieves” if you may, of consciousness. Both being opposite and generally locked into a quarrel which brings about confusion for those who are not aware of how to balance them.

You will also witness the entity appears to have “horns” which is the metaphor behind the “crown of thorns” or crown of horns i.e. light rays. This is common in the biblical tradition due to the Ram and Serpent being such key figures interlocked in a struggle of superiority and rulership. In this case the line of the so-called messiah is that of the Ram And Serpent. Moses also generally has these “horns” in many images depicted of him. Menelek, son of Solomon and The Queen of Sheba (Makeda) now called MLK or MoLoCH is also horned for this very reason. Many fail to see that the ideas of child sacrifice still stem from biblical actions such as so-called god sacrificing his only son.

Here many mysteries lay bare for the eyes to see, however, since this is on the back of the head most never see it. Symbolically we are walking away from our true self at every moment. This alienation has now become evident.

Superior Brachium – Alien

The little alien in Men and Black with the human suit comes to mind here when witnessing these images of an actual superior brachium. Anyone metaphysically incline knows this is also the area responsible for dreams, astral projection, perception, and many senses that make the perception of this reality possible. It all says we must turn our energy and awareness inward, we know more about the external gods than our own selves. Focus on Self leads to the highest potential of existence. All is Self 🙏🏽

Learn more about this mystery…

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